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All documents, including images, layout, design, and themeatic art, that are residing in my internet "web page" account are copyright by ME, Robin Connor, except where noted otherwise. Any reproduction, distribution or similar use on this or any other medium without my explicit WRITTEN consent is prohibited.
Files on this site may ONLY reside in my account, on MY webserver unless written permission is recieved from the creator. Do not copy my pages onto your site; and do not claim them as your own.


TEXT LINKING: Text links to a .html page are encouraged and require no prior permission, although I'd love to know where I am getting linked to and see your pages too!

TEXT COPYING aka STEALING PAGES: All text documents on this site were written by me, except where noted elsewhere. Republication or rebroadcast without permission is strictly prohibited.
In a few cases I have mirrored documents of other people's information or web pages I found particularly useful, informative or interesting; or information from newsgroup posts. In the case where the text content is not mine, there is a link to the creator's email (and sometimes website too) with the document. Please contact the creator directly to obtain permission for using their works, if possable. If the only email I had was returned invalid I do remove the email link, yet I still leave the creator's name up. A few pages are noted as "author unknown" when the original author is unknown. If you find you are the creator of something I am hosting/mirroring and I don't have current information on contacting you, PLEASE contact me so I can add or update your contact info. (my contact link is at the bottom of the page)

IMAGES: Graphics that I use on this site came from pages linked to on my Graphics Libraries page, or were posted to newsgroups, or were created by me. For more information, please contact me with questions regarding a specific graphic you are interested in, and include the graphic name or the page it appears on.

IMAGE LINKING: I DO NOT allow linking to ANY image on my pages. You must download them and save them to your own server space. Direct image linking is called "remote loading" of images, and it is stealing the bandwidth that I work to pay for. Not only is it easily detectable in server logs, but it's disabled on my site. You are allowed to link to an .html web page ONLY.

PRINTOUTS: Permission is hereby given to download or print out copies of the material on this site for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Permission to distribute the material for no charge is given provided that the material's URL and creator's identifying information remain on ALL distributed copies.

THE LEGAL STUFF: If I find any text or graphics I have created taken from my site without permission I will ask you to remove them from your site within 7 days. Should you fail to respond and/ or comply (this includes having a invalid, returned mail or otherwise "dead" e-mail address for contact), you will get a Cease and Desist Request sent to your ISP. Should that fail to resolve the removal of my copyrighted works, persons or organizations found violating the above copyrights WILL find themselves and their ISP the target of legal action.

KNOW THE LAWS! For further clarification on any copyright questions and issues, please visit the United States Government Copyright Office.


No one likes a Copy Cat

Do I sound mean? Actually I'm not, I just want credit for what I've written and worked hard on. Please understand I put a lot of time and effort into these web pages and I don't want to see them on someone else's server with someone else's name as the credit for being the creator. Please get written permission before using anything I wrote and own.

Obtaining copyright permission can be easily done by e-mailing me (see link at the bottom of the page). Please include your name, your current email address, what text and/or image(s) you are interested in, and how and where it is to be used. If you are using it on a website, please specify the URL.
It can be as simple as "My name is Susan Miller, my email is, and I want to use a picture of your butterflies "shimmerblue-bflies.jpg" in my school report on the life cycle of a butterfly. You and your web page will be credited in my report."
(this is an actual request, although I did change her email for privacy's sake)

Hey, That's MINE!

Is something of yours here without credit? If so, please accept my apologies. Sometimes you obtain images or text second, third or twentieth hand and verifying the creator is really a matter of trust. Many copyright images also find their way into "free images archives".
If something here is yours, please contact me and let me know your name, your current email, what exactly is yours (and please be more specific then "that elf picture", I have 57 elf pics here), and please tell me if you wish me to give you credit for your creation (linkback to what email and website?) or if you wish me to remove it from my site entirely.
I will be happy to give credit to others for their creations, because let's face it - if it's here, it rocks me! :).

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