FanFic Dictionary



G = ok for all
PG = maybe not for the little ones
PG-13 = not for little ones but teens are ok
R = some violent or sexual content
NC-17 = no children under 17, adult themes, graphic sex and/or extreme violence.



Citrus - A 'light' romantic interlude with handholding, cuddling, kissing, etc.
Lime - Passionate foreplay that 'fades to black' before it gets explicit
Lemon - Graphic and detailed sex scenes.


General Terms

Acronym - A new word made by using the first letters of the words in a common phrase, such as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Age Statement - A statement that you are at or above the age of consent to view pornographic material in your area of legal residence.

Angst - The fanfic contains sad, depressing themes or unresolved, uncomfortable emotional events.

ATG - "Any Two Guys/Gals" Meaning that the fanfic in question could have written about any couple, that it's lacking in character development and usually emotional depth. Often used to describe bad PWPs. If you could do a search and replace with any other two character's names, you are reading a ATG fic.

AU - Alternate Universe. something that does not follow official canon.

BDSM - Sex involving bondage, domination, and/or sado-masochism. NOT Vanilla.

Bottom - Refers either to the person on the receiving end of anal sex, or the submissive in the encounter.

Canon - A fact established in the movie or book or media. example: Legolas is an Elf. (Lord of the Rings)

Challenge - An request by a listmember to the other members to write a fanfic including certain elements, such as a specific setting/place, coupled characters or certian sexual acts. Stories written as a result of that challenge are challenge responses.

Chan-slash - Sexual interaction between two characters where one is significantly younger than the other. Also sometimes refers to relationships where one character has a dominant, mentoring "teacher" role, regardless of age difference (or lack thereof).

Crossover - A fic containing characters and/or settings from more than one fandom universe. Drizzt (Dark Elf series) and Legolas (Lord of the Rings) would be an example.

Domestic Discipline - also "DD". Fanfics where the dominant party in the relationship "punishes" the submissive party, by a variety of ways such as verbal and physical humiliation, spanking, caning, etc. There is also (sometimes) an element of doing this 'out of love', for the submissive's own good.

Emoticon - using typed characters to expresses emotion, like the classic smiley :)

Everyone Is Gay - also "EIG". Fanfic where the author portrays ALL the main characters as gay, regardless of canon.

Fake People Slash - also "FPS". Slash using fake people (fictional characters) as opposed to regular people as the protagonists in fic.

Fandom - A group of fans sharing opinions and creations (fanart, fanfiction, etc) about their preferred obsession.

Fan Fiction - fans writing or drawing media characters in ways the original author had not depicted them, giving characters new depth and detail, and occassionally taking them places viewers didn't want them to go. fanfic is created for the love of the genre, not for profit.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Read them first and you'll save yourself a lot of time at a new site.

Feedback - viewers expressing their opinions (good and bad) about the creators work.

Flame - A post or email that's mean, abusive, rude, and/or generally unconstructive. Fighting for the sake of fighting.

Flame War - a posting or email argument, see FLAME above.

Gen - fanfic you would let your kids read, containing no sexual scenes or elements.

Hurt Comfort - also "HC". Fanfic in which a character hurts in some way, and another character comes to comfort. (usually leads to sex)

IMO - In my opinion.

LOL - Laugh out loud.

Mpreg: refers to Male pregnancy, where a man can concieve and carry a child. Not necesarily slash, but usually is.

Non Con - Also "NC". "non-consensual sexual intercourse," aka rape.

OC - Original character. An original character is one of the main characters of the story/ pairing.

Off topic - a post not about the main theme of the group / list. example: discussing your new hairdo on the "Star Trek" group.

Pairing - two (or more) characters in an intimate scene/ story; that is usually sexual in nature.

PWP - "Plot? What plot?" or "Porn without Plot" a fanfic that's heavy into sex and light into character exploration/ development. pure sex.

Rape - Sexual intercourse without the full and free consent of both parties, either thru force, altered mental state (drugs), or age or maturity issues of a character. also referred to as non-con.

RT - Rape/torture

Real People Slash - also RPS. Slash using real people (ie: actors) as opposed to fictional characters as the protagonists in fanfic. Good way to get sued.

Slash - Fanfic with homosexual romantic or sexual relationship between male/male or female/female couples.

Smarm - overly romantic content. "awwwwww ..."

Smut - sexual content.

Squick - Combines "someone else's kink" and "icky". A polite way to say something grosses you out, but others might enjoy it.

Spoiler - Telling another something they did not know about a plot twist or surprise in the media. example: "Yeah, I really liked the character of Teebrin, it was so sad when he died like that!". You have just 'spoiled' the suprise of finding something out for the other person who has not seen/ read the media yet. When posting comments about a new movie/ book release it's polite to remember that not everyone in the world gets to see it at the same time. Some people like spoilers, some don't. Be respectful and put spoiler in your heading if it contains such.

Top - Refers either to the person on the giving end of anal sex, or the dominant in the encounter.

Vanilla - "normal" sexual activities that do not involve BDSM, DD, or anything "weird".

Warning - a note you leave on top of your creating to 'warn' others of content they may find objectionable - for example rape, slash, character death, "revised" endings, etc.

WNGWJLEO - "We're Not Gay, We Just Love Each Other." When two previously heterosexual characters suddenly get closer, this is usually the explination.


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