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Robert and I have two cats, Grace and Tigger. Well be adopting more once we get settled into the house we're buying near his family and his new job.

Memorials: Cats that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Grace on the couch
Grace on the couch

We adopted Grace on January 26, 1999. Grace is a 3 year old female white and gray short hair. Somebody gave her up for adoption the day before Christmas because they "lost their job and could not afford her anymore". C'mon, be real! How much expense is one small 6 lb. healthy cat? A lot less then you cable bill a month, I'll bet. It really makes me angry to see people so heartless they would get rid of a cat when they needed to trim a few expenses!
We saw her at the SPCA on Saturday and both liked her, but she was very afraid and lethargic, and we were afraid she was ill. We thought about it over the weekend and decided to get her anyway. Monday we both had to work, but I went down Tuesday afternoon to adopt her. To my surprise there were only 2 cats at the SPCA when Saturday there had been over 20, and neither one was her. I inquired about her and was told the cats were all either adopted or sent out to PetSmart to find homes, and without her ID# they could not tell me where she was. They gave me the addresses of the two PetSmarts they sent the cats to. I went to the first PetSmart and she was not there. The second PetSmart had closed and moved to a new location a few blocks away. What a relief it was when I found her there! I took her adoption information off the cage and ran up to the counter and said "I want this cat!" While I was waiting for someone to get paperwork and stuff, I looked at the other cats and decided to adopt the cute bouncy orange tabby too. Home we all went.

Grace on her favorite orange blankie
Grace on her favorite orange blankie

Grace is named after my friend and former boss David Grace, because I bought her with the Christmas money he gave me.
Grace is a house cat, and she does not like being outside. She loves baking in the sunshine! Her favorite place used to be on the top of my recliner, but in our new house the recliner is not by a window so she does not like it as much anymore. She's especially happy with the skylight upstairs, especially now that we moved the futon under it.
She does not play with most of the cat toys, except for the sponge balls sometimes. She loves her catnip, and will roll in it for hours. Grace has the habit of suckling on soft fabrics, like our flannel sheets and my cuddle wrap blanket. Our vet said she was probably taken away from her mother too soon so someone could have a few extra weeks of "cuteness" from her kitten stage, and then she wound up at the SPCA when she was no longer cute and "too expensive to keep".
Grace has grown comfortable with me, though she's independant and likes to be snuggled only on her own terms. She is still nervous around Robert, and she hides when we have company over.
Grace and Tigger get along OK and sometimes sleep together. When Grace is scared, she runs to Tigger.

Tigger on the bookshelves
Tigger on the Bookshelves

Tigger was also adopted January 26th, 1999 with Grace. Tigger is a 2 year old male orange tabby short hair. When we adopted him he had worms and ear mites, but was otherwise healthy.
I'm more then a little annoyed that the SPCA did NOT tell me he was a feral cat, and that had never been in a house before in his life. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have adopted him if I'd have known that becauseof .. well, what we all ended up going through. It was a rough time for all of us. Tigger was unfamiliar with being in a house, and terrified of the people around him. It took some training for him to use the litterbox, and then for Tigger to be able to tell the litterbox from other boxes in the house! He's still not a very social cat around people, but we're doing the best we can together. :)

Tigger on the footlocker
Tigger on the footlocker

Tigger loves exploring, and really has a knack for finding new areas to hide in. He would probably love to get outside again, but I'm afraid I'd never see him again if he got out. Days he like napping on the futon under the skylight and chasing toys through the house all night. Tigger does not sleep in bed with us, he prefers to sleep near us either on the windowsill or under the bed. He is very frisky and full of energy, and is usually running, playing or stalking something. He is a real climber, and gets into everything. Feel something on your neck as you're in the fridge? It's Tigger's tail falling off the edge as he sleeps on top!
Tigger loves to play with cat toys, and his favorites are the spongy balls which he will chase for hours. He also loves his "Mr. Sparkly" toy.
Tigger likes being with other cats, but is still nervous around most people. He's built up some degree of tolerance to us, and he'll eventually come out and investigate when we have company over. He loves being scratched on his head and middle back. Tigger also purrs so loud you can hear him from across the room when he's happy!
Tigger and Grace have an odd relationship (from a human POV, anyway). She likes to hold him down and groom him, and he seems to enjoy that - but when he's had enough and wants to go, Grace gets pushy about holding him down and making sure his fur is "just right". The have a little swatting match, and then usually Tigger bounces off. He's a sweetie, but I think he lets Grace push him around too much.

Inside cats are safe cats
Please, Keep your cats SAFE!!!

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