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WELCOME! All the sites linked below are great resources for free or linkback graphics and websets. Images used on my site (that were not made by me) came from one of the free graphics links below.

bullet My favorite links have a bullet on front of them.

There are a few images that came from websites that either vanished or closed, such as KatzMeow, Butterfly Eve, and Ginni-the-Pooh. If the links are dead and there's no forwarding address, I keep the links here for 90 days with a note that they are down. If the site is not up in 90 days and I can't find them on a search engine, I remove the link.



Angel's Design websets by contemporary artists

Ankhs Designs basic bordered websets

AusMania has Australian themed websets

bullet Back Street Designs my favorites are Pink Kitty and In the Clouds (snow leopard)

Birgittas Place Jessica Galbreth, Nene Thomas and Classic Art

Claudia's Collection

Donna's Doodles

Emerald Isles nice winnie the pooh and animal sets

Fantasya's Graphics nice animal websets

bullet Full Moon Graphics has amazingly diverse and beautiful web sets by Kitty. This is one really talented lady!

Gab's Graphics does a great job making an assortment of buttons to match her sets. My favorite here is Aphrodite [down on Nov/2004]

Graphics by Kimberly my favs are "Ocean Friends" (dolphin) and Beach, under Misc.

Graphic Gifts has many contemporary artists websets, as well as African American

Kat's Websets has some interesting vampire themes

Lady Paje nice J. Galbreth websets. (hosted on a cheapass free webhost; so it's often over bandwidth.)

bullet Lil' Kitty Graphics beautifully done, many multi layer, some with floaters

Majestic Websets nice women's and fantasy sets

Misty Anne some nice basic sets here.

Moon and Back Graphics is mostly websets for sale now, but they do have some nice free sets as well.

Moons Designs has some nice Jonathan Bowser websets here

Outlaw By Design poser art

Pat's Web Graphics beautiful Rose and floral websets

Penny Parker has some really beautiful nature / wildlife themes

Pozzys Pixels has some nice gingham sets

Rainbow Row Graphics, my favorite is the "dreamy unicorn"

Robin's Web nice jeweled and holiday themes here

Roxanne's Graphics Gallery has some basic bordered websets, my fav is "Buttons and Bows"

Smoking Rose Graphics has some nice Gone With the Wind and fantasy themed websets

SoloSong Graphics has basic tabled websets, her "Blue Rose" one is especially pretty

Sweet Melodie's WebSets esp check out her J. Ann Masiker & Luis Royo sets

bullet Sysster Designs very nice artist sets

Ultimate Designs

We Really Dig has some nice romance novel sets. Find the matching wallpapers here



Fantasya's Sensual Design beautiful women

Outlaw Unleashed tasteful nudity and BDSM themes

Tamar's WebSets bordered erotic websets.



AAA Backgrounds basic background archive

bullet Absolute Backgrounds with 4146 background textures for use in web pages, Sorted by color and motif.

CastleTrash has some nice bordered backgrounds

Celtic Backgrounds

Dor Mar backgrounds has tiled, bordered and web sets.

Mollys Backgrounds and Web Sets

Red's Bordered Backgrounds has all kinds of animal backgrounds: horses, dogs, cats, fish. Plus some Angel and Fantasy themes too.

bullet Windy's Backgrounds



bullet Absolute Web Graphics great clipart

Anime Factory a library of Animated gifs, with the Anime of the day.

Barry's Clip Art links to many other sites

bullet Bells -n- Whistles

Billy Bear's ClipArt includes Beanie Baby Art!

Canadian Flag Clipart Gallery

Cat Stuff Graphics everything feline art

Cool Archive has lots of graphics.

bullet CoolClips

Egyptian Art: Neferchichi's Tomb

The Free Graphics Store Australian Site

GifPile is a HUGE list of links to other graphics sites

Glimmer Cloud has some nice stuff - images, backgrounds, an Eeyore fanpage, and some pretty Copyright Graphics.

bullet Hee Yun's Graphics Collection

Celeste's Holiday Graphics

Internet Graphics Center

Police Officer & Law Enforcement ClipArt

Shameless Plugs all those "get xxxx now!" tags

Sunet pictures

Suryana's Image Library make customizable liscence plates.

Web Wizard's Animated Gif Library

Wonder Flight faerie graphics



bullet El Dorado




ABC Banners has blank banners for you to use as a base of design

bullet Flaming Text instant banners

Kool Banners if you put his banner on your site, he'll make you a banner!

Web Animator includes animations



BlueSkyHeart Icons beautiful jewel-tone icons

David's Icons small selection, but nice stuff

GirlieMac super cute stuff here!

Icon Factory list of icon sites

Icon Land by Mark Archuleta

Tigger's Kid's Domain icons



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