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Getting Started on the Web

You will need a Computer with a Browser and an internet connection to see the Internet with. Your Computer and OS will determine what browsers you can use. It's good to keep up to date with the latest browser versions and plug ins to use their full features.

  • if you want a great 56K dial up service nationwide, that keeps your info private for less then the price of big names like AOHELL and EarthStink, try them! Also privacy services available.
  • Browsers.Com A great variety of the big name and some more obscure browsers here to download.
  • iCab great browser for Macs
  • Lynx is a text only browser, great for when you have to research or find information in a hurry and don't want to see all the bells and whistles of some sites that take FOREVER to load.
  • Netscape although why you'ed want it is beyond me :(
  • Microsoft's Internet Exploder I hate Microsnot, but it is the best browser I've used ...

Free Web Based Email Account

With so many free e-mail providers out there, it can be confusing. Eventually though, it will all boil down to which one suits your needs best. Here are a few "mega-lists" along with some of my personal opinions on who's great & who to avoid.

Web Page Hosting

Now that you have your email set up, you can find a home for your new web pages to reside at. It's usually best to start with a free webhost to get the feel of what you're doing. The down side of this is the forced advertising in the form of popups, banners, and all kinds of annoying intrusive things the host will put on your pages.
Once you feel confident creating your pages and feel like you have a good following of people accessing your site, you'll probably want to move to a paid webhost. A few paid hosts that have my personal recommendation are listed below as well.