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OK, so there's all these cool sites on the internet with all these cool quizzes to take. And although there's usually something else I *should* be doing, I'm a sucker for that stuff, really I am.

You can also see even more quizzes, RPG quizzes, Celebrity quizzes, Cartoon quizzes, Vampire quizzes, or Lord of the Rings quizzes.

I'm a Fantasy Geek

What Kind of Geek Are You?

I'm a Good Friend

What Type of Friend Are You?

I can talk to Animals

What's Your Magic Power?

I'm the Silent Girl

What kind of Anime Girl Are You?

I'm a High School Outsider

Which High School Stereotype Are You?

I'm  Natural Beauty

What's Your Style?

You're a true nature chick who loves the outdoors. Because you're always running from activity to activity, you have zero time for a full, fussy face of makeup. Instead, you want to be able to hop out of the shower, pull your hair into a ponytail, slap on some sunscreen, and go. Just make sure that your laid-back, all-things-natural attitude doesn't lead to you become lazy -- even on-the-go girls need to glam themselves up sometimes!

I'm a Forest Beauty

Which Woman of Beauty Are You?

My element is Earth

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

You are a true nature girl!

I'm Hestia

Which Greek Goddess Are You?

I'm a Princess

What Woman of Royalty Are You?

As a Princess you recognize there is so much about the world you need to learn. You may sometimes be naive but other times you are wise beyond your years! You are sharp, observant, joyous, and interested in your own personal growth. You have a very caring heart, and are a sweet and beautiful woman.

In a past life, I was a Whore

What were you in a past life?

Money was scarce and it didn't take much to convince you to sell yourself off to the highest bidder. Sometimes you had fine clothing, expensive jewelry, but more often you had faded garments and bruises only half-hidden by your outfit and your makeup. You didn't have any real objection to what you did or why, but you always dreamed of a 'better life', of one day getting out of the business. You died a whore, never managing to claw your way out.
This lifetime, don't sell yourself so short... don't sell yourself at all. Money's not THAT tight, no matter how it may feel. You deserve a better life, and this time around you have a chance at it, if you are willing to take that chance. There's nothing wrong with doing what is necessary, unless and until it hurts you. Grubbing after money, handing off your body, THAT hurts you.


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