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I'm X-Men Beast

Which X-Men Character are you Most Like?

You are Beast! You are brilliant and extremely clever. You can handle almost any problem swiftly and efficiently. You are devoted to philosophy and are always up for a good discussion. Sometimes though, your anger gets the best of you and you upset those whom you care about.

My X-Man is Logan

Who Is Your Ideal X-Men 2 Mate? (ladies only)

Sheesh, another fangirl. Well, I dont blame you. How can any woman resist a sexy body, and the ruggedness that is Wolverine? Hes a loner by nature, a heavy drinker, and is plagued by memories of his past...or lack thereof. It may take time to work your way into his heart, but when you do, he'll do anything for his woman. Just be careful, he has a tendency to stab people in his sleep. ^_^;;

I'm Scully

Which X-Files Character Are You?

I'm Jack from Titanic

Which Titanic Character Are You?

Duckie is my Sidekick

Who's Your Movie Sidekick?

I'm Gia

Which Angelina Are You?


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