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Which Vampires Of Anne Rice Are You? (girls only)

I am Jesse of the Talamasca.

Merrick Mayfair

Which Anne Rice Talamascan Are You?

You are Jesse Reeves. You are an inquisitive person. Your family is very important to you. You are independent and sometimes break the rules. You're generally a laid back person but also very lively. You are a character in The Vampire Chronicles starting with Queen of The Damned.


Which Anne Rice Vampire Are You?

I'm Claudia.


Which Buffy female character are you Most Like?

I'm Willow


What Buffy Guy is Meant for You?

You were meant for Oz. A quiet guy, sure, but you know he loves you and nothing else matters as long as your by his side. Keep this one, cause girl, you were meant for a musician!


Who is your Buffy boyfriend?

Your boyfriend is Giles.

Spike and Dru

What Couple from Buffy are you and your Significant Other Most Like?

We are in a dysfunctional relationship. We are like Druscilla and Spike! One of us benefits greatly and the other ones gets shafted.

Spike and Dru

What Buffy Couple are you?

We are Spike & Dru.


Which Action Hero(ine) Are You?

I am Blade, the Daywalker.


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