Pontafix Inquisitor Brittany Brittany Daydreaming

of Clan Tremere

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Brittany is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Brittany's Boons

Boons from other Clans:
Brittany Owes: Trivial to Nosferatu Prince Bartholomew of Cleveland USA. Trivial NonTransferrable to Gangrel Alex Camille of Chicago USA
Owed to Her: Trivial from Samedi Allen Green of Chicago USA, Major NonTransferrable from Samedi Allen Green of Chicago USA, Major NonTransferrable from Ventrue Prince Haramond of Cape Town South Africa, Life from Ventrue Prince Haramond of Cape Town South Africa
Favors / Agreed Boon Payoffs: Single use of the C-Sword from Samedi Allen Green of Chicago USA; Acceptance of my adopted childe Latita Rivera as a Camarilla kindred once she is ready to be released by Ventrue Prince Haramond of Cape Town South Africa

Boons from Tremere only:
Brittany Owes: none at this time
Owed to Her:
• 2 Blood and 1 Major from Greta (Capetown SA Chantry, 13th Gen, power-hungry), Blood and Major from David Booth (Whip of Buffalo NY Chantry), Blood from Lucas (Suriname, Venezuela Chantry), Blood from Teresita (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Blood from Mariano (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Blood from Gabriella (Brazilia, Brazil Chantry), Blood from Vachon (Rio, Brazil Chantry), Blood from Pilar (Regent of Rio, Brazil Chantry)
• Major and Trivial from Donavan (Hilton Head SC Chantry), Major and MInor and Trivial from Herman (Hilton Head SC Chantry), Major from Beverly Johansson (Constantanople Chantry), Major from Solange (Quebec City, Canada Chantry), Major from Frisco (A-7 at Suriname, Venezuela Chantry), Major from Miranda (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry)
• Minor from Erichto (Chicago, Ill. Chantry), Minor from Kasra (Constantanople Chantry), Minor from Joseph Lozarro (Kimmy's Sire, Constantanople Chantry), Minor from Garin (Suriname, Venezuela Chantry), Minor from Ramon (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Minor from Nueva (Regent of Brazilia, Brazil Chantry), Minor from Richelle (Rio, Brazil Chantry)
• Trivial from Ming Kuo (Regent teaching in Zanzabar), Trivial from Nut (Cairo Egypt Chantry), Trivial from Cecilia (Constantanople Chantry), Trivial from Patrick (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Garrett (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Norane (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Markus (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Troy (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Vineeta (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Casey (Sydney Australia Chantry), Trivial from Ross (Pittsburgh, PA Chantry), Trivial from Gordon (Pittsburgh, PA Chantry), Trivial from Khissa (Pittsburgh, PA Chantry), Trivial nontransferrable from Jake Anders (the friendly helpful charismatic guy that had severe vicissitude infection; Hartford, Ct. Chantry), Trivial from Arienne (Quebec City, Canada Chantry), Trivial from Delroy (Quebec City, Canada Chantry), Trivial from Ernesto (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Trivial from Pablo (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Trivial from Tito (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Trivial from Jacqueline (Caracas, Venezuela Chantry), Trivial from Lorinda (Brazilia, Brazil Chantry)


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