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Brittany is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Brittany's sense of style accentuates her physical beauty to make for a headturning entrance wherever she goes. At a petite 5'4" and a slender 107 lbs, Brittany looks small and fragile, like a strong breeze could blow her away. Her flawless skin is a paled honey color, quite unusual for a kindred. Her thick, waist length hair is raven black, and falls loosely over her shoulders in gentle waves. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, but turn grey when she is sad or worried.

Typical Business Clothing: Long evening gowns with flowing, full skirts, typically with little or no adornment, usually black or deep jewel tones; black bone hairsticks, long black gloves, and black tabi slippers.
Typical Casual Clothing: summers see a matching spandex crop top and bike shorts, while winters see satin-trimmed tunic sweatsuits; hair scrunchie, running sneakers or barefoot
Jewelry & Accessories:
Brittany wears a plain silver Farspeaking band on her left ring finger (linked to her revenant Naz), and a silver signet ring with the sigil of Jadrax on her right middle finger.
She wears a gold locket on a neckchain, with a small picture of Malika inside.
She carries a small black evening bag containing many components for rituals, and her "good luck charm" - a small dark grey stone with a canine pawprint. (this is a pathstone from a caern she helped to destroy)

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Limo enchanted by Councilor Wyncham
Black Hummer
Small fast plane (comfortable passanger capacity of 20)

On the Go:
Black Leather Backpack
Tremere AmEx card for clan expenses
Key Lime iBook, tempest hardened, w/cam.net hookup
4 Magus Sight Crystals
Book: Tremere Contacts
Book: "Balance: Musings of a Black Hole"
Book: My own assembled version of the Book of Nod, with many notes in the margins from various Noddists I've talked with
DVD: "Battle of the Methusalahs" 3 DVD set
Magic Gun, does agg damage powered by viz, almost empty
24 blood beads (from orientals in CA)

Katana made by Councilor Wyncham & enhanced by Zak (SoE Mage), Str +10 agg damage
Katana made by Councilor Wyncham, wind forged - light as air, has Brittany in the hilt in flowing script, allows a 'free' extra attack every round, Str +5 agg damage
Oaken Shield from Sir Rinzine, Unseelie Sidhe - grants extra health levels

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Brittany has never embraced a childe.
However, Brittany is currently caring for Latita Rivera, an "adopted" 13th Generation Lasombra Antitribu.

Naz, a professional bodyguard/assassian of the Marijava ghoul family. Pilots the plane. Reverant. Blood Bound. Wears Ring of Farspeaking linked to Brittany's.
Cory Kent, a 'surfer dude' possesing Iron Mind [resistance to Dominate]. Knows several languages. Considered the translater and errand boy. Blood Bound.
Malika, her Lady in Waiting and friend. Blood Bound.

Kimmie, Chicago Haven Steward
Shimee, Black Hole of the True Wyrm

Enrique from Nicaragua, Christiano Pellas from Bolivia, Tomas Diego from Bolivia


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