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Brittany is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Brittany's Rituals:

Hermetic Thaumaturgy:
1. Bind the Accusing Tongue (Cam), Blood to Water (NYbN), Brand of the Paramour (BM), Communicate with BloodMate (Unique), Communicate with Kindred Sire (VtM), Counting Coup (ACB, aka Aura Wipe), Dedicate the Chantry (CbTrRev), Defense of the Sacred Haven (VtM), Deflection of the Wooden Doom (VtM), Domino of Life (SPG, Sab), Encrypt Missive (BM), Engaging the Vessel of Transferrance (Phb), Expedient Paperwork (BM), Illuminate Trail of the Prey (SPG, Sab), Incantation of the Shepard (Phb), Learning the Mind Enslumbered (BM), Luminous Vitae (NYbN), Preserve Blood (SPG), Purify Blood (CbTrRev), Purity of Flesh (VtM), Rebirth of Mortal Vanity (VPG, BM), Rite of Introduction (Phb, BM), Silken Cord (Custom), The Scribe (BM), Wake with Evening's Freshness (VtM), Will of the Wisp (SPG)
2. Blood Unbound (Custom), Blood Walk (Phb, Cam), Call the Restless Spirit (CBN2), Chamber Music (Unique), Craft Bloodstone (SPG, BM), Deny the Intruder (CbTrRev), Detect Authority (ACb), Donning the Mask of Shadows (Phb), Dust of Rememberance (HoT), Eyes of the Nighthawk (SPG, Sab), Extinguish (BM), Find Gate (Custom), Impassable Trail (BM/SPG), Machine Blitz (SPG, Sab), Magus Sight (Unique), Open Passage (CbTr), Principle Focus of Vitae Infusion aka Blood Beads (Phb), Recure of Homeland (SPG), Seeking the Souleater (Custom), Summon Guardian Spirit (SPG), The Framing (ACB), Ward vs. Ghoul (Phb), Your Fate Shall Be Known (HoT)
3. Blood Allergy (BM), Clinging of the Insect (SPG, Sab), Craft DreamCatcher (BM), Eldrich Glimmer (SPG), Eyes of the Past (CBN2), Flesh of Fiery Touch (Phb, Cam), Illusion of the Peaceful Death (CBN2), Incorporial Passage (Phb), Inherited Affinity (CbTrRev), Lust of Seth (Custom), Mirror of Second Sight (Sabbat), Moonlight Dancers (DSotBH), Pavis of Foul Presence (Phb), Power of the Pyramid (CbTrRev), Quicksilver Eel (HoT), Rotten Wood (SPG), Rutor's Hand (CbTr, CbTrRev), Shaft of Belated Quiesence (Phb, Cam), Telecommunication (BM), Touch of Nightshade (SPG), Transubstantion of Seven (CbTrRev), Ward vs. Fae (BM), Ward vs. Lupine (Phb, Cam)
4. Blood Certaman (CbTrRev), Bone of Lies (Phb), Bottled Voice (SPG), Curse Belated (BM), Drawing Upon the Bond (SPG), Firewalker (PGS, Sab), Geas (HH), Heart of Stone (Phb, Cam), Invisable Chains of Binding (SPG), Mirror Walk (SPG), Protean Curse (CBN2), Puissant Shield aka Ward vs. Projectiles (DM), Rending the Sweet Earth (CBN2), Respect of the Animals (SPG), Scry (BM), Soul of the Homunculi (CbTr), Splinter Servant (Phb, Cam), Unweave Ritual (CbTrRev), Ward vs Kindred (Phb, Cam)
5. Abandon the Fetters (CbTrRev), At Our Command it Breathes (HoT), Blood Contract (Phb), Breaking the Chains (Removes Viniculums, Custom), Court of Hallowed Truth (BM), Dominion (SPG), Enchant Talisman (Cam), Escape to a True Friend (Phb, Cam), Farspeaking (Unique), Lion Heart (SPG), MindCrawler (SPG), One Mind of the Covens (Phb), Paper Flesh (SPG, Sab), Sculpting the Perfect Servant (BM), Stone of the True Form (BM), Vessel of Kindred Sight (Custom), Ward vs Cathayan (Custom), Ward vs Spirit (Phb, Cam)
6. Iron Mind (SPG), Refined Digestion (BM), Ritual of Demesne (MS, aka City Warding), Ritual of Holding (Phb), Sands of Time (CBN2), The Gift (SPG), Transfer Essence (StSab), Utter Distruction of Bonds (Phb)
7. Chill of the Windsaber (SPG), Disarm (Custom), Divorcing the Soul (VPG), Eyes of the Ever Vigilant (BM)
8. Blade of the Forbidden Flower (BM), Bone of Kindred (Phb), Chains of the Bloodline (VPG), Mind Lock (Unique)

Dark Thaumaturgy
1. Aport Object (StSab), Putrify Flesh (Custom, takes 1 hr to decompose a body), Spectral Mask (StSab)
2. Sign of the Moon (StSab)
3. Felis Negrum (Sab), Turn to Toad (StSab)
4. --
5. Soul Leech (StSab)
6. Transfer Essence (StSab)

Setite Thaumaturgy:
1. Seal the Gates of Blood (BS), Typhon's Brew (BS)

Brittany also knows how to do the Vaulderie ritual commonly used in the Sabbat, though it is not a Thaumaturgy ritual.

SOURCES: Wherever possable, WW source books are referenced in the ritual notes for the published rituals.
"Custom" Rituals are created by other PCs/NPCs and were traded for or shared.
"Unique" rituals are created by the PC, & it is assumed NO ONE ELSE has them.


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