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of Clan Tremere

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Brittany is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Brittany's Stats

Generation: 5th, Sire: Goratrix
Nature: Visionary, Demeanor: Judge
Path of Honorable Accord: 8 Willpower: 9
Virtues: Callousness 3, Self Control 5, Courage 5

Strength - 5, Dexterity - 5 (Athletic), Stamina - 5 (Tireless)
Charisma - 5, Manipulation - 5, Appearance - 5 (Noble Bearing, Honest Face)
Perception - 5 (Observant), Intelligence - 5 (Research), Wits - 5 (Going First)

Talents: Alertness 5 (Detect Noise, Spot Ambush), Athletics 4, Brawl 4 (Grapple), Dodge 1, Empathy 5 (Auspex, Gaining Trust), Intimidation 3, Leadership 4, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 5 (Selective Omission, Truth)
Skills: Animal Ken 1, Drive 2, Etiquette 2, Firearms 3, Melee 5 (Stake, Sword), Security 1, Stealth 5 (Obfuscate, Sneak), Survival 1
Knowledges: Computer 2, Finance 2 (Investing), Investigation 5 (Motives), Law 4 (Contracts), Linguistics 4 (ASL Sign Language, Dragons Tongue: Language of the Infernal, Enochian, French, German, Latin, Romanian, Spanish), Medicine 1, Occult 5 (Rituals, Thaumaturgy)

Secondary Talents: Seduction 2 (Alluring Look), Style 5 (Haute Couture, Timeless Classics)
Secondary Skills: Dancing 4 (Formal Ballroom), Games 3 (Chess), Research 5 (Rituals), Ride 3 (Bareback, Combat), Singing 4 (Inspiring Emotion)
Secondary Knowledges: Seneschal 2 [from Dark Ages]
Lores: Camarilla Lore 2, Cathayan Lore 2, Demon Lore 4, Fey Lore 1, Kindred Lore 3, Sabbat Lore 3, Tremere Lore 5 (Councilors), Werewolf Lore 1

Advanced Disciplines: Auspex 8 (6: Clairvoyance [Cam], 7: Karmic Sight [Cam], 8: Omniscience [VPG]), Celerity 7, Dominate 6 (6: Rationale [VPG], 6: Obediance [VPG]), Obfuscate 7 (6: Conceal [Cam], 7: Cache [Cam]), Thaumaturgy 8
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Fortitude 2, Mortis 3, Obtenebration Rev 5, Potence 5, Protean 3, Quietus Rev 4

Hermetic Thaumaturgy: Path of Blood* 5, Elemental Mastry 3, Path of the Black Belt 3 [Unique], Soul of the Serpent 1 [Cairo], Path of Technomancy 1 [Cam], Thaumaturgical Alchemy 1 [DA Companion]
Dark Thaumaturgy [Original, 2nd Edition]: Chains of Pleasure 5, Fires of the Inferno* 5, Secret Knowledge 3
Setite Thaumaturgy: Path of the Dry Nile* 1

Backgrounds: Age 5, Generation 5, Resources 6 / Occult Library 3, Clan Tremere Status 5, Infamy: Tremere Inquisitor 3
Merits: Misplaced Heart
Flaws: Infamous Sire: Goratrix
Flaws Brittany has Overcome: Hero Worship: Goratrix, Mute

Personal Equipment:
Equipment: Black Book of Tremere contacts, Tremere AmEx card for clan expenses, Tempest Hardened KeyLime iBook, Small fast plane (comfortable passanger capacity of 20)
Brittany wears a plain silver Farspeaking band on her left ring finger (linked to her ghoul Naz), and a silver signet ring with the sigil of Jadrax on her right middle finger.
She wears a gold locket on a neckchain, with a small picture of Malika inside.
She carries a small black evening bag containing many components for rituals, and her "good luck charm" - a small dark grey stone with a canine pawprint. (this is a pathstone from a caern she helped to destroy)

Unique Equipment:
Limo enchanted by Councilor Wyncham
Katana made by Councilor Wyncham & enhanced by Zak (SoE Mage), Str +10 agg damage
Katana made by Councilor Wyncham, wind forged - light as air, has Brittany in the hilt in flowing script, allows a 'free' extra attack every round, Str +5 agg damage
Oaken Shield from Sir Rinzine, Unseelie Sidhe - grants extra health levels

Yitzhak 4 (Toreador Antitribu 8th Montreal), Latsun 1 (Kiasyd 10th Wyoming/NYC/Mexico City), Sparky 2 (Red Talon / Gangrel Abomination)

The Infernal:
Brittany deals with Jadrax, Demon of Information. As such, for a few souls she has almost any information, discipline or ritual in the world she desires available to her. She is loathe to call upon this power except in situations of GREAT need or urgency, but she has quite a "stock" of soul contracts to barter with.
Demonic Status: Soul Broker (allows her to resell the souls of others without having sold her own)


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