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Brittany is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Brittany's History

Brittany's family was serfs, who farmed the land for the local lord. Her mother died while she was only 2 years old, and she barely remembers her. Brittany had two older brothers, and at that time she was the 'baby' of the family. Brittany's father tried to get along without his wife, but raising 3 kids alone was more then he could handle, and he was very lonley.
Early in the spring her father returned from plowing the fields carrying an unconcious woman. She was badly injured, she had been thrown from a horse and looked exhausted and half starved. Her father hid her in the root cellar. Brittany was only 5, but even though the womans clothes were in shreds she knew that serfs didn't dress that well. Something very strange was going on, but she kept quiet and cared for the woman. The next day soldiers came to the farm asking about a group of people that they were looking for, but her father told them he hadn't seen anyone come this way. The soldiers poked around in the house and barn, then left.
Brittany took care of the woman they were hiding, who slowly improved in health. The woman, Margharet, helped out as much as she was able, always careful to stay out of sight. In the fall, her father took some of the crops to be sold in another city's festival. He returned with his new wife, claiming he had met her at the festival. Brittany was happy with her new stepmother, and they spent many nights canning produce and making clothes by the hearth together.
Two years later, there was a particularly rough winter and a plague of strep throat came through town. No one in their family died, but Brittany was rendered mute. After her muteness became known, the townsfolk were unkind to Brittany, who avoided them. Margharet felt bad for Brittany, and shared her secret with her. Margharet was a former lady in waiting to a deposed Lord, who ran away when her Lord and Lady were killed to avoid sharing the same fate. Late at night, she taught Brittany to read and write in Latin. She told her stories of her old home and what it was like in court. Brittany dreamed she could be a handmaiden someday too.
Our Lord was at war with some other Lords, and one night there was a particularly brutal attack on the castle. Many lives were lost, but fortunatly our lord survived. The next day one of the Lord's men came around and told everyone that one teen from every family must go to the castle to work, to replace the servants that had been lost. Her family couldn't spare any of hte boys, who were needed to work in the fields. Thus it was that when Brittany was 12 she was moved into working in the Lord's castle.
She had started working in the castle by cleaning the chambers. She did her job well for 4 years, and became quite adept and going unnoticed and keeping her head down. To most of the castles important folk, she was just another servant that faded into the background.
One evening, she delivered robes from the laundry to the lord. The Lord seemed agitated already before she had got there, but he exploded when she brought his robes in. He was quite angry, and yelled at her for ruining one of his robes. having no other recourse, she fell to the ground in front of him to show her submission. Still he continued to yell at her - her lack of response seemed to anger him even more. It was then another servant girl passing in the hallway explained to the lord that she could not speak. This seemed to calm the Lord, who realized he was not being disrespected by her lack of reply. He bid her to rise, and asked her if she could understand him. She nodded. His face softened, and he smiled at her. He told her that from now on she was to be his personal cleaning girl for his quarters. He took her hand and they went to the senschal, where the Lord saw to her reassignment and the senschal explained her new position.
Brittany found that for once her muteness was looked on with favor from her master, and she enjoyed cleaning his private library and labrotory. Brittany was unusually smart for a girl in those times, and understood far more of what she saw then her master thought. She knew her master had power, and she knew it came from his books. Brittany also knew her Lord was a bit of a "night owl", and arranged her schedule so she was up at the break of dawn, and would clean his chambers by day yet always be just leaving as he showed up.
All good things come to an end though. One evening Lord Goratrix was awake earlier then usual, and found an immaculatly clean lab and Brittany curled up in his leather chair reading one of his thaumaturgy books by the fireplace. Brittany was so engrossed in the book she didn't even hear Lord Goratrix until he was at her side and cleared his throat. Startled, she dropped the book and fell to the floor to beg his forgiveness, expecting the beating of her life. Insted of a beating, Goratrix questioned her. He seemed quite impressed that she could read, and even more that she had some understanding of his notes. For hours they wrote notes and drew pictures, and he asked her many questions. He seemed to have eyes that looked into her very soul, like he knew what she was thinking before she spoke. Brittany answered his questions to the best of her abilities, and Goratrix eventually seemed satisfied she wasn't a spy. Brittany explained she wanted to be "like him".
"What am I like?" asked Goratrix.
Brittany replied and wrote "You're MAGIC!"
Amused? Intrigued? Impressed? One will never know exactly why, but Goratrix embraced her right there.

Brittany's Life as a Kindred

At first Brittany was thrilled. She understood what Goratrix was, and what kind of power he had. Her family had always been kind and wonderful to her. However, others in the village considered her damned by Satan himself because she was unable to speak. Brittany decided if she was going to be damned, she was going to be damned and powerful! Unfortunatly, being a Tremere in tough times still means you clean the labs a lot and study magic when you can. Brittany wanted to learn a bit faster then that.
Less then a week after her embrace her overcast flame ritual destroyed half Goratrix's lab and set the labrotory level of Ceoris on fire. No one was killed by this, but there were several injuries and many experiments were ruined. Brittany ran away that night, mostly in fear of Goratrix's anger. (thus she never had the 'antitribu' symbol placed on her forhead, nor was she ever officially accepted into Clan Tremere - she considers herself a 'caitiff').
In short order she found herself running into a demon, who offered her the power that she craved. Now. No lab cleaning, no waiting a few decades to see how you do. Right now. Through a carefully arranged contract, Brittany became a 'soul broker'. Brittany didn't sell her own soul, but literally thousands of souls have passed through her contracts on their way to Jadrax, her DemonLord.
Though Jadrax initially represented himself as a much more powerful demon, Brittany eventually figured out that he wasn't. Insted of betraying him or leaving him for a better deal, Brittany relaxed around him. After a time, Jadrax relaxed with her a bit as well. Business was still business, but they also shared a passion for a good game of chess.

Brittany was lonley for company of her own kind, and so she sought out others looking for someone to share her time with. She found the perfect companion in Jeeves, a recently embraced Ventrue butler who's sire had just been killed.
For almost a thousand years Brittany roamed the earth with her 'butler' Jeeves, a Ventrue. He was as close and trusted a friend you could get for a vampire. Brittany sold souls, and they always had lots of money and luxuries and almost no worries. They moved around a lot, always seeking new adventures and challenges. They had fun. They laughed together. They cried together. They trusted each other. They were very close.
It was quite a surprise when one day Jeeves came to Brittany and told her he wanted to sell his soul. Brittany advised him against it, and practically begged him not to do so. In the end, he did sign a contract with hell. Less then a year later Jeeves broke his contract to his demon lord, and his soul went off to hell. Brittany was crushed, and missed him more then she thought she would. Unlife was empty without her best friend to share it with.

During that same time, Brittany was losing another friend as well ...
At the time she met him, Jadrax was a rather minor demon, controlling the area of information. As time went on, information became more important to the world, and his power grew. Jadrax has slowly been gaining in power as information became more and more important to the world. Currently Jadrax has risen to be a major player in hell. About the same time she lost Jeeves, Jadrax successfully made a power play and increased his status immensly. However, Brittany misses the "old days" when she could just talk and play chess with Jadrax. Now he's always busy making deals and promoting evil, and when he does have any time he constantly complains about how lazy the demons are who serve him.

Eventually Brittany found another companion. Shimee is an Elder Wyrm Spirit, part of the True Wyrm of Destruction. He used to be a Star Spitrit that we would call a black hole. When the Weaver imprisoned the Wyrm, he was captured. Weakened from the battle and imprisoned in the Weaver's realm, he expended almost all of his power to break free, and his calcified prison shell landed on earth. He lay imprisoned for time unimaginable in the base of a quarry, until a pack of BSD werewolves, an Abomination and Brittany found him when they were investigating the Wyrm source they had felt.
Shimee inhabits bodies either recently vacated by death or created with Path of Conjuration. It's quite an odd combination - an Elder Wyrmling and a Infernalist, but they get along well and have many spiritual debates lasting hours, if not days, on what is really the core force of the universe and why we are here 'alive'. He's actually quite depressed to see the Wyrm fragmented into so many pieces like it is today, and to see the Wyrm corrupting, not destroying.

Eventually the pair settled down in Chicago. Allen Green, an old Samedi business associate (non infernal) of Brittany's lives there, and told her it was a nice peaceful town. True to his word, Chicago was very peaceful and a great place to live. Currently Brittany runs her sellyoursoul.com website, along with a dozen or so pornography sites targeting college age males that are free for 'signup subscription' (ie: your soul).


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