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Brittany is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Brittany Joins the Tremere

Etrius' Vienna chantry was levelled. Rebuilding his chantry was going to be a lot of work, but that was for another day. For now we were content to replace a few necessary wards and leave. Safe in the "public" Vienna chantry, we were all able to relax and heal. Tremere checked over all his councilors for vicissitude, and removed it from the few who had been infected. Allen had some ritual powder that restored Val to his normal kindred form, and he was quite pleased not to be an oozing puddle of blood anymore.
The non Tremere returned to their homes. Goratrix and I stayed, and spent the next few days helping to clean up. Goratrix mentioned we were both going to be invited to join the Tremere, and asked me what I thought of that. I said I would really like to be accepted as a Tremere after all these long centuries. Goratrix said he was going to be coming back as well - he feels after the whole antitribu mess that his cover within the Sabbat was blown, and he was going to be taking Elaine's old position as Councilor of Africa. I asked where that would leave me, and Goratrix said I could come to his chantry.
Meanwhile, Goratrix was telling the Camarilla all he knew about the Sabbat. There were several daylight attacks scheduled, and about 20-25% of the strikes on Sabbat were successful. Many wise Sabbat had moved their havens, but we still managed to get a significant number.
It was during this time that Goratrix spoke to Tremere about the Sabbat and how it operated, and specifically about the Sabbat Inquisition. Tremere decided after seeing that Elaine had become a SoulEater that perhaps our clan needed an Inquisition of it's own. Goratrix talked to me about this later, and I expressed interest in being an Inquisitor.
After a few days of clean up, we were asked to attend a meeting of the Circle of Seven with Tremere. The six councilors and Tremere sat in the center dais, while Goratrix and I sat in front and off to the side. Tremere explained that Goratrix had been under his orders to flee & 'join' the Sabbat all along, which seemed to particularly distress Etrius, although the other councilors took it all in stride. Tremere thanked us for our contributions to saving the clan. It was there that we were both welcomed into the clan, Goratrix as councilor of Africa and I as an Inquisitor. Etrius did the official 'adoption' ritual later for us, welcoming us into the clan.
It was decided that the Inquisition would be composed of 4 Pontifices and 8 Lords of temporary appointment to the Inquisition assignment. After review of how it progressed, it would be decided if some (or any) positions would be made permanent.
Thus Brittany was awarded the title of Pontifix within Clan Tremere, and given the special rank of Inquisitor. She is to lead one of 4 Inquisition groups that travels to Tremere chantries worldwide, checking for disloyalty to the Clan from within and corruption or manipulation from without.

It was about this time that Brittany took some time off to get herself together before the teams were assembled and started. Her "referral fee" to Allen for his work was quite substantial, but so was the favor she was going to ask of him.
In the end it was agreed that Allen would pay her in full by providing her with a plane, a referral to a Marijava ghoul, and by having her body remade.
Allen was able to subcontract to a Son of Ether Master of Matter Magic, who rewove Brittany's undead pattern. Brittany was no longer mute, and now had her natural, original voice restored. Brittany had some physical aspects about her changed - her skin became honeyed tan and flawless, her haircolor became raven black and grew down to her waist, and her eyes became a beautiful emerald green color. Brittany had her infernal investments of body armor 5 and wolf claws removed, and no longer had the infernal witch's nipple on her.
Feeling like a great weight had been lifted from her, Brittany was ready to begin her new job in the Tremere.

Inquisition teams are made up of 3 Tremere and a support staff of ghouls. Temporary positions were created in the Tremere for these 4 teams. There is the position of Pontifix Inquisitor supported by two Lord Inquisitors. One Lord is to be a specialist in Thaumaturgy, the other a specialist in brawling and tracking.

Working with Brittany are:
Lord Reginald Regalbuto - About 250 years old, Reg has spent the last century or so in an out-of-the-way chantry in France. He requested a more exciting assignment, one where he could 'grow'. He is an expert in Thaumaturgy and Countermagic. 7th generation.
Lord Angel - A fairly young kindred, Angel was embraced a mere 75 years ago. She was originally targeted for embrace by the Setites, but recruited by the Tremere (a happenstance she is extremly grateful for). Her specialty is performing live takedowns on kindred. 9th generation.
Brittany is also assisted by her ghouls Naz and Cory, and by her Spirit-Friend Shimee.

The Inquisition teams were sent out, with written reports going to the councilor of the area, and to Tremere himself. This went on for about 5 months.
Now that the initial Inquisition teams have inspected every Tremere chantry at least once, Tremere and the council have decided to have only one active Inquisition group within Clan Tremere. A special permanent rank of "Pontifix Inquisitor" and 2 "Lord Inquisitor" positions were created, being the only non challenge positions of their respective ranks. These positions are one of great honor in the clan - as every councilor has 7 Pontifices under them, now Tremere himself would have one ... the 50th Pontifix.
Over time, out of the four inquisition groups, one was killed, one was demoted for actions breaking the Traditions by our clan Justicar, and one had a member convicted of accepting bribes. The bribe-taking member was "called to Vienna" but the rest of his team continued on it's job. So far Brittany's group is the only one with a 'perfect' record. Between the two inquisition groups left, Brittany feels her group has been the most effective, being that they have been far more efficient and less political. She also feels the other group may have certain council member's favor because of the effictive politicking and brown-nosing of their leader, and they luck they had drawing the European assignment (where most of the old, powerful Tremere are).
The Circle of Seven debated the means of choosing/testing the two groups. Suggestions have included Blood Certaman, each team rechecking 3 randomly assigned chantries that the other has already checked, and each team checking over each other. The final test has yet to be determined.
Brittany feels that the council is at a point where it is going to be choosing not just an Inquisition team, but a choice between "the old guard" and the "new attitudes"; and she is quite interested in seeing how Tremere will handle this.
There is only one thing which seems a negative against her - rumors have it that Brittany and Councilor Wyncham are 'close', and interpersonal realtionships within the clan are discouraged.

The council eventually picked the test. Both teams were asked to check over 3 chantries that the other team had inspected already - to see if they could find any mistakes the other had missed. Brittany was able to find an infernalist the first team had missed, but otherwise all Tremere checked out OK. Both teams were asked to return to Vienna, where Tremere would make his choice.
Brittany's team was summoned before Tremere to explain why he should pick her for the job. Brittany replied "Everything you need to know about why you should pick our team is right in that pile there", and she gestured to the pile of her Inquisition reports in front of Tremere. "I love my clan, I love my job and I believe our team is the best for the job."
After a long pause, Tremere asked "That's it?"
"If my work doesn't speak for itself, anything else I could say would just be wasting your time" replied Brittany. Tremere smiled and dismissed her.
"That was either really good or really bad." whispered Reginald on the way out.
Unknown to Brittany, the other team had just spent 48 minutes telling Tremere every piece of dirt they could dig up on her. They figured if they couldn't prove themselves better by doing their job well, they would prove her unfit for the job by dragging her personal life through the mud.
Surprisingly enough to them, they didn't get the job. Tremere is very businesslike and direct when it comes to the well-being of his clan. A brief, concise, "just the facts" approach like Brittany's is just what he wanted from his Inquisitor. The other team was reassigned to be archons. Tremere said he wants their vicious, nasty approach to find, attack and destroy enemies outside our clan. Inside our clan, we treat other Tremere with respect and fairness until a reason not to do so is proven.
Celebrating with her team, Brittany is looking forward to some time off :)


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