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Butterfly is played in the WHITE WOLF: MAGE role playing system.

Butterfly lives with Tim in a mansion in upstate New York. She recently had Zak help her put in cable TV to the low umbra so the wraiths who guard her house had their own TV set. (No more searching the umbras for the remote!)
Butterfly recently had twin boys: Michael Douglas (named after Everman and his father) has a Pure Breed of 3 and Timothy Jonathan (named after Butterfly's mate and Butterfly's father) has a Pure Breed of 1. We look forward to both becoming Wendigo someday.

Butterfly spends most of her time saving lost or missing children and bringing them home. She scans to find them, then uses either calls the national missing children line with details (for normal runaways) or personally intervenes in cases of supernatural abduction. She has returned kids from normal mortal perverts, Sabbat vampires, "recruited" by the Technocracy, trapped in Hell, enslaved by the Nephandi, and Gaia knows what else. Sometimes the children were killed, and (if possible) Butterfly will kills the person(s) responsible and see to it the child's body is "found" by the police so their families can bury them and get on with their lives.
She has Infamy in the Sabbat as "Buffy the Butcher" and her "Loyal Manservant Fumo" (Tim, when he comes to help her). In the Sabbat she tends to challange the vampire to Monomacy, where her chosen weapon is a "Garden Claw" (a very nasty looking tool designed to break up the ground in your garden). Once incapacitited, she uses it to remove their hearts in a particularly gruesome way.

Magic at Home:
Dossitep's library on Entropy, Forces, Life, Matter, Mind, Prime, & Time (Correspondence & Spirit books were destroyed)
A Nephandi's library in Dragon's Tongue (she cannot read it)
3 Large Black Gollems from Dossitep. They speak only in Enochian, but are great help around the house. There is a male Librarian, female Maid and female Nanny.
Small Golden Scarab from the Silent Striders, Totem of Honor/ Respect.
Progenetor clone of "the pod thing"
Suitcase & diary of a werewolf killer named Jed

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Allies and Contacts:

Tim, Cult of Ecstasy husband. Correspondance, Spirit and Time at 3. All other spheres at 2. Arete 3.
Necker , Euthanotos mentor, has all spheres at 3. Arete 9.
Zak Mack, AKA Dr. Vulgar - Son of Ether Master of Matter, Life, Prime, and Forces. Has a familiar called "Computer" that is a wristwatch. Arete 7. Mallory's husband.
Angelo, a weird sort of Orphan who calls himself the "Tradition" mage. He seeks to learn each sphere from the Tradition that specializes in it. Has a familiar called "Snowball" that is a "Lert", a small white puffball with earmuffs. Arete 4.
Kristen, Orphan Mage. Tim helped to save her and her friends and in the process they Awakened. She came to stay with us afterwards. Her friend Kyle went to stay with Zak after awakening as a SoE and her friend Melody went to learn from a Dream speaker in the Deep Umbra. Arete 3.

Everman, Rank 2 Wendigo Theurge. Lover and father of our twin sons.
John "Strength of Bear" Mt. Pleasant, Rank 5 Wendigo Sept Leader (of a Rank 3 Caern of Strength) and my Dad. It is said (rather quietly) behind his back that he should have been called "Fucks Like Bunny". Dad really takes to heart his "duty" to Gaia to make more kinfolk and Garou.
Brooke "Waters Run Deep", Wendigo Kinfolk step mom & dad's wife. Dad has 14 kids and 8 are from her. (What a saint to put up with him.) She's a great step mom, and I really love her.
Mallory, Rank 3 Qualomi Bastet, wife of Zak Mack, mother of Megan and Candra.
Pamela, Rank 2 Get of Fenris. I found her as a lost cub, and she came to stay with me after her Rite of Passage. We helped her find her place in Gaia. She leads a pack of two Silent Striders and their pack totem is Dow.
Wyrm Chick, Shadow Lord Theurge Ronin in Portland who helped me gather information on a demon's true name.
Don Tony, Rank 4 Glass Walker. We met when I found an old caern and returned it to my father, but needed to buy the land etc. around it. We are good friends and help each other frequently.
Sam Houston, Glass Walker Philodox Alpha of a pack in Houston Texas.
Paul, Rank 2 Glass Walker (former Silver Fang) in Sioux Falls SD. We used to date, but I broke it off as Paul is a sort of "small picture" kind of guy.

Dantura, leader of the 12 (former) Hierarchy wraiths of the Crying Lord that dwell in my home.
Edward, Renegade wraith. Stops by monthly.

Oswald, 6th gen Tremere Prince in Pittsburgh, PA.
Jake, Nosferatu in Cleveland, Ohio.
Marvin, Nosferatu in Arlington, VA.
Azuli, 5th gen Setite in Haiti.



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