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Butterfly is played in the WHITE WOLF: MAGE role playing system.


Maria was a young, beautiful and smart woman who grew up in the poverty of Chile, South America. Deciding early that this was not for her, she ran away to Rio. There she met a man who introduced her to sex and money, and she became a kept woman. Eventually she was moved to America, and she had a series of "relationships" with various men as their mistresses. She spent a few years with John "Strength of Bear" Mt. Pleasant. He was a nice man, very well known in the Knoxville, Tennessee area for his recycling business. One day she was surprised to find herself pregnant. Maria ended their relationship abruptly, claiming a family emergency, and never mentioned their child. She gave birth to her daughter Carmen and cared for her for the first year of her life. She placed her daughter Carmen in 24 care with a nanny and came back to John a year later. She never told John of their daughter, but began leaving to spend holidays with Carmen. John, having prior family obligations on the holidays, didn't notice her new behavior.
Carmen never knew her father when she was growing up, but her mother told her stories of him and showed her pictures. She always was told her dad loved her even though he wasn't with her because of his other family. Carmen grew up in a nice apartment with an nanny, and went to private schools. Her mother kept her away from the prostitution side of her life, and tried to see that the money they had didn't spoil her. She went back to South America frequently with her mother, and knew several people in the village. Carmen grew up being a very down to earth person.
Carmen felt like an outsider in the private schools she went to, with the WASP-y girls and their daddy's credit cards driving new BMW's. They didn't know what it was like to go to a village with no cars and dirt roads. It was her mother's strictness over money that led Carmen to desire her own money and independence. On her holiday visits to South America she met a nice young man, who she became friends with. He seemed especially interested in the fact that she was vacationing here from America, and ask her many questions about it. They became friends, and eventually she confided in him her desire to have her own money free from her mother. Sensing opportunity, Rico ask her to deliver a package to a friend. She had the opportunity to smuggle drugs for a considerable sum of money, and she did so. She liked the thrill and excitement of smuggling, and she decided to continue doing it. She went by the code name of "Buffy", and ever since then it stuck as her nickname. Her holidays became more profitable, but she was careful not to let anyone else know this. She put her money away carefully, because with her new friend she got to go to more then her share of high class parties and events. She was a charming and subtly manipulative young lady, and made many allies in the world.
It was at these events when Buffy decided to supplement her income with some selective cat-burglary. She used her connections to get invitations to all the upper class events. She learned to get onto and off of guarded property, what were and were not good reasons to be someplace, and learned about security systems and getting past them. She also learned to be a good shot for those unexpected snafu's in plans, an ability she was glad she never had to use. She learned about antiques and their value, and where to sell them for the most money.
By her high school graduation from the Grier School, she was a millionaire. She decided to put her good grades to use and become an FBI agent, figuring the best offense is a good defense. Her allies and money helped get her into the academy, her good looks made sure she passed when her mind was otherwise occupied.

Her first assignment took her into Tennessee with a bunch of other rookies to deliver a package to another FBI office. There was much bungling on that mission from her cohorts, and she spent the majority of time at the local art museum checking out the collection and filing the info away for future reference.
On her way out a vampire tried to jump her and feed on her. She got hurt, and was rescued by a college kid walking by, who got big and furry and shredded the vampire to bits. When the furry one was done he was quite shocked to see Buffy sitting there, totally aware of what was going on around her and of what he was. She smiled up at him and said "Wow. First Vampires, then Werewolves. You're not going to kill me, are you?" The kid shifted back to homid and looked totally stunned. "Ummm. You'd better come with me.", he said.
He introduced himself as Kenny. He figured Buffy for a lost cub and explained things to her on the way back to the caern. He told her he was going o take her to their Sept Leader to explain more of the situation to her, and to see if she could change too. Buffy was totally shocked to see her father John come out and be introduced as the Sept Leader "Strength of Bear". Buffy instantly cried out "Daddy!", her joy evident in her expression and voice. John was taken aback, but then looked closely and said "Maria?"
"Uh, no. Carmen." There was a long pause. "Your daughter."
Buffy took a week off to spend time with her dad, and to catch up on family history. It turned out Buffy isn't Garou, but Wendigo kinfolk. Buffy is an exceptional girl with a very easygoing attitude who doesn't get surprised by much.


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