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Butterfly is played in the WHITE WOLF: MAGE role playing system.

Buffy was grudgingly accepted as Wendigo kinfolk. Because she is half Hispanic, she was welcomed a lot less then you would expect a lost kinfolk to be. There was a bit of romance with a young Wendigo Theurge, Everman, but nothing but friendship came of it. It was Everman who taught Buffy how to do Lucid Dreaming, and she enjoyed their times in the dream realms together.
Reality does intrude, and eventually work beckoned her back. She was transferred to FBI Bureau 1101 working with Mc Cullen & Mc Gregor for about a year, pretending to be FBI while spying on them for the NSA. When not actively working with the FBI, she went on several assignments for her NSA superior Agent Johnson in the Regulators.
On her next weekend off, her dad sent her to study with Wolf Heart Leech Slayer, a Wendigo who specialized in hunting and killing vampires. Buffy learned a lot about effective ways to kill vampires, but also learned of their clans and their goals to survive Gehenna (those who believe in it, anyway). Her dad had told her of the other tribes of werewolves: the noble Croatan who fell fighting the Wyrm, and the Uktena who became corrupted when they bred with the Wyrm bringers. And of course, Dad sure had a lot to say about the Wyrm bringers. He called them all "Black Spiral Dancers in training with less Wyrm taint". Dad, he's a real tolerant one. ;)
One of her FBI assignments led her to a lost caern, which she was able to hide from her superiors and return to her father, who sent a pack up to settle there. It turned out to be an old Wendigo caern that was taken from them by the Get, then fell to the Wyrm and was lost. She convinced her father to work with the Glass Walkers to help buy out the surrounding small town and it's Pentex run factory. She became good friends with Don Tony of Albany NY, and to this day remains a closer friend of his then she is close to her father. She retrieved two fetishes from slain BSD's - an Elk tooth Necklace she kept for herself and a Spirit Tracer she gave to the new caern.
While on FBI assignment in Maine tracking down "werewolf sightings" she found a lost cub, Pamela, and took her to Don Tony who got her to her own tribe, the Get of Fenris. Pamela and I stayed in contact through letters we left with Tony, and I came to see her once before her Rite of Passage.
After all of this Buffy was curious about the supernatural and requested to be a Mage. Agent Johnson said it was possible, but she would have to prove herself valuable before the government would make that kind if investment in her. Buffy tried hard to prove her worth and became an excellent assassin for the NSA (and the NWO).
When ordered by Johnson to get a physical, she met a Progenitor mage named Tim. "Mmm ... doesn't look like you'll awaken on your own." He found her to be in good health and asked if maybe there was something else on her mind? Buffy talked about how depressing it was that everyone around her was "special" - "Vampires and werewolves and mages, oh my!" while she was just herself. He said "I understand. It must be very frustrating for you. But take heart - things will work out in the end." While he said this he wrote down an address in another state on a piece of paper and wrote a password. "Now, just do your job and everything will be OK, understand?" A bit puzzled, she nodded and thanked him.
The next weekend she headed out for the address. Buffy was driving her Black Hummer and was wearing her regulation FBI uniform out of habit. After cruising the countryside a bit and getting lost and getting really odd stares from the locals, she eventually found the address. When she walked up and knocked she heard muffled voices and a lot of stuff getting moved around inside. She patiently waited and then a male hippie answered the door. "Can I help you?" he said, looking both annoyed and scared at the same time. Buffy smiled brightly "Yes. I'm looking for ... well, him" and she held out the paper to him. As he read it a look of shock crossed his face. "Wait here" he said, and closed and locked the door. Buffy sighed and went to sit on the steps. She hoped she hadn't drove down here for nothing. Well, at least the scenery was nice and it did get her out of the office ... she probably would be filling out paperwork now if she wasn't here. Eventually the fella came back and said "Come on in. He's upstairs." It was a messy house that looked like some kind of hippie commune, and she smiled at all the people who looked at her like she was an alien or something. They walked upstairs and the fella banged on a door, then turned and walked to the stairs. "He'll be a minute." he said as he walked away. A minute later, who should answer the door but the Progenitor who had given her a physical earlier in the week. Looking over his shoulder he was in a fully stocked laboratory, making what looked like drugs. Buffy was really confused. "What, is being a Progenitor only your 9-5 job?" as she looked around. "Actually, you must have met one of my clones. I used to be a Progenitor but now I'm a Cult of Ecstasy. I'm Tim Benzadream. How can I help you?" After seeing her confusion he explained that he was Primordial himself ... there always was and always will be a Tim. He was a Progenitor back when it was cool, when magic was for the masses. He developed irrigation, and was especially proud of that. Then he talked about how the Technocracy came to be, and how they lost the vision of magic for everyone. That's when he became a CoX. Buffy listened to him, and his voice seemed to take her away from her problems. She talked about herself, and how trapped she felt being "normal" in a group of "specials". He told her of the Traditions and she seemed most drawn between the Verbena and Euthanotos. He said he could arrange it so she could talk to a member of each tradition, if it would help her decide. She agreed, and he offered her some drugs. Buffy was tempted, and he said "No residue. It won't interfere with your job." She got high with him, and he wrapped a rainbow ribbon around her head and called her his little Caterpillar. She stayed the night at the farm and fell asleep on his shoulder, and in the morning they left in her Hummer. She met a Verbena who was a total jerk to her, and she did not relate to him at all. She met a Euthanotos, who she felt was a totally cool guy and who she could relate to. She kissed Tim good bye and went off to think about the possibilities.
After repeated success on several smaller assignments, she was given a big case. She was assigned to kill a charismatic Southern Baptist preacher who had spoke out against the government one too many times. He was known to have "the power of miracles" on his side, and his four close followers could perform minor miracles as well. She was given special equipment and guns ammo for this assignment, and she know this kind of stuff was magical. Her mission perimeters involved the killing of the preacher and his 4 followers, but Buffy was determined to impress her superiors. She had 2 clips of "special" ammo and 4 clips of regular ammo issued to her. On her way down to the site, she used her rudimentary knowledge of poisons to make a crude blood poison and soaked the regular bullets in it. Her mission was a success - the preacher and his acolytes were no more, and she also slaughtered about 90% of the congregation. On the drive home from Alabama, Buffy decided she could no longer work for the NSA/ NWO and hope that she would awaken with them. She knew she would have to awaken on her own. Once she got back and gave her report to Johnson, she decided to erase herself from their files and fake her death.
Agent Johnson sensed a change in her after this mission, and thought it might be time to push her toward Awakening. Johnson had decided to help her awaken because she would be what he would need to further his plans down the road. Her next assignment was to watch the vampires of NYC and report on their activities. Johnson started rumors among the NYC Sabbat of "Buffy the Butcher", a vengeful ghoul who killed hundreds of Tzimese in Tennessee; hoping the vampires would have a violent reaction to her and this might help her awaken. This rumor was based in truth of events from her first FBI assignment, but it was more like 40 kindred that died, and Buffy didn't even kill any of them! While looking for vampires she met Necker, a Euthanotos who would become her mentor, when she tried to kill him because she mistook him for a MIB sent to kill her. She repeatedly missed at close range, and he just stared oddly at her. Realizing he was not what she thought, she couldn't help but laughing when she said "You probably won't believe this, but normally I'm a much better shot." Fortunately, he had a good sense of humor about it as well. :) "My Avatar led me to find you." he said, pointing at a huge crow watching them. Buffy explained her odd life to Necker, who agreed to help her. He also mentioned there were 3 correspondence locks on her, and she wondered what the big deal was with her anyway. Working together, they did manage to contact the vampires and were eventually taken to a "Bishop" who introduced himself as Count Bubbula. She explained her mission for the FBI and he listened to her. "Of course, I cannot tell you any specific information. But if this is what it will take to get you to leave us alone, then listen ..." He told her of the betrayal of children by their elders, and of Sabbat ideals of freedom and equality, and the desire to be strong to survive Gehenna. She had an interesting chat with him, then went back to report she had solved her mission to Johnson. When she finished her written report she called Johnson, and the phone in his office rang three times. This never happens, she thought, he always answers on the first ring. It's like he knows when you'll be calling. On the third ring someone else answered and introduced himself as Agent Jenkins. He said that they had been trying to locate her and were unable to. The real Agent Johnson was killed and he was replaced with an evil impostor. "Of course, you won't be held responsible for following orders from the impostor. We want you to come in now, for a de briefing." Necker wrote her a note that said "Countering mind magic". Every fiber of her being screamed that going in would be a one way trip, and there would be no individual "her" left afterwards. She said "I don't think so." and hung up. As they prepared to leave her FBI office two MIBs came in. They won the fight and ran off into the night with the MIB pass cards and Talisman tazers. Stuck and at a loss she called Tim, who showed up shortly after. Tim said he knew a VA who could help them, and we went there. While at the VA's home there was a large standoff between the 4 of us and several MIB's and a Man in Gray. Buffy decided to steal the Man in Gray's car and try to run him over. Once in the car everything wavered around her and she was in a limo under the water. A note on the dashboard said "Stay here and don't leave. You'll be safe here. Be back for you soon." True to form, she took out a magazine and started reading. On the surface the standoff was getting ugly, and a clone of myself rammed the car into a few MIB's before leaping out and getting killed in a hail of gunfire. There was a lot of death and destruction, and in the end the Technocracy was convinced I had died that day. The VA unmasked himself and introduced himself as David Duchovich, a "freelance" mage whom Necker had heard of. Together the three of them left and pulled the Talisman limo that had belonged to Necker out of the East River and I got out. Tim was so happy to see me, and kept asking if I was OK. Johnson introduced himself to me as Duchovich, and said he had helped me Awaken because someday in the future he would need an Orphan to help him. Duchovich told me I was officially dead now, and free to live my life as I chose. Duchovich congratulated me on my awakening and departing with a smile and a "You owe me one". The three of us went off to clean up Necker's car and get some sleep. Tim said I was not a Caterpillar anymore, but a Butterfly.


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