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Butterfly is played in the WHITE WOLF: MAGE role playing system.


I went to Albany, NY to tell Tony I had awakened, and we stayed at his house while Necker was learning to sleep without magic again (and getting some nasty bad dreams after 4 years of no REM). I used my lucid dreaming to try and help him through the nightmares. I went home with my friends to Tennessee to see my father at the caern and tell him I was a mage now. Necker went off to help a former student of his. (Dad's Sept, Tennessee)

At my father's request Tim and I went with a Wendigo Ahroun and Theurge to Arcadia to find a master Armorer to make a klaive for the Ahroun of the moon silver he had just acquired. (Arcadia)

I was rather hateful of Vampires, having almost died at the hands of one myself, so I tried tracking them. When I found how pathetically easy it was to track them and how miserable their unlives were, I didn't have the heart to kill them. I healed some of my anger and resentment toward them as well. (Johnson City, Tennessee)

Having a rather frustrating day, I was surprised to find myself followed. Confronting my stalker, he told me he was a wraith who was "feeding" on my frustration because it was his "passion". We got to talking and the wraith introduced himself as Steve and told me much about wraith society. He ask for my help because one of his fetters was in danger of being destroyed. It was the chair he died at work in. I got it put on an antique display at a local museum. (Cleveland, Ohio)

On a lark I took my friends Tim and Everman to a Psychic Fair. We had fun getting our aura pictures taken and past life portraits drawn, and it was an amusing time. In a class on "Contacting the After Life" there were 4 wraiths in the back mocking out the teacher, who could not see them. I went to talk to them and we hung out for awhile. They told me about wraith lore and I took some objects over to them in the low umbra. I also took a letter back to one of the wraith's girlfriend's, and left it in her apartment. (Columbus, Ohio)

On our way home from the Psychic Fair there was a palpable wave of entropy in the air as we passed through Cleveland. It was so bad my mentor's talisman car I borrowed broke down. Stopping to investigate, we stumbled into a Nosferatu Warren. After some tense moments I made friends with Jake, and he agreed to help us. We found the source of the disturbance to be a Nephandi who was getting ready to ritually sacrifice 12 humans. We stopped the sacrifice but the Nephandi fled. I followed him alone and killed him, and took his library (in Dragon's Tongue) and other possessions. Ambulances were called for the victims and they were healed with mother's touch and life magic and mind wiped. Jake called his Prince and looked like a hero, and we stopped the Nephandi. It was a good night. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Dad sent me off with Everman to investigate some "Bigfoot" sightings thought to be a lost cub. We came to find out it was really a bunch of Yeti being "herded" through a portal in the High Umbra and stuck in our world. Investigating, we found a Marauder called Dr. Kreig responsible. He shared his philosophy of collapsing all three Umbras together in reality so we could return to the Mythic Age. I managed to convince him that humanity was not ready for that, and what he was really doing was reinforcing reality by all the people who were afraid of "Bigfoot" and by the freaks who wanted to hunt and kill "Bigfoot". Humanity was not accepting the new reality he was forcing on them, and their unbelief was killing the Yeti off. He eventually concluded his experiment was a failure, but I have no idea what this freak will think of next. Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll meet again. (High Umbra)

At Don Tony's request, I joined with a pack of Glass Walkers to infiltrate and destroy a printing press possessed by the Wyrm. High Glory adventure, but not much social interaction. (Albany NY)

Butterfly had been getting pressed to make a choice between Tim and Everman, and finally decided on Tim because she felt that Everman would want more of a domestic wife, and would not be able to live as a wandering pack of two. Tim understood her better. Tim and Butterfly got hand fasted, and had a wonderful peaceful honeymoon together. Tim promised this lifetime of faithfulness to Butterfly, and Butterfly said Tim was the man she had been waiting all her life to be with. (Colorado)

For our wedding, Tony gave us a mansion near the Wendigo / Glass Walker caern. It was formerly the home of the Pentex bigwig responsible for most of the Wyrm mess. We moved in and had a big job cleansing and purifying the place, but we eventually cleaned it up and warded it in all 3 umbra's. I changed the low umbra representation of the house to correspond with how it looks now, not the original house that had burned down. After her Rite of Passage Pam did not wish to continue on in her current pack and wanted to find a group she would fit in with. Pam came to see me and stayed with us. We each wear half of a "Best Friends" necklace, and are often together. (Upstate NY)

While warding the house in the low umbra we took a walk about the area and came upon a small group of wraiths living in a cemetery. I talked to the guard and he got his commander to come out. His commander introduced himself as Dantura, servant of the Crying Lord. I mentioned I was looking for a caretaker for my home, and he asked if he could see my home. He seemed impressed that I could change the house to look as it does now, and ask if he and his group could be the caretakers. We agreed that I would bring them certain items every month into the low umbra and they would keep my house safe. And so it was that I came to have 8 wraiths living in the east wing of my home ... (Upstate NY)

Pamela was looking for a pack, some place she would fit in. We went to NYC to visit a Tradition mage friend of Tim's, Angelo and his familiar Snowball. Angelo introduced Pamela to the Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers in town, but Pamela found no pack she wanted to be in. While in Central Park she bumped into a gaffling of cleaning called "Dow" who shared it's beliefs with her. She went to see the Totem Spirit Dow and agreed to serve it. It became her personal totem spirit. (NYC)

Mallory, Krista, Pamela and myself saved a Silver Fang Kinfolk with Pure Breed 6 (Progenitor experiment) from Max Foley - a sleazy Glass Walker, other Progenitors, and some other unexplained things too. A happy ending came when Mercurial was reunited with the Silver Fang who loved her. (South West USA)

I heard the cry of a spirit calling for help, and it turned out to be a friend from a past life of my avatar. I discovered I used to be a Void Engineer, centuries ago when they were idealistic explorers. I was the lighthouse keeper along with my spirit pal Beacon, who shone the way for other VE's to find their way back. Unfortunately, I got killed for speaking out too much on the good of the spirit world. We found our old lighthouse and it was destroyed. Beacon was really shook up, and felt he needed something to do. Eventually, we took him to the Croatan homeland where he calls for the Croatan to return. He says he thinks something heard him ... (Umbral)

Needing a cause, Butterfly took up bringing lost and missing kids home. Mostly she found only bodies, sometimes she found a kidnapped kid or a runaway, and rarely she could not find them at all. (USA)

Something my CoX husband taught me ... sometimes you gotta do some drugs and let Gaia take you where she needs you. In this case it took us to a cool old garage sale. I found the suitcase of a werewolf hunter, and reading his diary led me to dig up a 6th gen Tremere. Oswald was a cool guy, and we helped him take back the Princedom of Pittsburgh from the Ventrue who stole it from him. (Pittsburgh)

Also at the garage sale was a wraiths fetter music box. She called to the wraith and an extremely surly moliated ghost showed up with an attitude bigger then her house. After some initial misgivings, Butterfly and Edward became friends. After bringing a lot of stuff to the dead lands, she eventually managed to hire Edward to take her and Zak to Stygia to go to their library there. It was a trip that was never dull! Butterfly gained a huge library out of the trip (although reproducing the memorized books took several weeks once she was home). (Shadow Lands)

A note in a hidden compartment in the bookcase from the garage sale led her to a companion from another past life. Her old cabal was a Dream Speaker named Linseed and a Euthanatos named Keller. Linseed had been waiting around (about 150 years) at her old node to confess his "accidental" betrayal that caused her death, and ask her for forgiveness. She was shocked and outraged at his story, and told him she would not forgive such actions and he had a moral obligation to "make it right". He did, at the cost of his life. Butterfly never thought of him again. (Colorado)

Returning to Arcadia Gateway to visit Lord Lysander, she stopped 2 Nephandi from ruining the realm with storms of cold iron filings. It was then she was approached by Nubarius, a demon of the second tier. It seems many of her activities were interfering with his plans, but he offered Butterfly a job serving him. She turned it down, and he told her the war was on and it would only end when one of them was dead. (Arcadia Gateway)

Butterfly was never one to shirk off death threats, so she set about finding his true name. She found two syllables in the House of Secrets in the dreaming. Another two syllables came from a Tremere friend of Oswald's she traded with, and two more syllables came from making a deal with a Malfiend known as Word Eater. She gave up her memories of her life and childhood before she entered the FBI Academy in exchange for two syllables. When she had 6 of the 7 syllables of his true name Nubarius decided to take the battle to her. Discovering she would be helping defend Portland, he threw his help in with the group of evil already set to attack. It did eventually prove his undoing. After the attack failed, he threw a underling who failed him onto one of the 5 spikes protecting the city father in an attempt to destroy it. What he did is allow 4 mages to get a correspondance lock on his location. Flush from victory, many went to take the battle to the attacker's home realm. After we destroyed his servants who did not or could not flee, he put in a personal appearance. Normal and mystical attacks proved futile, so Zak became pure energy and was fired up his nose by Butterfly. Val used Damoinion "Curse" to remove his willpower so he could not resist, and Zak possessed his body long enough to reveal his true name to everyone. The group's attempt at binding him was succussful, and the castle destroyed. Zak arranged with a Mummy friend of his to let Horus unmake him with his true name. (Portland, Oregon)

While looking for lost children she came across an awakened child who was kidnapped by the Syndicate. Her contact tracked her to the Void Engineers. Butterfly did some "gray work" and went undercover to risk her life to break out this teen mage Lana and give her a new life and identity for her and her parents. She is becoming a Virtual Adept. (Miami, Florida)

Butterfly was so moved by seeing all the lupus puppies up in Portland she decided to have a Garou child with Everman. Tim supported her decision and helped with the magic end of it. She ask Everman to be her mate, and he accepted. She took him to her node/sanctum and got pregnant with twin boys. While Everman slept she and Tim speeded up time so she was ready to give birth in 9 hours instead of the 9 usual months. Everman woke up to being told her water broke and it was time to get back to the caern. He was in shock! With her step mom Brooke's help Butterfly gave birth to two twin Ahroun boys after about an hour of labor in the Umbra. Michael Douglas (named after Everman and his father) has a Pure Breed of 3 and Timothy Jonathan (named after Butterfly's mate and Butterfly's father) has a Pure Breed of 1. Both are happy, healthy and will be Garou. (Dad's Sept, Tennessee)

Butterfly was tracking lost children and she found one in what turned out to be a Hollow One Chantry in New York City. There were 8 teen and pre teen children living in the basement addicted to drugs and prostituting to support their habits. Clients were happily arranged by the non awakened "manager". She got together several friends to help her free and return the children and kill their "masters". The Hollow Ones were all killed except for one who had tried to stop the child abuse. The Chantry burned to the ground, and in it's place was a billboard saying "Buffy The Butcher says Don't Hurt Children!". The children were "found" in a nearby hotel after an "anonymous" and brought home safe and sound. Buffy's infamy in the Sabbat rose again, and the Archbishop considered getting a War Party after her. (New York City)

Butterfly was recently contacted by Allen Green (Samedi) and hired to "run interference" in the Underworld for a group of vampires who were attempting to kill the Giovanni Clan. Her wraith friends told her that Giovanni were vampires who enslaved the dead, and she had previously helped free some wraiths enslaved by another Giovanni in NYC, so she was only too happy to help. Her payment for assistance was information on the Seventh Generation, a group of Wyrm servants who hurt children. She is carefully reviewing this information and formulating a plan to do what she can to stop them. (Italy)


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