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Cheryl Dornsworth

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Cheryl Dornsworth is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.

About Cheryl's Pack, Family, and Den

Cheryl is a 18 year old girl with long black hair and brown eyes, and tanned skin. She dresses casually in khaki pants and a polo shirt, brown Timberland hiking boots and carries a tan leather backpack. She drives an Tan Jeep Sahara with a tent and sleeping bag, and some food in back.
Cheryl currently works full time for the SPCA in a nearby town as a dog trainer. Her hours are 1 PM - 9 PM Tues. & Thurs. and 9 am - 5 PM Mon-Wed-Fri. She is responsible for assessing the temperament of dogs who are brought in after biting or aggressive incidents and to recommend if they should be retrained or put to sleep.
Cheryl also has a part time contract with the local police department to train dogs for them. Currently they have a well trained bloodhound named Rex. Rex can track about anything but has a bit of a drooling problem. Cheryl is also looking for a titled German Shepard to train for the department, and there is a litter that looks like it will have some promising pups in it expected soon. Her yearly contract requires her to work on a part time, as needed basis.
In a small town, church is the main social gathering so Cheryl attends. Cheryl is in charge of the church's day care room. While parents listen to sermons upstairs she watches their kids in a playroom in the basement in an "informal" Sunday school setting. Recently Bitch has started to attend to help teach the kids about the "wonder of God's (ahem, Gaia's) creation".
Cheryl and Scott were married Christmas Eve 1999.
Cheryl had twins on Christmas Eve 2000. The boy was named Johnathon Scott after his Godfather the Wraith and after Cheryl's husband. The girl was named Serenity Selene, after the Sailor Moon show Cheryl loves. Their Godfather is Johnathon (the Wraith in our house) and their Godmother is Butterfly.

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Cheryl's Pack
Cheryl's pack is made up of 4 werewolves she rescued from the Abyss in service to Unicorn.
Gwynn, Beta Homid Shadow Lord Theurge Rank 1, lost in the Abyss in 1885
Black Rose, Metis Fianna Galliard Rank 1, lost in the Abyss 1999
Juliette, Homid Child of Gaia Ahroun Rank 1, lost in the Abyss in 1928
Bertha, Homid Red Talon Ragabash Rank 1, lost in the Abyss in 1996

Some New, recently reclaimed Fetishes by our pack: (that we haven't really had time to look at or test yet)
A small, smooth stone with a river pictogryph (probably going to Black Rose)
An Umbrella with a Shadow Lord Pictogryph (probably going to Gwynn)
A Flute (probably going to Juliette)
A Black Box with Concentric Circles (probably going to Me)
A Normal Klaive with a CoG symbol on it (probably going to Bertha?)

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Cheryl's Sept
JOAN, Black Fury Homid Galliard (Artisan) Rank 3 Pure Breed 3 Alpha & Sept Leader. Was really hurt by a kinfolk male who believed "doing his duty to Gaia" involved screwing every female willing. Tries to like men, but really doesn't and it shows.
CAROL Black Fury Homid Philodox (Mother) Rank 2 Beta & Warder. Has a serious living together relationship with a non kinfolk man in town. Works as a manager of the supermarket. Quiet, thinking type - when she does say something it is usually important.
BITCH, Black Fury Homid Theurge (Wise One) Rank 3 Pure Breed 1 Mistress of the Rite. She is Cheryl's Lover. Stereotype of a bulldyke. Lives outside of town in a house she built herself. Self employed doing construction and remodeling. Does not like any men, and overcompensates on the side of women always being right. Her lover Jasmine was killed by a vampire, and she's never quite got over that.
TIFFANY, Black Fury Homid Ragabash (Maiden) Rank 2 Mistress of the Challenge. Beautiful fun loving girl, works as a waitress in town. Occasionally hangs out with a group of Malkavian Vampires called the "Broken Mirror Boys" in Albany NY.

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Other Family, Friends and Allies

  • SCOTT, her husband. Scott is tall and thin, and rather clumsy. He is a kind hearted shy nerd. Scott wraps meat at the Butcher's store his dad owns. Scott is very smart, but dropped out of school because he was picked on by the "popular" kids. Scott turned 18 on Dec. 22. We got married Christmas Eve. His family is still shocked, but adjusting.
  • DIANE, a happy and friendly girl who is overweight and less then pretty, Diane is becoming a good friend. Her father is the Mayor of the nearby town they live in. She met Diane in GED school. Diane desires to find a large, sturdy, hard working man with a good appetite to marry. Diane's 19.
  • AZULI, one night I saw a guy in trouble and running from something or someone, and I offered him a ride. At first he refused, but eventually he accepted. He turned out to be an Angel ... no, really! We had a pretty interesting talk on our 4 hour ride, and it showed me everyone's got problems, even them! He came back at Christmas to thank me for my help, and it was good to see he was OK.


  • AUNT VIVIAN, mom's sister. Black Fury Ahroun Rank 2 in Oregon. Pretty fanatical about the hating men thing.
  • UNCLE JOHN RIVERBEND, her uncle who taught her Garou ways. Uktena Galliard Rank 3 in South Dakota.
  • ELIZA, a old Rank 4 Black Fury in Georgia who arranges kinfolk and Garou meetings, sort of like an old fashioned matchmaker would. However, did I mention the *Women* have all the choice now?


  • RANDOLPH, the Gangrel Vampire Alpha of a pack in Yellowstone Park that taught her to be comfortable with her wolf side. Cheryl considers his pack her first real pack.
  • DOORMAN, the vampire ghoul who is the (you guessed it!) doorman of the PITT, the supernatural club in Albany NY. Tiffany guessed my crush on him for his hot body, and managed to get him to be the stripper at my Stagette party. When my shyness got in the way she locked us in a room together! We didn't end up lovers, but we talked all night and I do really like him.
  • RALPH and SUICIDE SQUID, Nosferatu vampires I know.
  • MORRIS, the Nosferatu vampire who pretended to be interested in me. Like all vampires except the Gangrel, he was nothing but a game player and user in the end. He should have been a Toreador antitribu the way he likes to act and use people.


  • BUTTERFLY, a mage friend of Zak's who is very good with the spirits of the dead, and can go to a different Umbra then we do. I think it's the same place the Silent Striders go. Hangs with the Glass Walkers too much, but otherwise is cool. She just had kids also - 2 boys. She helped me clean up a Haunted House problem.
  • ZAK MACK, the Mage/Wyldling that lives with my Uncle's Sept and is married to Mallory, a Bastet whose family goes way back with the Uktena and their tribe there.
  • GRIFFIN FEATHER, a Dream Speaker mage currently on Mars looking for lost civilizations there.



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