Black Fury Glyph

Cheryl Dornsworth

Homid Black Fury Artisan

Keeper of the Land

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Cheryl Dornsworth is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.

Cheryl's Stats

Nature: Maker, Willpower: 8, Gnosis: 5, Rage: 5
Rank 4: Glory 12.8, Honor 4.0, Wisdom 10.6

Strength - 4, Dexterity - 4 (Athletic), Stamina - 4 (Tireless)
Charisma - 5 +1 (Sensual, Sophisticated), Manipulation - 3, Appearance - 4 (Sensual)
Perception - 3, Intelligence - 3, Wits - 3

Talents: Alertness 5 (Going First, Spot Ambush), Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Empathy 4 (Truths), Expression 3 (Song Writing), Primal Urge 4, Subterfuge 4 (Find Weakness)
Skills: Animal Ken 4 (Canine), Drive 1, Firearms 4 (Handgun), Performance 5 +1 (Singing), Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledges: Enigmas 2, Medicine 2, Occult 2, Rituals 4 (Mystic)
Lores: Vampire Lore 1, Wyrm Lore 1

Backgrounds: Contacts 1, Resources 4, Past Life 6 (6th level was gained on a Quest in the Abyss)
Merit: Ancestor Ally: Mother Alice (Black Fury Philodox Rank 3)
Weapons: Punch diff 6 dam str, Claw diff 6 dam str +2 agg


1. Beast Speech (1 Gnosis, Cha + AKen)
Moon Shadow (-1 diff to reach Umbra through Moonlight, instantly)
Persuasion (1 Gnosis, Cha + Sub)
Scent of True Form (Per + PUrge)
Sense Wyrm (Per + Occ)
Spirit Speech (1 Willpower)
Truth of Gaia (Int + Em)
2. Dow's Armor (1 Gnosis, Sta + Sur diff 6. Each success is +1 Sta to soak incl. silver. As "Luna's Armor" except you appear sparkly clean.)
Grandmother's Touch (1 Gnosis, Int + Med)
Napalm (Spend 1 rage. Roll dex+athletics diff 7 to hit. Each success is one round the Napalm burns and does one agg wound. Ex: 3 successes is 3 rounds the Napalm burns and cannot be put out, doing 1 agg wound a round. Soak with fortitude only at diff 9. This gift is ONLY available to those who follow the totem of Dow.)
Spirit of the Fray
Touch of the Muse.
3. Wings of Pegasus (50 MPH, no roll needed)
4. Luna's Blessing


Harmony Flute (this was my mother's)
Waters from Erebus
Satyr Pipes
Sailor Mercury Crystal - Level 3, Gnosis 6. There is a lune spirit who has the charms airt sense, reform, and tracking. Once activated you change into Sailor Mercury, and the clothes have an armor rating of 5 with no encumbrance penalty. Mercury Bubbles: Roll gnosis at diff 6. Each success does 3 soakable agg wounds. Dodge at diff 8.
Crescent Moon Wand - Level 5, Gnosis 7. A Malleon is in a Moon silver Wand with a memory ribbon wrapped around the handle and a Wyldstone in the crest of the moon. It does Break Reality and Shape shift. Also: The Memory Ribbon makes you immune to possession and +2 diff to frenzy. Wyldstone is -2 diff to change and does break reality spirit charm (10 dice). The Moon Silver does double agg damage to shapechangers and ads a point of Gnosis when carried.The Malleon Wyldling does shapeshift - "Moon Disguise Power".


1. Gathering for the Departed, Moot Rite, Rite of the Opened Caern, Rite of the Questing Stone
2. Rite of Pure Breeding, Rite of Summoning, Soothe the Scars
3. Rite of the Fetish
4. Rite of the Shrouded Glen, Rite of the Silver Forge

Personal Totem: The Muses (5: Respect) The Muses grant +1 to a social attribute (charisma), +1 to an art skill (performance) and the gift: Touch of the Muse. Their ban is to devote your life to art and learning, and to defend free speech and freedom of expression.

Cheryl has been marked with the crescent of Luna on her forehead, visible in the Umbra, so she may return to Luna anytime.



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