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Cheryl Dornsworth is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.

Cheryl grew up in Seattle, and had a pretty normal life as things went. Her family lived way out in rural Oregon on a mountain in a log home her parents built together. Her dad was an average nice guy who worked for the Department of Environmental Conservation and grew their own food. Her mom didn't have a regular job, but occasionally trained dogs for some of the townsfolk. She grew up being very close to her mother's side of the family. Her dad's family was nice enough, but because they lived in Georgia she didn't get to see them much.
Cheryl's two hobbies were singing in the chorus at her all girl school and helping her mom raise and train dogs. Cheryl's mom and her friends used to go on camping trips, and they taught her to take care of herself in the woods. Mom always impressed upon her to recycle paper, to reuse stuff before throwing it away, and how important it was to care for the Earth. Cheryl had a golden retriever named Sam.
Mom always told her that she was special, and that one day she would get to go to a special place with her mom and aunts. Cheryl figured this was just going to turn out to be another woman's music festival, or pow wow or something. And don't all moms tell their kids that they are special? Cheryl's mom told her that on her 16th birthday she would go to a special place that her mom and her friends went to, and she would understand her place in the world. If nothing else, she was definitely curious.
A few days before her 16th birthday her mom was helping her pack some clothes. She got her backpack ready but Mom was not letting on where they were going. She got dad alone and asked him, but he just smiled and said "Your mom would kill me if I told you, hon. But I think you'll have a good time there." Now she was really curious.
Cheryl woke to Sam barking and running out of bed and downstairs. There was some frantic braking, weird evil laughter, and a snapping sound. The noise had woke her parents because her father was running downstairs with a shotgun. "Get her out of here" he said to Mom, and she nodded. Dad was halfway downstairs when she saw them. There were three that she could see, one on the stairs and two in the living room. Sam was in the living room too, or half of him was. Dad shot the thing coming up the stairs and seemed to hurt it but it kept coming. Cheryl screamed and her mom grabbed her and started running. Cheryl saw her dad kill the first thing before the other two killed him. Mom jumped out the bedroom balcony with her and hit the ground running. "Run honey and don't stop. Don't look back. Run to Aunt Vivian's. GO!" She screamed, she cried, and she ran. She heard yells and howls and fighting, and eventually she realized she didn't hear her mom behind her anymore. She ran for hours but she could not escape their voices calling to her ... "Cheryl, you're one of us now, don't fight it ... join us, it will be so much easier that way. You belong with us. You belong with your own kind. We understand you. Come home with us." Finally when she heard no one following her anymore she found the overhang of a hill and collapsed from exhaustion into a disturbing sleep. Then her aunt was standing by her side shaking her gently.
"Cheryl honey, we've been so worried. Come with us, you'll be safe now." her Aunt Vivian said.
Disoriented, Cheryl said "No, no, I can't. I'm one of them. I can't come with you. I'll hurt you. Those things that came to my house. They killed mom and dad. I'm one. They killed Sam. They said I'm just like them. They said so."
Vivian looked distressed. "Oh no, child. It's not what you think, child. And I can tell you with certainty that you are NOT one of them. Come, there is much to explain." and Cheryl came with her Aunt Vivian.
Vivian explained to her what it was like to be a werewolf, or Garou as she called it. Cheryl hadn't changed yet, and did not know gifts or how to go into the Umbra. There was a group of 5 girls about to go on their Rite of Passage and Cheryl was placed in their pack. The alpha was a girl named Carla, she was kind and protective to Cheryl but always tried to solve everything through violence. Later she heard she was put in the pack with no experience just to "get through it" and they were going to teach her more after she returned. She was given her mom's flute, a Harmony Flute, they called it. Then it was time to go.


Cheryl's pack was sent to a snazzy hotel to spy on a Pentex "good old boy's club" that was forming called WAMS (Women Are Men's Slaves). The pack's mission was to bring back Michael Youngblood, an acquitted rapist and CEO of a multi million dollar company, to the pack for just punishment. It was a politically incorrect as all heck group, but there were a lot of powerful businessmen types there. Her pack first thought of blowing up the hotel, but thank Goddess they weren't smart enough to find the gas main. (The idiots did wander around the basement with a lighter looking for something that said "gas main" though.)
Finally it was decided they would impersonate waitresses to get close to the target. The alpha suggested they kill the waitresses, but Cheryl managed to convince her that perhaps knocking them out and tying them up would be a better choice. The alpha thought it was "too much effort" for a bunch of women who waited on men, but eventually agreed. Our pack was now the waitresses for the night's banquet, and in skimpy low cut costumes to boot. The waitresses were wearing white low cut blouses, black leather shorts, and black patent leather knee high boots. Cheryl demurely put her shirt on backwards.
They quickly ran into a bunch of Get of Fenris who were masquerading as the kitchen staff, who were also here for the same target. Apparently he had "stolen" some of the Get's female kinfolk and they were here for vengeance. Oh yeah, and to return the kinfolk to their "rightful owners". That quickly erupted into a fight between the two packs as to see who would have the "right" to kill him.
Disgusted, Cheryl decided to take matters into her own hands. She approached the target, and as she was serving him dessert, she bent close to whisper in his ear. "Mr. Youngblood, sir, I know you must be really busy here, what with all this important stuff going on and all; but the minute I walked into the room I knew you were the man I had been waiting for all my life. My parents are away for the weekend, and if you have the time I would like you to come home with me tonight and be my first lover." No gifts, no training, and she hadn't even changed yet. He had the bill paid and was out the door in a flash. His chauffeur drove them back to where the pack was waiting, where he was torn to bits by the Furies. After that Cheryl learned her gifts and quickly set out to find a pack of her own. The rest of the pack from her Rite of Passage hadn't even returned yet.


Her wanderings led her to camp in Yellowstone Park, where she met a guy who wandered into her campsite. He hit on her and she turned him down, but curiosity led her to follow him back to his friends. When she saw him make "crash and burn" motions to his friends who laughed, and then one turned into a wolf, she get really annoyed. Here was some creep breaking the Litany (or trying to) with her! Mom was right, men are scum! She went to give them a piece of her mind and they looked shocked. Later they explained that they were Gangrel vampires and she was in their territory. She stayed in the park awhile and actually made better friends with them then she did with any Garou.
One night she decided it was time to go and began packing up. Randolph, the alpha vampire came and talked to her, and she told him of her life. "Monsters we are, lest monsters we become." he said. When Cheryl looked puzzled, he said "You have not changed yet?" she nodded. "And you are afraid of changing, because you might hurt someone you care for?" she nodded again. He sighed and said "We are all monsters inside now. We are no longer human. but we must let our monsters out to play, in controlled ways, or they will eventually overcome us." That night Cheryl joined the vampire pack as they ran down a deer. It was exhilarating, and she managed to change for the first time. They gorged themselves on deer blood and she ate like an animal until her senses returned. She felt a bit embarrassed that her friends had seen her this way, but they accepted her. She was very sad to leave them, but she had to press on and find a pack.


Coming into South Dakota, Cheryl wound up wandering into the bawn of an Uktena Caern. A pack of 4 Uktena approached her and asked why she had come to their caern. She answered them honestly that she was just wandering and she didn't know this was their caern, and they ask her to tell her story. When it became apparent that she was a cub and did not even know the Litany, the Galliard of the group spoke to the others in Garou. Cheryl did not understand him except that there were some angry sounds coming from the others. He ask her to wait here for him, and he returned in an hour and offered to be her Uncle. Cheryl learned the Litany, more gifts, speaking Garou, controlling her shape changing and going in to the Umbra from him. She spent 3 months with her Uncle John Riverbend, who was a Rank 3 Galliard of the Uktena. She spoke to him often of her desire for a pack where she fit in and was needed, and he suggested an Umbral Quest.
Her umbral quest was fairly uneventful until she wound up in Maine. She bumped into a pack of Wendigo and approached them, and ask if they could help her. Their Alpha was a crabby old wolf who was mean to her and left with his pack, except for a Theurge who stayed behind. "Don't mind Kills the Wyrm Bringers, he's always like that. Now, tell me of your quest." She did, and he requested something personal from her. She gave him her locket with her parent's pictures in it. He put that in his medicine bag and shook it up, then scattered it's contents on the ground. "Southern Vermont. There is a pack that needs you there." Thanking him, she retrieved her locket and was on her way.
She wound up in Brattleboro, wandering around the Umbra. She was approached by a Garou who was mean to her, and called her "another Wyrmling sent to kill us." Cheryl knew her manners, but this Garou was just plain mean. She turned her back and ignored the mean bitch. She wandered around another hour and wandered if she really was better off going back to the vampires and staying with them. All the Garou she met were such jerks! Cheryl was getting ready to leave town when a pack of 4 Furies came up to her. The alpha introduced herself as Joan and questioned her. Satisfied with her answers, then they took her to their Wyld Caern. They explained they had just lost half their pack to the vampires who left town. The mean one, a Theurge whose name was Bitch, had lost her lover Jasmine and was taking it pretty hard. Cheryl told her story and the pretty blond girl Tiffany, a Ragabash, held her hand through the bad parts. Carol, a Philodox Beta, said it was Gaia's will she be here and welcomed her home. Cheryl relaxed and allowed herself to dream that maybe she had found a place to belong. She became Keeper of the Land at her small sept.


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