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Cheryl Dornsworth is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.


Cheryl had some pretty normal adventures settling into town. She moved in with Joan, the alpha, because apartments are scarce, got herself two jobs, and is going for her GED. She found a nice guy (!) and made a girl friend she goes clubbing with. Her pack's main job seems to be watching the nuclear power plant to see no spirits escape, and she does her shifts there as well. Cheryl spent a few months getting settled in, then found her thoughts turning to finding a mate and having a family. "It's your wolf side." said Tiffany. "I'm not very in touch with my wolf, but you are. That's probably what's driving you to find a mate now." Cheryl thought about Scott, and smiled. She began learning rites from Bitch, and saw Scott would be a good mate. Cheryl wanted to have twins - she hoped for a girl Garou and a boy kinfolk. She remembered the stories the Uktena had told her about a mage that lived among them with his Bastet wife. They called him Zak Mack, although he was also referred to as a Wyldling behind his back. Cheryl asked Zak for help with the children she wanted. He said when she was ready to call him and she would have the children she wanted.


Recently her Pack has agreed to serve Dow, the totem spirit of cleaning, and accept it as their Sept totem. Dow was a Weaver spirit until he was caught up in a Wyld surge. He changed from his spider self to a "scrubbing bubble" with 8 little bristly legs. Dow believes someday it is his place to replace the Weaver, so the Triat will be : The Wyld makes things, Dow cleans them, and the Wyrm destroys them. Gotta love the ambition, but in 1 year Dow has gone from being a itty bitty gaffling to being a totem spirit and is the size of a VW bug with scads of little Dow spirits it makes. Makes you wonder ...
Laddie, a Silent Strider Lupus Ahroun, was the first to serve Dow. Laddie went to Erebus to balance himself and met a Silent Strider Homid Theurge, Tau. He helped Tau balance himself and get out, and Tau joined his pack. The current pack alpha is Pamela, a Get of Fenris Homid Ahroun Rank 2. When our sept was considering serving Dow we asked to talk to them and they stopped by to talk about Dow. I know what other Furies say about Get of Fenris, but Pamela was ... well ... nice. I mean, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong end of her klaive or anything, but I wouldn't mind being in her pack.
Dow gives his followers the gifts Napalm and Dow's Armor (as Luna's Armor but you seem "sparkley clean") and his followers are always clean. Dow's ban is whenever possible you must slay weaver spiders and replace them with Dow spirits. Dow HATES Glass Walkers even more then Black Spiral Dancers. To Dow, BSD's are insane and just need their minds cleaned. To Dow, Glass Walkers have given themselves to the insanity of the Weaver and need to be converted if possible, or destroyed.


Cheryl loves Sailor Moon, and she got the idea to make fetishes like the Sailor Scouts have. Zak, the mage friend of the Uktena, made armored outfits and power sticks for her. She called the spirits, bound them and made them into fetishes. The fetishes she made are crystal power sticks with the planetary symbol on them, just like in the anime show. The spirits inside are Lunes that learned their charms from the TV show spirits in the TV Realm. They are all Level 3, Gnosis 6. When activated you change and have the clothes and the physical likeness of the TV character. The outfits are armor rating 5 with no encumbrance penalty.
Sailor Mercury Cheryl is Sailor Mercury. Her attack is Mercury Bubbles, a ray of icy bubbles. Roll gnosis at diff 6. Each success does 2 soakable agg wounds. Dodge at diff 8.
Sailor Moon Joan is Sailor Moon. Her attack is Moon Tiara Power, a frisbee like attack. Roll gnosis at diff 6. Each success does 2 soakable agg wounds. Dodge at diff 8.
Sailor Venus Tiffany is Sailor Venus. Her attack is Venus Crescent Power, a sparkley bolt of energy. Roll gnosis at diff 6. Each success does 2 soakable agg wounds. Dodge at diff 8.
Sailor Mars Bitch is Sailor Mars. Her attack is Mars Fire, a blast flame. Roll gnosis at diff 6. Each success does 2 soakable agg wounds. Dodge at diff 8.
Sailor Jupiter Carol is Sailor Jupiter. Her attack is Jupiter Thunder, a lightning bolt and Clap of Thunder. Roll gnosis at diff 6. Each success does 2 soakable agg wounds. Dodge at diff 8.
Crescent Moon Wand Cheryl is planning on making a level five fetish: the Crescent Moon Wand with the Imperium Silver Crystal. She has been putting much effort and research into planning her umbral quest to gather the materials.


After a run-in with a gnosis sucking bane thing, Cheryl defeated it and saved her GED class and teacher Craig, who was possessed by the Wyrm thing. Cheryl has graduated with her GED. She challenged for and became Rank 2.


Cheryl has a street performer's license and sings curbside in Albany NY on weekends. The local Toreador elder, Mr. Varda, sent his butler Neil to invite her over to hear her sing. He seems impressed with her, although he says she needs more practice. He feels she has mastered the art of singing, but now needs to learn to perform and give herself to the crowd.
Cheryl was offered a job by the vampire Owen to sing at his clubs, and had accepted. She was paid a visit by a Nosferatu calling himself Ralph ("That's what people do when they see me!" he said) who warned her not to go there. Owen was a Setite and seeks only to corrupt you, Ralph said, and told her much of the vampires in town. "Why are you helping me?" Cheryl asked him. Ralph said there was another vampire who liked her and this was a favor to him. "We call him Morris because he's so good with animals. You know the orange cat who comes to see you? That's him possessing the cat." Ralph said Nosferatu were ugly, but Morris took it hard because he was a "Cleopatra" - a really nice looking person who was embraced vindictively. Morris is too embarrassed to let you see him. Thanking Ralph, Cheryl ended up calling Owen back and canceling, and Owen was seething. She hoped he would just drop it, but she doubted that would happen.


The town's arrogant rich playboy brat, Chip, decided that Cheryl is to be his next bedroom conquest. She has tried politely to put him off, but he's used to getting his way. He sends her flowers and gifts, invites her to parties, and even pursues her at church. In his obsession for her, Chip was easily swayed by a Setite who was offended Cheryl would not sing at his clubs and was looking for a way to entice her to do so. Chip became his ghoul, believing it was the quick path to power.
Friday Chip had Scott's legs broken in an attempt to win Cheryl over. Cheryl and Joan went to see Scott at the hospital right away and Joan mother's touched him. Scott remembered being jumped by a few guys and beaten up, but he never saw them. The police did nothing, and considered it an accident.
Friday night Cheryl's pack (as the Sailor Scouts) killed the Setite Owen. Saturday night Scott was released from the hospital after his amazing recovery. "Of course, that boy always was a fast healer." his dad would say.
Saturday night Cheryl easily got Chip alone in the woods on the pretense of wanting sex with him. She Crinos in front of him and ran him down. After finding out who the three boys were that Chip paid to have them break Scott's legs, Cheryl killed Chip. The next day there was talk at church about Chip being missing, but not even his parents were making a big deal of his absence. Cheryl was talking to Scott, and Bitch came over to join them. Scott mentioned they found Chip's car in the woods, but no Chip. (OOC: We had forgot to go back to take care of the car!) Bitch slapped her hand to her forehead as she realized our mistake. Cheryl was horrified and said "Headache?", trying to cover it up from Scott. "Uh, yeah, headache!" Bitch said nervously. Scott said nothing, and offered an aspirin to Bitch.


Cheryl realized she was falling in love with Scott, and asked her Alpha Joan for advice. Joan said to tell him the truth about us and see if he can take it. "After all he's seen going on around you, he's got to suspect something" Joan said. Cheryl thought about that, and decided to do so. When she went to see Scott that night, they drove out in the woods to talk. Cheryl told him about the super natural, and changed in front of him. Scott passed out the first few times and didn't remember anything, but eventually he understood. "She's one too, isn't she?" he asked, referring to Bitch. Cheryl confirmed this, and Scott said "Take me to talk to her." They went to Bitch's, who explained more to him. Cheryl tried to explain everything she could think of, good and bad, about what life with a werewolf would be like. Scott said he needed some time to think about all this, and Cheryl said she understood.
While Scott was thinking, Cheryl talked to her mom about marrying Scott, a non kinfolk, and how confused she felt. Cheryl was afraid that Scott would not want to be part of her world. Her mom sympathized with her, but also informed her that there were two kinfolk "on reserve" for her, if she wanted them. "You mean, like for me to ..." Cheryl said, not quite grasping the whole concept at first. "Marry if you want, or perhaps just mate with." Cheryl looked confused and her mom said "You don't have to be with either of them, it's just an option. Just think about it dear. It may not work with the human, and you have a lot of work in front of you if you choose him. Kinfolk are much easier, and these boys are good. It's the same place I got your father." Cheryl looked shocked and her mom said "Don't be so surprised. We loved each other very much. However, that came later. First we had a duty to Gaia to make you." Mom smiled and told her to think about it, and faded away.
It was strange to think about ... two men raised for her, waiting to see if they would be her mate someday. Did they know about her? Did they wonder about what she was like? She thought about it for a few days, and finally she called Eliza. Eliza is a Rank 4 Black Fury who matches up Black Fury kinfolk and Garou with mates. Many Furies from all over North America "sign up" with Eliza. Eliza told her that her mother did her a favor in the past and as such, she had agreed to save her two boys for Cheryl if she wanted them. These were Eliza's sons, Jason & Brandon. Her sons both had Gnosis and could go into the Umbra, and both knew Sense Wyrm and Mother's Touch. Jason had Pure Breed 4 and was the GQ city boy type. Brandon had Pure Breed 3 and was a good old country boy type. Cheryl arranged to come down for Thanksgiving to meet them.
Scott called in a few days and she came over. Cheryl told him she would be going away for Thanksgiving. She told him of the mates her mother had reserved for her, and Scott felt rejected. Cheryl explained he was her first choice, but she felt the need to chose a mate and have a family now and could not afford to wait. Scott asked if he could be something special. Cheryl told him he was not a werewolf, and he could not be a vampire or a ghoul because that would keep them apart. Scott asked about being a mage, and Cheryl didn't know so she called Zak to ask him. Zak scanned and said Scott had a very small avatar and it was unlikely, but not impossible, for him to awaken. Zak and Scott talked awhile, and Zak said Scott's problem is that he believed the universe worked on laws he could not control. "Until you realize the only laws of the universe are the ones you make, and you can change them at will, you won't awaken." Scott seemed really disappointed, so Zak told him the numbers for our state lottery and told him to believe. Scott took them down, but was full of doubt. Cheryl took him to get a ticket, and the next night they watched the drawing as Scott won. It was a small lottery (so it wouldn't attract attention, Zak said) but Scott was $40,000. richer. He immediately told his dad, who was thrilled.
Cheryl left to drive down to Georgia the next morning. Cheryl spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with Brandon & Jason. Later she went out with many of her sisters, and they told stories. Cheryl asked about the Umbra and her sisters shared much wisdom and experiences with her. Friday she spent the day with Jason, who was nice but too much of a city boy for her. Saturday she spent the day with Brandon and decided if Scott wouldn't marry her, she would marry Brandon. All too soon she was on her way home.
Cheryl returned home Sunday night and called Scott, who invited her to dinner the next night. His dad had taken a day off to drive him up to get his lottery money the day before Thanksgiving. Scott decided to get a 4 wheel drive truck and go to a local college for an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certificate. Scott proposed, and Cheryl accepted.
Wednesday night we had dinner with Zak & Mallory, to thank them for Scott's lottery win. After dinner, we took Scott home first. Confused by all the different advice she had been given, she asked Zak to see what was the best choice she could make. He thought for a bit, then said both Scott and Brandon have a better future with her then without her, but she would be happier with Scott. With Brandon her path would lead away from Zak, and she would have a comfortable life. With Scott and the birth of the twins she wanted, her fate would be forever linked to Zak's. Cheryl talked to Scott of what she had learned, but Scott seemed to want more information.
Scott called Zak the next day. Zak told him some details, and said he would make Scott's life easier. Zak told Scott from now on never to ignore his gut feelings, it might save his butt one day. Later that day Scott came to have lunch with Cheryl at work. Scott moved a coffee cup over on a desk of Cheryl's co worker as they left. On the way back from lunch, the co worker dropped several files and if the coffee cup was where it had been originally, Scott would have been burned. Instead Scott caught the files and handed them to her surprised co worker, then walked on. Cheryl asked him how he knew to move the cup, and he said "What cup?" Scott thought for a minute, and said "I think it's starting already." Cheryl smiled and laughed.
Friday night I had dinner with Scott's parents. It went nicely, and we got to know each other better.


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