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Cheryl Dornsworth is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.


Scott and I went house hunting and found a great place - a beautiful old 5 bedroom farmhouse in Londonberry with 25+ acres, no close neighbors, and near the caern. It was a two story house with third story tower that looked out across the countryside. It was a real deal too - assessed at $82,000. and asking only $70,000. We soon found out why - the ghost of the fella that built and died in the house was still there. Some of the stories were right out of Amityville Horror - bleeding walls, raining frogs, and unearthly screams.
Cheryl called Zak for advice and Zak sent another mage, Butterfly, up to help. Butterfly took Cheryl into the Shadow lands and they went to talk to the ghost. The ghost ordered them out of the house and said he was waiting for his family to return. Cheryl broke it to him that his family was all gone and there were no more. After a standoff that almost got ugly, Johnathon asked what they wanted to do in his house. Cheryl was not sure what he was asking so she stammered "I'm going to raise my family - cook their dinner, watch TV, change the kid's diapers, have picnics in the summer, train our dog, fix our car, make love to my husband, ... all the stuff you'd expect a family to do." He asked Cheryl about her husband and she told him she was going to marry Scott next month, and they were going to have twins probably around next Christmas, a boy and a girl. Johnathon went off to think for a bit, then agreed to share the house with Cheryl and her soon to be family if he could be the baby's godfather and they would give the baby the middle name of Johnathon. He also asked to sing with her in his tower. Cheryl agreed, and all were happy with the arrangement.
Explaining it to Scott was a bit odd, and he was worried the ghost might bother them. With a little reassurance from Butterfly, Scott was good with the idea and we were off to look at furniture. Meantime, Tiffany planned the stagette party of the century (so it seemed) for us. I finally got to see Doorman in little more then a G string and a smile but we were good freinds and did nothing more then talk all night. (Not to say I didn't dream of more, but ...)
Scott and I eloped on Christmas Eve. We went to Atlantic City to get married. Cheryl's friend Diane & our teacher from the GED class where we met Craig stood up for us.


Cheryl knew once she had the children she so desired she would not be adventuring about the world anymore, so when she began planning making the Crescent Moon Wand Fetish she decided to make it something truly spectacular. She planned an Umbral Quest that took her far and wide in search of the items she would need and to fulfill promises made to spirits for their help.
My First Stop was Luna. I ask her for Moon silver and to Bless the Sailor Moon Power Stick. I'm marked by Luna on forehead so I can return to her anytime.
Venus - Bless the Sailor Venus Power Stick.
Mercury - Bless the Sailor Mercury Power Stick.
Mars - Met Griffin Feather. Bless the Sailor Mars Power Stick.
Jupiter - Met Swan because Jupiter is in Chicago. Bless the Sailor Jupiter Power Stick.
Atrocity Realm - This was a tough one for me. I felt that everything in the universe has a place, and that means the Wyrm too. Here I watched my parent's death and I forgive the BSD's that killed them. I tried to understand they were doing what they deemed was serving Gaia in their own way, and I had visions of a re balanced Triat. I have a Memory Ribbon so I can never forget the way things can be.
Wyld Realm - How can I call myself a defender of the Wyld if I've never even been there or experienced it? The Wyld is something that should truly be experienced by all my sisters. It is the ultimate in beauty and the feminine aspect of creation personified. Here I got a Wyldstone. I also found a Malleon Wyld Spirit that agreed to be in my Crescent Moon Wand fetish, but said it would not work until I had killed a vampire with the wand and bathed the wand in it's blood.
Black Fury Tribal Homeland - The beauty of this land is unparalleled. Once you journey there you will never want to leave. It was here on Mount Selene that I made my Crescent Moon Wand fetish. I was recognized for my acts of renown and challenged for Rank 4. It was also in our homeland that I met and loved another artisan sister, Helena.
Erebus - Scary place! Here I came to get the waters of the Silver Lake, said to cure mad Garou. I figured it would come in handy in the Abyss.
Abyss - Nothing quite describes it, like many things in the Umbra it must be experienced. On the Wall of Past Lives I talked to many ancestor spirits of all tribes, and I have many messages to bring back to loved ones and descendants. I also talked to a Bunyip. He was very mean and nasty to me, saying all kinds of horrible things. I had not heard of his tribe and I told him so. He said my Elders hid their sins and would not speak of their deeds. I told him "Speak to me and I will listen, and I will carry your tale with me where I go." A lot had to be taken out to make it a PG-13 story, but I have the story of the Bunyip and I intend to tell it. I kept my promise to Unicorn to rescue Garou from the Abyss, and I rescued 4. I freed an imprisoned Wyldling calling himself "The Commander". He ask if it was time, and ask me if certain things had come to pass yet. I said yes, those things had happened. He ask me if I knew of the Butterfly, and I said yes, I knew a kinfolk who called herself that. He said she must be protected, for she will start the Apocalypse. Butterfly? Surely you can't mean my friend Butterfly? But he did. He ask to contact her and I said she was Wendigo Kinfolk, and he can reach her through them. He said he was off to raise Gaia's Army on the Plains of the Apocalypse. Wow! That left me thinking about the possibilities for days! Oh, and I almost forgot - I was able to get a Heart of Midnight.
WHEW!!! With 4 Garou in tow, we made our way back to my Uncle's sept. There we healed and rested awhile. It is always a pleasure to see my uncle again.

The Fall of the Sept of Thor

Gwynn wished to return to her sept and see what had happened to it after all this time. She told me of being from a sept of Shadow Lords and Get of Fenris who served the totem of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. While she was recovering, I checked around to find out about her sept. Unfortunalty, the news wasn't very good ... the dream of the Sept of Thor was good, but it was a dream held together by one Garou. When he grew old and his son became leader things fell apart. The Wyrm moved in and the two tribes began to war over jealousy. The caern fell to the Black Spiral Dancers, who eventually began working with some Nephandi (Demon Mages). A gateway to bring one of their demon lords here failed terribly, and the whole area was struck by the Weaver (they called it Paradox) and became VERY average, ordered, and normal. The Weaver Surge summoned a Strand Spider here which "ate" the caern and made it's home there. It calcified anything that came into it's area and drained it of power.
When I tried to explain what happened to Gwynn she frenzied in disbelief and ran away from us ... and right into the strand spider. Gwynn got calcified in it and we had to get her out. We hired a special vampire we had heard of who had the ability to remove willpower (Damoinion) from his opponents. Bitch was able to bind the strand spider and we got 17 calcified Garou out of there. Then we headed home.

Settling Back to Normal

Once home we started waking the Garou up. Turned out 7 were Black Spiral Dancers, one was a Wyrm tainted Silent Strider, and one was a Weaver tainted Glass Walker. We gave Bertha and Juliette their Rite of Passage to deliver these 9 Garou to Erebus. Meanwhile we got the other 8 back to health and back to their caerns.
Bertha and Juliette returned and were recognized as Rank 1 and joined our pack.

A lost black cat turned out to be magical and led us on a chase for a Wyrm fetish with some BSD's close behind. Cheryl had to Wyld Warp her way out of that one, and ended up walking away with a black Lexus that acted like a puppy. We keep him in the Umbra in the barn behind our house and got another puppy spirit for him to play with. The Freebooters were by to pick up the Wyrm fetish and take it someplace safe. Gaia also took this Wyld Warp to have Bertha and Juliette switch bodies, which caused no end of grief for weeks to come as the two acted like total brats.

Cheryl got solid ID for her new pack from Morris, and finally got to meet him face to face and talk to him.

A chance meeting with a fey in the woods led to a magical trip for the girls. Black Rose came out of that with a magical green gem that lets her see through it when activated, and we had our friend Zak make it into a pair of glasses so it didn't look so obvious.
Cheryl also managed to pick up some Satyr Pipes, and thinks they might be a lot of fun at the Pitt some night.

The next weekend while Morris and I were about to have a romantic moment my pack was jumped by a vampire gang wielding silver that was addicted to werewolf blood. We were able to defeat them all and left safe but shaken. Morris talked of how he longed to be human again, and it touched Cheryl's heart. Cheryl gave Morris the Heart of Midnight she had got from the Abyss, and finally started to admit to herself that she may be falling in love with him.

Cheryl gets pregnant with twins from Scott, and the babies are due around Christmas time 2000.

Touched by his pain, Cheryl sought out a way to help Morris become human again. She eventually found an answer. She would need a spirit willing to give up it's life for him and a massive amount of gnosis, and then Morris would become a kinfolk of the spirit's tribe of choice. Once she had found both she went to Morris and told him that he could become a kinfolk with gnosis. Unknown to her, Morris was a very religious man. When he found out that it would require him to leave God and join Gaia, he chose God and turned his back on Cheryl. Next weekend the other Nosferatu came to Cheryl to ask if she knew where Morris was (she didn't), but they found him in the basement of a church on holy ground. Morris had gone to God for forgiveness, and God was his usual "trial by fire" suffer for me kind of God. Morris was wrapped in so many bandages he looked like a mummy and covered in slash like wounds. Morris was pretty hurt but woke up and talked to Cheryl long enough to explain that "God was very important to him". He said he would see her at the club tomorrow night.
Cheryl was a lot more crushed then she was willing to believe, and went to the only friend she thought she could talk to, Black Rose. Black Rose listened to Cheryl talk of her lost love and the pain she never thought she would be feeling over Morris for a minute or two, then cut her off and told her to get her mind back to our pack and help figure out how to help Bertha & Juliette. When Cheryl flatly said she was not going to interfere in Gaia's lesson for the two spoiled brats, Rose insisted they help them because they weren't learning anything on their own. Cheryl reluctantly agreed and made a promise to herself that when this as over she was going to toss all of their sorry asses out of her house and let Gwynn be alpha of the pack. Cheryl managed to talk some sense into Juliette, and Bertha was "set up" to have a few experiences to show her the down side of being beautiful. The girls eventually worked their way out of the Disney plotline and switched back to their own bodies.
Cheryl was depressed, and went to see her lover Bitch. They ended up talking about how the rest of Bitch's pack blew her off when she got her own pack, and how the only reason Bitch stayed around and kept in touch was because she slept with her. There were some pretty nasty things said but in the end they stayed friends. Bitch even said she was wrong about Scott being bad for Cheryl, and wanted to talk to her pack about their bad manners to blow off Cheryl like they did.

Morris stopped by late in her show at the club, and when he tried to talk to Cheryl later she totally blew him off. The next night she went to the field where the angels had fought. She let herself dream of all the fantasies of the life they could have had together and how wonderful it would have been for Morris to be a kinfolk. Then Cheryl sang "Gathering for the Departed" for Morris and burned all the letters Morris had wrote her and the gold locket he had given her. She buried all her feelings and memories of him, and told herself that the Morris she loved is dead and gone and someone else is in his place now. The Morris Cheryl loved is never coming back and it dosen't matter because he never loved her back anyway, it was all one big lie. Gaia didn't need a kinfolk that was a deceptive manipulating bastard like him - there's enough Shadow Lords already. Cheryl went home.
In a pretty bad pit of self pity, Cheryl resigned as pack alpha and told Gwynn "It's your pack now." She told Bertha and Juliette just what unbearable brats they had been, then told Rose how she had always believed in her friendship and strength as genuine - until she was totally disinterested when Cheryl really needed her. All three looked pretty ashamed at their behavior. Cheryl told Gwynn how wonderfully motivated and successful she thought Gwynn would be, how she wished she could be as rational and practical as her but she didn't think she had to watch her guard around her sisters, and how it was great knowing her. Then she ask Gwynn to get her pack out of her house at earliest opportunity. Gwynn spoke to her in private and they left on good terms, but Cheryl still has bitter angry feelings to the other three, especially Rose because Cheryl feels Rose had betrayed her trust. Gywnn had the pack moved out in less then 2 days.

For the first time in a long time, Cheryl spent some quality time with Scott. When the pain of lost love came back too much to bear she sang her pain with Jonathan and said good-bye forever to Morris. Cheryl did not go to Albany and sing at the curb anymore, and in the club she was polite to the Nosferatu that stopped by to talk to her but walked away and ignored them if they mentioned Morris.
She received a note in her private mailbox from Morris asking to talk to her, which she returned with a note that said "The man I gave my heart to is either gone forever or a liar. Either way, keep your God blessed ass away from me. Wishing you a warm future that lasts for an eternity, ...C"


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