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Debbie Thompson is played in the WHITE WOLF: GURAHL role playing system.

Debbie's History

Debbie is the first Gurahl born in centuries. He father Steven was an animal trainer who was semi-retired and lived in a remote area of Canada. Her mother Lydia was a casting assistant who lived in LA. They worked together on a movie in LA and fell in love. They got married after only 6 months, and were happy working together. It didn't last long though. Lydia thought Steven's wilderness treks were "cute" and "manly", but she had no interest in living the simple life for more then a weekend. Even then, she was always on the laptop or cell phone with some agent or producer. Their incompatibility was apparent now that the movie was over, and they were considering divorce when Lydia found out she was pregnant. Steven was elated, hoping this would help Lydia settle down. He was horrified to find she was considering abortion as it would "slow her career down". Especially horrified because he was Gurahl kinfolk. They divorced with the agreement that Lydia would get a cash settlement and Steven would get sole custody of the child she carried to term.
Debbie was born next spring in a hospital in Canada, and a blinding blizzard was there to herald her birth. Lydia left for LA immediately after her birth, leaving Debbie with her dad. The divorce was final a few months later. Debbie has a few old pictures of her mother, but there has been no contact since. Debbie feels pretty indifferent about her mother.
Debbie grew up in Canada with her dad. Although it sounds like an isolated and remote existence, it really wasn't. True, there was no TV, but there was radio. They went to town every month and she got magazines, toys, clothes, and other stuff. They would usually catch a movie and eat out for dinner, and Debbie thought it was great fun. She liked her isolated existence with her dad. Dad taught her in "home school", so she did not have to got to town for school except twice a year for finals. She was a good student, although not especially interested in world history or math. It also wasn't as isolated as you would think, as it seemed Dad always had some long lost friend or relative stopping by. Holidays the house was packed to the rafters, and tales of places all over the globe were told over hot chocolate and a warm fire. (OOC: Guests were other Gurahl and kinfolk)
When Debbie was 17 she graduated from High School. She decided it was time to see more of the world, and told her dad she was going to LA to be an actress. As expected, her dad almost had a coronary. She loved her dad, but spending the rest of her life never going beyond this mountain would kill her. Dad said she had too much of her mother in her. Debbie said no, I know where my home is. And I plan on coming back to it.
Dad talked her into having a good-bye party before she left. She agreed, but firmly told him she was going to go when the party was over and not be talked out of it. Dad agreed. The party was a huge event, and to Debbie's surprise no one especially tried to talk her out of going. Her girlfriend Julie said she wanted to go with her if she needed company, and she agreed. It would be fun to at least have one good friend in the big city. One of her dad's friends son, Kyle, seemed especially sad to see her go. She took a walk with Kyle and he gave her a "friendship ring". She felt a little nervous about accepting it, but he said it was just to remind her that someone cared for her back home. She hugged him and smiled - she would miss Kyle. He was a real sweetie. About a week later, her and Julie set out for the bright lights of LA.
Dad was a dear, he had given her some money to get their first apartment with. They found a cute little place and set about settling in. Julie didn't have much ambition to be famous, so she got a job bartending nights while she enrolled in nursing school days. Debbie went on many frustrating casting calls and was getting nowhere fast. Her money was running out, but she was not ready to go home yet. Unknown to her, Julie called Debbie's Dad and told him Debbie's work problems. Dad did a little leg work of his own, and called Debbie two weeks later to "suggest" an agent who could help her out, if she hadn't found one already. Dad had pulled strings and found a Bastet kinfolk who was an agent who agreed to help her out. Debbie thought Ricardo was a little on the "wild" side, but he was a good agent. He got her some modeling jobs, and even a few commercials. She wasn't rich, but she was never hungry either. Kyle wrote her regularly, and she loved his stories about home. She had a few dates, but she quickly found the men here were fast and obnoxious, so she concentrated more on work.
One night on the way home from a particularly late modeling shoot, she realized she had forgot her purse. She turned around to go back to the studio, and everyone was gone already. The guard was really nice to her though, and let her in. She found her purse and thanked the guard, and went up the street to her car. It wasn't a particularly bad neighborhood, but it was kind of deserted after dark. A scruffy looking guy came up to her and ask her for a quarter, a smoke, the time, and generally made a nuisance of himself. She tried to be polite but firm, but he was persistent. Finally she got to her car and said "I'm sorry but I can't help you." and started to unlock her door. "Oh, but I think you can." he said, as he grabbed her arm. She wasn't sure exactly what happened, but the next thing Debbie knew she was looking down on his crushed body under her paws. Paws?! The world was a lot smaller - wait, maybe I'm just a lot taller. I'm a big bear!!! She looked around frantically but there was no one around. The guy was dead, she was sure of that. Oh my God, I killed someone! I must be a monster - like those werewolves who go insane at the full moon and kill everything. A few moments passed and she eventually went back to her "person" form. She couldn't go home - she might kill Julie. What was she going to do? She drove around the city for hours, eventually driving up the coast to watch the sunrise. Julie was out of her mind with worry when she didn't come home, and found out she came back to the studio for her purse. Julie also saw the morning news flash about a guy who was "beaten to death" near where Debbie's photo shoot was. That was no beating, Julie thought, that was from a big animal. Like a ... Oh my God! She called Debbie's dad and told him her thoughts. Steven was both thrilled that Debbie may have changed, but also felt guilty for not telling her more about who and what she was earlier. He begged Julie to find her, and was going to come down himself. Debbie came home about a half hour later. Julie was thrilled to see her, but Debbie was cold to her because she was afraid she would hurt her friend. She eventually told Julie everything, and Julie assured her it would be OK. She decided to go home to see her Dad for a few days, and Julie said she would come up in a few days after midterms to see if she was OK. Dad was thrilled she changed, and told her all about the Gurahl. She felt a little better about herself then, and he said many relatives were coming from all over to see her. Julie came up, and so did many of her friends and relatives. She was welcomed as a Gurahl, although she felt like everyone was still treating her like a kid, she was happy.
When she saw Kyle, she felt bad, but she had to talk to him. "I broke your friendship ring when I changed. I'm so sorry." she said.
Kyle said "I think it's about time you got another ring anyway." and handed her a small black velvet box. She was shocked, and when she finally managed to open it there was a diamond ring inside. "Will you marry me Debbie?"
The next day, in a grove of trees with all the people she loved most in the world there with them, she and Kyle got married. It was beautiful. Ricardo even came up for the wedding, and Debbie was happier then she had ever been. Kyle packed his few things to go to LA with her, and her life was happy.
Ricardo got them a great lease on a beach house out of town, and Julie moved to a nanny position in a house nearby. Work was good, and Kyle started doing animal training like her Dad used to do. Ricardo eventually got her current job, working for Coca Cola as their Bear mascot with Kyle as the "trainer". It was a good life.


Her first adventure in LA after changing was saving an anarch vampire, Killian Redd, from another anarch gang. Killian was a nice enough guy, and he told he a lot about vampires. When she came home and told him of her night, Kyle was freaking out that she talked to, let alone helped a vampire, but she calmed him down.
Debbie and Killian kept in touch, and a few weeks later he invited her and Kyle to his pal Shannon's house for Thanksgiving. Debbie's family had never celebrated Thanksgiving (the coming of the Wyrm Bringers), so she thought it would be fun and accepted. Kyle was not as pleased about it. On the way there Killian was speeding and got pulled over, and demonstrated his mastery of Dominate getting out of the officer giving him a ticket. Ever the cynical one, Kyle asked if he ever used that power on Debbie. Killian told him there was no need to, and Kyle just glowered at him. Blissfully ignorant. Killian drove on. At the party, they took a walk in the garden where Kyle noticed figures lurking about and got them back up to the house on the pretense of loosing his keys. They told Shannon, who said they were a rival anarch gang, but he had no idea how they knew where he lived. Shannon offered to pay them well, and they ended up intercepting the attack of 4 vampires from a rival gang on Shannon's family. Oddly enough, it was a fun holiday for all!



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