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Divinity is played in the CHAMPIONS role playing system.

Divinity is Christina Morgan, a Catholic schoolgirl who was blessed by God with super powers to fight crime and enforce God's Law. She was originally called Innocent Girl, but changed her name when she graduated to reflect her more "grown up" attitude. God also granted her a small cherub "Tua", her best friend and "sidekick". She works with the Mighty Smurf and King Arthur to fight crime in her hometown of Miami.
It wasn't long before she realized she had an Arch Foe - the evil televangelist Father Friendly! Their battles continue to this day.
She initially had a crush on the Mighty Smurf, but he made it clear he did not see her as any more then a friend. Although the Mighty Smurf does talk to his fish Fred quite a lot, he has become a good crime fighting partner.
Eventually their exploits attracted some like minded Super Heroes, and so they formed "Guardians of the Dawn", or GOD for short.


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