Snow Angel

Eirlys, Bright Lilim of ArchAngel Eli

Bar of Stars

Eirlys is played in the IN NOMINE role playing system.

Eirlys Stats

Lvl 3: Vessel of Crystal Snowdrop, Role & Status of a Model
Charisma +2

Corporeal: 2 / Strength 4, Agility 4, Lvl 3 Vessel - Body Hits 20
Ethereal: 3 / Intelligence 5, Precision 7, Mind Hits 15
Celestial: 4 / Will 8, Perception 8, Soul Hits 32

Dodge 3, Move Silently 1
Driving 1, Ranged Pistol 4, Lockpicking 1, Fighting 2
Seduction 3, Emote 2

Celestial Song of Charm: 6

Special Abilities:
Michael's Basic Rites to Regain Essence
Currently 5 Geas owed to Lilith

Bar of Stars

Eirlys History

Eirlys (Welsh for "Snowdrop") is a Lilim, a creature made by Lilith, Princess of Freedom. More then anything else, Lilim dearly love their freedom. Most usually wind up in service to a Demon Prince, but Eirlys took the tough path and decided to walk alone as her mother does, owing and trading favors to get by.
She is repenting through ArchAngel Eli and working off her 9 favors she owes Lilith now, and is down to 5 favors owed. When she is down to only 3 favors owed Eli will accept her and make her a heart in Heaven, and she will truly be an Angel. She dearly looks forward to this day.
She has risk her life to help a servent of Michael, and he has rewarded her with his Rites.
Domanic harasses her with frequent "checks" by angels of his to make sure "she's doing ok". She is determined to prove him wrong in his claims that Lilim can never change.



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