Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire

Clan Gangrel


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Gitane has a special warded sanctuary in the Province of Nunavut, Canada, on Hudson Bay near the arctic circle. Those who can pass the wards freely are: Gitane, Allen (Samedi ally who helped get it built), Beast, Val, and Julian.
Currently staying there is Gitane, Beast, Val, Julian, Rex and Wolfgar.

Cool Stuff:
A painting from Judas of us together in the moonlight.
10 demon lore volumes (2 in Latin, translated).
Cool party gifts I got, including Stanyslavia's stories.
1 blood point of 9th generation Cappidocian blood. 1 blood point of 11th generation Lasombra blood, scraped up in NYC.



Terri Sodd, Artist
Moon & Back Graphics


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