Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire

Clan Gangrel


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Gitane's Rituals
1. Angel's Touch (Unique Variant of Devils Touch, VtM), Aura Wipe (Custom: Val), Blood Rush (PGS), Brand of the Paramour (BM), Communicate with Thrall/Regent (Unique Variant, VtM), Crimson Sentinal (Converted LARP), Defense of the Sacred Haven (VtM), Deflection of the Wooden Doom (VtM), Devil's Touch (VtM), Domino of Life (PGS), Encrypt Missive (BM), Engaging the Vessel of Transferrance (VPG), Expediant Paperwork (BM), Illuminate Trail of the Prey (PGS), Purity of the Flesh (VPG), Silken Cord (Custom), Will O' The Wisp (PGS)
2. Augery (Custom, Converted from Setite), Machine Blitz (PGS), Read and Index (Custom: Val), Recure of Homeland (PGS), Sign of the Moon (StSab), Ward vs Ghouls (VPG)
3. Anti- Paper Flesh (Custom), Chill of the Creme Pie (Custom: JS), Fire in the Blood (PGS), Incoporeal Passage (VPG), Moonlight Dancers (DSotBH), Pavis of Foul Presence (VPG), Ritual of the Bitter Rose (DM), Rotten Wood (PGS), Summon Mischievous Spirit (PGS), Wake Up = 2 temp wp (Unique), Ward vs Lupines (VPG)
4. Bone of Lies (VPG), Filter Blood (Custom), Heart of Stone (VPG), Innocence of a Child's Heart (CBN2), Invisable Chains of Binding (PGS), Jury Rig / Jump Start (Custom: Val), Mirror Walk (PGS), Quenching the Lambent Flame (DM, reduces a kindred to 13th generation), Rending the Sweet Earth (CBN), ShadowGate (DSotBH), Spirit Arrow (Custom: Val), Soul of the Homnuclus (Cb:Tr), Sticky Fingers (Custom: Val), Wall of Bone (Custom: Val), Ward vs Kindred (VPG)
5. Abandon the Fetters (Cb:TrRev), Escape to a True Friend (VPG), Ice Floe (Custom: Val), Last Laugh (Custom: Val), Lion Heart (PGS), Night of the Red Heart (Cb:TrRev), Paper Flesh (PGS), Phantasmal Mount (Unique), Ritual of Sacred Rebirth (Converted Werewolf Ritual), Rod of the Sun (Custom: Val), Thirst Unquenchable (PGS)
6. Call Forth The Forgotten (Custom: Val), Iron Mind (PGS), Ritual of Holding (VPG), Utter Distruction of Bonds (VPG)
7. Chill of the Windsaber (PGS), Shadow of the Wolf (PGS; I have a German Shepard-ish looking cloak)

SOURCES: Wherever possable, WW source books are referenced in the ritual notes for the published rituals.
"Custom" Rituals are created by other PCs/NPCs and were traded for or shared.
"Unique" rituals are created by the PC, & it is assumed NO ONE ELSE has them.

Crimson Sentinal (Thamaturgy Ritual converted from LARP to Tabletop)
The ritual is rather simple and easy to cast requiring five minutes to cast. The ritual allows the caster to ban someone from entering an area the area cannot be larger then fifteen paces or the size of a small room. The target cannot enter the area in question willingly. If forced into the area, they will attempt to leave as quickly as possible. No damage is caused by entering the area, but the target cannot do anything except attempt to leave by the quickest method possible. The rune in question cannot be directly attacked by the target of this spell, as he is compelled to leave it alone. The ritual can be made in a circle with a hollow area in the middle, which will cause the target to be trapped within the area of effect. The spell lasts until the rune is destroyed. Only one target can be affected by one crimson sentinal at a time.
The material componate is some of the target's blood; which is used to draw the rune.


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