Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire

Clan Gangrel


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Gitane's Stats

Generation: 9th, Sire: Beast
Nature: Visionary, Demeanor: Shamanist
Path of Harmony: 9 Willpower: 10
Virtues: Conviction 3, Self Control 5, Courage 5
True Faith 3
Gitane is Blood Bound to Beast, her sire.
Blood Bound to Gitane are: Beast, Rex, Valerius, Wolfgar, Megan

Strength - 6 (Iron Grip, Feats of Strength), Dexterity - 6 (Athletic, Lightning Reflexes, Feline Grace), Stamina - 6 (Enduring, Tireless)
Charisma - 5 (Sensual), Manipulation - 2, Appearance - 3
Perception - 6 (Attentive, Insightful, Scan), Intelligence - 6 (Analytical), Wits - 6 (Going First)
Note: Why is she 9th generation with stats over 5?

Talents: Alertness 5 (Evesdropping, Going First), Athletics 4, Brawl 5 (Claw and Fang: the Rending, Aikido), Dodge 2, Empathy 2, Leadership 3, Scrounging 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 5 (Find Weakness)
Skills: Animal Ken 3, Crafts 2, Drive 2, Etiquette 3, Firearms 4 (Pistols), Melee 5 (Stake, Sword), Performance 5 (Storytelling, Singing), Security 4 (Locks), Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledges: Computer 3, Enigmas 2, Investigation 4 (Search), Linguistics 1 (Latin), Medicine 1, Occult 4,
Lores: Black Hand Lore 3, Camarilla Lore 2, Demon Lore 4 (True Names), Kindred Lore 3, Lupine Lore 4 (Ancestors & Heros), Red List Lore 3, Sabbat Lore 1

Disciplines: Animalism 2, Auspex 6 (6: Telepathic Communication), Celerity 6, Dementate 3, Dominate 2, Fortitude 6 (6: Armor of Vitality), Necromancy 5, Obfuscate 2, Potence 5, Protean 7 (6: Rat Pack, 6: Flesh of Marble, 7: Mantle of Beastly Majesty), Thaumaturgical Countermagic 3
Thaumaturgy: Dramatis* 5, Green Path 1, Lure of Flame 3, Spirit Thaumaturgy 2, Technomancy 1

Backgrounds: Allies 5, Contacts 5, Influence 6, Mentor: Angus the Unruled (former Justicar) 4, Resources 4, Retainers 3, Status: Red Alastor 6
Merits: Blase, Ecumenist, Innoffensive to Animals, Iron Will, True Love: Beast
Clan Friendship: Malkavian, Clan Friendship: Nosferatu, Clan Friendship: Tremere

Gitane owes a trivial to Bartholomew, Nosferatu Prince of Cleveland. Trivial to Allen Green, Samedi Roommate. Minor to Stromberg, Gangrel Elder.
Valerius owes me a life boon. Allen Green owes me a blood and a minor boon. Etrius, Tremere Councilor owes me a blood boon. Lucinde, Ventrue Justicar owes me a blood boon. Pitch, Gangrel Alastor owes me a blood boon. John Riheys, Ventrue Prince of New Mexico owes me a minor and a trivial. Fred Masteller, Ventrue Prince of Amsterdam owes me a minor. Megan, Gangrel Primogen of Little Hope owes me a minor.
Gretchen and Ingred owe me a life boon (Embraced in Germany by the Sabbat as Shock Troops, Gitane stopped the other Gangrel from killing the new Tzimese kindred and took them to her Old Clan Tzimese friend Lazlo).
Dolphin of the Black Hand owes me a "favor".


Terri Sodd, Artist
Moon & Back Graphics


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