Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire

Clan Gangrel


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Why is Gitane 9th generation with stats over 5?

Player Explination: (the short answer)
This character was created and played under 1st edition Vampire rules. In the adventure Ashes to Ashes, the characters come across a vial of elder vitae (15 blood points, presumably from Menele, a 4th gen Brujah). Drinking the elder vitae provides a boost in discipline levels that remains until the character falls below 4 blood points. [A2A, 42]
Our ST ruled that if the elder blood was drunk by a vampire at 0 blood points, that the "first in" blood would also be the "last out" blood. Thus, the increase in disciplines would be effectively "permanent" until the vampire falls below 4 blood points. This ruling was changed in 2nd edition Vampire, but I was allowed to keep what I had already earned thruogh our RP chronicles. Also, our ST allowed +1 to an attribute for every 2 points drank, which is how she got a lot of 6's in her attributes. Needless to say, she is painfully cautious about ever falling below 4 blood points.

StoryTeller Explination: (the long answer)
As the storyteller of this character, I need to explain a few things.
1) This PC is first edition Vampire. My campaign used many "home spun" rules at the time because, well, there were no rules. Many of my rulings were extrapolations of the rules as they stood, but have since been invalidated in later publications of the game. However, I am reluctant to change what works for me, simply because White Wolf tells me I'm doing it wrong in a book published years after I had to decide how something worked in my game.
2) This character's powers stems from the inevitable power level creep that occurs in most campaigns. Bigger and Bigger PCs lead to Bigger NPCs, which lead to ... high level campaigns. You are not looking at a starting PC, but someone who survived three campaigns that each lasted a long time (years).
3) This character is a conversion from a LARP character as well, so many points are not equal, due to the two systems don't match up as well, but overall, she converted nicely.
4) Using the rules on consuming elder blood from Ashes to Ashes, this PC has exceeded her generational maximums. If you wish to see the actual rules as I ran them I shall include them here. But note, at the time I was experimenting with a theme to discourage Diablerie. This was considered an alternative method of increasing your PC's power level, without actually sucking someone's soul.

Normal Ghoul Trait Maximums
Domitor is 13th - 10th: 1
Domitor is 9th - 8th: 2
Domitor is 7th - 6th: 3
Domitor is 5th - 4th: 4
Domitor is 3rd: 5
Reverent Trait Maximums
No Domitor: 2
Domitor is 13th - 10th: 3
Domitor is 9th - 8th: 4
Domitor is 7th - 6th: 5
Domitor is 5th - 4th: 6
Domitor is 3rd: 7
Vampire of 13th to 8th Generation Trait Max
Domitor is 13th - 6th: 5
Domitor is 5th - 4th: 6
Domitor is 3rd: 7
Vampire of 7th Generation Trait Max
Domitor is 15th - 4th: 6
Domitor is 3rd: 7

In conclusion: Within the framework of the campaign, she was quite balanced. Although truly, at the end of the third campaign, I did find myself wondering where to go next, hence, this character is in a holding pattern. Simply put, the power level of the PCs had exceeded what I was prepared to run at the time. New campaigns were formed and new PCs used and to some extent, I am continuing to use the above rules for my campaign world. But in this PC's case, she is the direct pawn of an Antediluvian and fulfilling her will. I would go into the many ways this character is paying for the power that she has gained, but it would ruin the surprise for the player. ;) Suffice to say, it is not cheap, and the player did indeed Earn Every Dot. The NPCs increased in power along with the PCs, so the world was internally balanced.
Remember, compared to your own campaign setting she might seem unbalanced, but when taken in the context of the campaign theme and setting she occupied, she is actually of rather moderate power level.
It's all about the story context, not about the stats.



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