Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire, Gangrel

Pre LARP History


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

I was born in 1781 to a French fur trader and a Seneca Indian Clan Mother. As Indians are a matriarchal society, my father Jacques was accepted into the tribe and treated as a member. I was the oldest of two daughters, and by right of birth the one assumed to take Clan Mother status one day. However, I always felt that my true destiny was not here with the Seneca. Perhaps it was the fact that I looked so much like my father (I had his blue eyes, blond hair, and fair skin) and my sister Brooke looked like the rest of the tribe with her dark skin, hair and eyes. Perhaps it was just a subtle feeling of uneasiness I felt, like I did not really belong here. Somehow I knew my path was not one of keeping a lodge and chasing children through the village.
I was 12 when my father died in a bear hunt, but I remember him well. The tribe supported us through the winter, but I decided when spring came I would ask for the right of vision quest. Typically all males go through this as a passage to adulthood, but women are granted one only if they ask (which few do). My sister had the quiet strength and patience of a clan mother, while I had my father's direct and straightforward approach. I was also very tenacious in approaching problems (as was my father) whereas Brooke was much more serene and believed in letting things resolve themselves sometimes. Although we were as different as night and day, I loved Brooke dearly. She was the one who should be clan mother, not I. I knew I was to walk a different path to destiny, I just didn't know where.
I had my vision quest in May, and many things in my life fell into place. After three days of fasting in the forest the spirit of the Wolf came to me. The wolf represents the sharing of knowledge with others (teaching), determination, and physical and mental endurance and tenacity. I saw myself hunting and providing for my family. I would find my one true love, a love that would last an eternity. Although I could not see my love's face, I will always remember his eyes - soft, kind, and the most peaceful shade of sky blue. I could get lost in his eyes forever. I saw that one day I would fight a great beast and lose, but I would not die. I would go on to live with another clan here on Earth. I would still hunt, although the prey would be others who would harm my new clan. I also seen that I would one day protect and inspire someone who would go on to do great things and change the world.
Upon my return I shared my visions with the elders. The Seneca believe in free expression of gender so I chose to walk as a man did. I became the hunter and provider for my family, and cared for my mother and sister. I watched as my girl friends married and became healers and mothers, yet I knew this was not for me. I reviled in the freedom of the woods, and found magic in the singing of the water and whispering of the winds. I found that I was a good hunter. Killing the animal was necessary at the end of the hunt, but I enjoyed the chase the most. This went on for 7 years until I was 20. That summer two things happened - my sister Brooke married a warrior of the Mohawk tribe and a fur trader came to the village. He was French, as my father was, and I knew him immediately to be the one from my dreams. He had the eyes I could get lost forever in. His name was odd to us, and he ask we simply call him Frenchie. He seemed fascinated by the fact that I was a girl living as a man to provide for my family. There was an instant attraction between us and I missed him much in the months he was away. I did not know exactly how, but I knew my destiny was with him.
My mother remarried soon thereafter, so I lived alone. Over the summer of my 26th year I decided it was time for me to marry my love. By Seneca custom, the woman presents herself at the tent of the man she wishes to marry. If he invites her in and she stays the night, in the morning when they come out of the tent together they are considered man and wife. I was not exactly sure where his camp was, but I was confidant in my ability to find it. As I wandered the forest looking for signs of his camp my heart was pounding in my chest and I was nervous from the fear of the unknown. I had a good idea of what would happen in his camp but I had never thought of any other man like that before. I was distracted in my thoughts and before long I realized that I was not sure where I was. I also had the acutely uneasy feeling that something was watching me, but I could not pinpoint from where. Suddenly I was sprung upon by a huge wolf. Although I tried to fight him I was losing, and afraid I would die. He had me knocked to the ground and was on top of me in an instant. He bit my inner thigh, and a wave of ecstasy washed over me. I could no longer fight, and I was losing consciousness quickly. I struggled to look up. I saw the wolf drinking my blood, and he returned my stare with the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen. Blue eyes? Then the night swam in front of me and I died.
I woke to see my love over me. I was confused, but the story he told was much like I expected from my vision quest. I had died, and been reborn again as his childe. Forever I would belong to he who loved me. Beast, as he came to be known, hunted enemies of my new family, the Gangrel, and the bigger family we supported, the Camarilla. These enemies were called Sabbat, and for 150 years we traveled the country together keeping our clan safe from them. Life did not change much for me, as I just learned to hunt a new kind of prey.
In the 1950's we came back to the Buffalo NY area to settle down for awhile. Beast became Primogen, although he never liked the games of kindred politics. I made two childer, Rex and Julian, and a ghoul, Wolfgar. Julian and I teach at the University, I teach Native American Studies and Julian teaches Biology. Rex "cleans up" the bad elements in town, and sees to it that when a criminal falls through a loophole in the system it becomes a noose. My ghoul Wolfgar was leader of a bike gang, the Unforsaken, a growing movement in the 60's. I used my influence and powers to see no other gang opposed him for long. Clan Gangrel became the undisputed masters of the Street in Buffalo.
One day Beast came to me and told me he had to disappear for awhile and we needed to fake his death. It was easy enough to come into town one night beaten and bloody, claiming we were ambushed by Sabbat and Beast had stayed to fight so I could escape. I became Primogen of Buffalo as the only two other Gangrel in the city were my childer and they supported this.
The Gangrel organized a "war party" of themselves and their mortal biker companions to take Erie, Pennsylvania from the Sabbat. A war ensued which was covered in the local papers as two bike gangs fighting over territory. In a drive by shooting intended to kill Rex, an innocent girl was gunned down. Rex, feeling guilty as hell, declared himself Prince of Erie, gave himself right to progeny, embraced her, and abdicated his title. He then had his attention diverted by the car full of Sabbat that came back. A huge battle ensued as the rest of the Gangrel caught up to Rex as well. In the end the Gangrel were victorious, but Rex's childe was gone. For the next two months we solidified our control of Erie and searched for her, but she was nowhere to be found.


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