Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire, Gangrel

LARP History


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

And so began the adventures of Gitane ... (this is where our LARP started)

SEPTEMBER 1995: Since our city was constantly under Sabbat attack from the two main Sabbat centers on the East Coast (NYC and Toronto), the Prince did not reside in the city. His childe Jessiciah Gray acted as Seneschal and ran the city in his place. Things had finally settled down enough so the Prince was returning to the city, when he and all his entourage were killed with the single exception of Jessiciah, who immediately declared himself Prince (Nice mourning period, eh?). Jessiciah managed to survive an assassination attempt on his life later that night, just a few hours after the murder of his sire.
A Malkavian Archon, Judas, was sent to the city to investigate with his two FBI Agent ghouls.
The Toreador's party for the new Prince brought an interesting surprise - Rex's childe Alexandra was alive and well, and under the care of the Nosferatu. Rex noticed her and immediately told me it was her. Julian want off to talk to her, and she had a pretty twisted concept of Clan Gangrel thanks to those bastards, who had brainwashed her into thinking all Gangrel were scum who abandon their childer and never cared for them. Alexandra came to me and ask me to help her find her sire. I managed to get her and Rex together and an uneasy friendship was formed.

OCTOBER 1995: Street people were disappearing, and there were 4 deaths. Police were stumped as to finding the killer, and the streets seemed a very unsafe place to be. The Unforsaken Motorcycle Club held a Poker Run for the Homeless Shelter that was widely successful in raising funds to help them meet the growing needs of the street people. A "Camp Out for Consciousness" raised public awareness of the situation of the street people; as bikers, students, and others grabbed their sleeping bags to camp out in the streets for a night and raise money for the homeless. In addition, a "buddies" program to keep street people together was implemented. The deaths stopped as suddenly as they started, and no killer was ever found. All these events were organized by the Unforsaken Motorcycle Club (AKA Gitane).
The Brujah Primogen, Anthony Andolini, was blood bound to Gitane.

NOVEMBER 1995: Due to the lack of support the Gangrel got from the other clans in aiding the street people and an extremely rude slight from his royal butthead ("You guys aren't the only claws in town ..."), the Gangrel decided to attend to some business and visit a friend of Gitane's in Georgia. The Brujah, also slighted by the Prince, decided to follow suit and visit Chicago. Five Sabbat packs attacked the city and if it wasn't for some mysterious gray men acting as the Prince's enforcers the city may have fell. When both clans returned everyone seemed dissatisfied with the Prince and deals were flying fast and furious to replace him.
Jessiciah called a meeting to discuss the "improper" actions of the Archon's ghouls, and ask for Primogen support in exiling them. Most barely managed to feign interest as it was known he would be replaced before long. When I ask to hear the side of the accused I was told they were "unavailable". I announced I would make no decision until I heard both sides of the story and left. The other Primogen followed suit, except for the Nosferatu and Tremere.
Rochester, where the Justicar was making his temporary base, was under siege by some powerful mystical forces. The Nosferatu Primogen took his brood into Rochester and tried to aid the kindred there, but it was too late. He ran into Judas who was apparently trying to find the Justicar, but Judas has not been seen since that night. The storm ended, and no kindred remained.
The Unforsaken Motorcycle Club held a Toy Run for Children's Hospital.

DECEMBER 1995: Prince Jessiciah was deposed, staked and the Primogen voted for a video sunrise of him. The new Prince is Maxwell Scott, childe of the Toreador Primogen. The former Sheriff Jonathan Rihys became Ventrue Primogen, Rex became Sheriff, and James Fisk became Keeper of Elysium. The Archon Judas retired with the blessing of the Justicar. Judas embraced his FBI ghouls, McCullen & McGregor, and they became Malkavian Primogen and Whip.
In support for our new Prince's rule, I was granted right to progeny. The ink was barely dry on the thank you note from our new Prince when I sired my third childe, Zirin Blackbird. He is a Philosophy professor and expert swordsman. We see him being a great asset to Clan Gangrel in the future. Alexandra was also recognized as a free and independent kindred, and Rex was no longer responsible for her.
The Nosferatu Primogen, acting in haste on unconfirmed information, successfully assassinated the former Archon Judas for what he believed was his "betrayal" of the Justicar. Unfortunately, the short sighted Nosferatu Primogen did not anticipate the amount of dirt Judas had on the Nosferatu Justicar and Clan after serving them for 700+ years. Judas, believing his death to be a sanctioned hit from the Clan he had served, saw to it that his information was sent to the Inner Circle and other Justicars and Archons. Upon confirmation, the Nosferatu Clan lost much status and prestige, and was banned from Buffalo, NY under pain of bloodhunt. A week later, three Justicars and a retinue of Archons came to Buffalo to clean up the town. The Nosferatu assassins were executed. The Justicars summoned everyone in Buffalo for questioning, and about a third of the population was summarily executed for Masquerade breaches tolerated by the former inept Prince(s). Buffalo was told to get it's act together soon as they would be under close scrutiny.
It was during this summoning that Beast was forced to reveal he was not dead. He was ordered to fake his death so he could pay off a debt to the former Nosferatu Justicar, now deceased. Without the boon hanging over his head anymore, Beast was free to be himself again.
Gitane got to spend some time with the Gangrel Justicar, Angus, and they traded stories until dawn. She also was seen spending time with his grandchilde and Archon Louis.
The Unforsaken Motorcycle Club held a raffle to raise money for the Battered Women's Shelter. They also went Christmas Caroling in the surrounding neighborhood with their partners and children.

OOC Note: This is where our LARP broke into two groups. The Nosferatu Primogen was quite angry, saying he could run a better LARP. The Toreador Primogen (who was constantly whining about the StoryTeller's rulings) agreed. The Tremere Primogen, who never showed up anyway, was unavailable for comment. The Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavains and Ventrue clans (with some other players as well) continued on the LARP as it was with Rob continuing as our Storyteller, while the Nosferatu Primogen rewrote history around his character for a few months then quit running.


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