Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire, Gangrel

LARP History


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

JANUARY 1996: Three Justicars came to Buffalo to investigate the situation. Massive firepower was brought against the individual in Syracuse responsible for this mess, Avatar. All kindred of Buffalo were summoned in to give their side of the story to the Justicars. About one third of the population was executed for breaches of the Masquerade tolerated by the former inept Prince(s). After that, the Gangrel left Buffalo, accompanied by the Brujah, Ventrue, and Caitiff.
The Unforsaken Motorcycle Club held a benefit party for the Runaway Shelter.

FEBRUARY 1996: The Gangrel (and friends) took a hunting holiday down to NYC to kick some Sabbat butt and have some fun. After meeting a nasty thingy in Central Park that ripped the arm off a party member, the group went off to find a Tzimese that would replace it. When a cute little drunken bat flew by, Gitane went to talk to it. It turned out to be Count Bubbula, Malkavian Antitribu. He offered her a deal - best 2 out of 3 football games. If they won someone would re-attach the arm, but if they lose they had to do a night watch of Staten Island. Being the hearty sort and rather bored as well, they agreed. They eventually won, but over 30 Sabbat recruits perished in the "Brawl-For-It-All" football game in Central Park. Gitane and Zirin got a first hand experience of what Count Bubbula could do with Dementate, and Gitane decided she wanted to learn this discipline.
In Buffalo, Clan turned against Clan and open warfare took place between the Toreador and the Tremere. Tired of the backstabbing and treachery, the group decided to stay in Syracuse for awhile to consider if they want to return to Buffalo or stay where they were. A "Guardian Angel" of Gitane's warned her not to return to Buffalo yet, so the group took up temporary residence in Syracuse, where Jack Sprat had surfaced and was Prince.
Antonio embraced his only childe, Eddie Steele.
Sabbat skirmishes are frequent in Syracuse, but the group proved it's worth keeping them out of Syracuse. Once again the group was in a border town under frequent Sabbat attack, but they were used to this and did a good job keeping the city safe.

MARCH 1996: Buffalo was declared an Anarch city in revolt. The residents of Syracuse returned to "liberate" Buffalo and restore it to Camarilla rule (by killing every other kindred there), and placed Jack Sprat in charge of Buffalo. (Did they do all this out of the kindness of their hearts? Someone was getting paid off here big time ...)
In actuality, unknown to anyone else, Louis had approached Gitane and told her a promotion was waiting for him if he could bring Buffalo into line. She brought in Jack Sprat and the three of them made a deal of undisclosed terms. A few parts of the deal may be speculated on, such as Jack's price being Princedom and Gitane's price being revenge on some of the city kindred who had slighted her (after all, in an Anarch city in revolt who cares if a few *former* Camarilla members get killed?). One can only imagine the true depth of this deal is quite an interesting story indeed.
Following the "liberation" of the city and it's return to Camarilla status, there was a large celebration.
With the Princedom firmly in his grasp, Jack appointed his childe Rakestraw as Sheriff and his childe John as Keeper of Elysium. Antonio Andolini is Brujah Primogen and his childe Steele is Brujah Whip. Gitane St. Claire is Gangrel Primogen and her childe Rex is Gangrel Whip. John Rihys is Ventrue Primogen and his newly embraced childe "Joe Ventrue" is Ventrue Whip. Alexander Schmidt is the Caitiff Representative to the Primogen Council. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (formerly Beavis, everyone's "favorite" Malkavian) became Tremere Primogen after winning a Thaumaturigical duel with another Tremere who challenged his clan and his claim. (Where the heck did that crazy Malk get Thaumaturgy? One can only guess ...)
Gitane ghouled two German imported Schutzhund III titled Rottweilers and a rare D'Albertis python. In a deal with Stromberg, the Gangrel Justicar's childe, a boon was exchanged so Gitane's dogs could taste the blood of a low generation kindred and thus learn advanced disciplines. Gitane immediately began teaching the dogs Viskeritica from the Gargoyle blood she had saved. Rex ghouled a junkyard dog and a Chihuahua.

APRIL 1996: We came to find out all things have a purpose. Antonio was of the Giovanni family when mortal, but was embraced by a Brujah. His family apparently arranged the out of clan embrace to protect him until the time came as to they needed him, and that was now. Charon, Lord of the Underworld, needed to live again but he had no soul. Antonio carries the other part of his soul. In a never before tried ritual, the Giovanni were going to try to bring back Charon by uniting his soul with Antonio's. If they could not succeed in this, the Underworld would be lost to Oblivion and the dead on Earth would have no place to go and would stay here forever. Nuff said. We journeyed to Italy to help Antonio prepare for this.
Several Giovanni and a few Samedi came to the Underworld with our group. Many perils were faced getting to the temple of Lady Fate. Everyone underwent a personal Harrowing where they faced their Shadows and their darkest fears. (Only the caitiff Alexander and Gitane successfully completed their harrowings). Finally, we were there. Only the invited could enter the Temple of Lady Fate, so Allen Green, the Samedi who was to perform the ritual, went in with Antonio. Gitane was invited in, followed by Antonio's Uncle Shreck.
This is where things got interesting ... Uncle Shreck suddenly had a change of appearance and attitude and came charging at Antonio to kill him. Allen's eyes grew wide and he chanted the ritual out a little faster. Gitane stepped between Antonio and the demon to protect him while yelling invitation to the rest of the group outside in the Maelstrom. Others made it in slowly, being invited in over the ensuing battle, and when all was said and done the demon was killed. Julian lay in torpor, Rex had large holes in his body from hugging the demon with C4 between them, and most other kindred were severely hurt. The ritual was successful and Antonio turned to ash. Charon came back and thanked us all - he restored Antonio, brought Julian out of torpor, healed our group, and banished the demon Maior for all time. It was decided the body occupied by the demon was taken back to the Giovanni. We came to find out Shreck was killed the prior night and replaced by the demon Maior. Shreck would be back soon as he had a body made for him, so no permanent damage was done. Successful in our mission, we returned to Buffalo. Unknown to all but Antonio, Gitane took the staked kindred body formerly inhabited by the demon with her back to Buffalo.
Antonio's resurrection had a side effect, he was no longer blood bound to Gitane, and could not be blood bonded. (If I were Charon I certainly wouldn't want my fetter blood bound to someone so adventurous ...)
Back in Buffalo, Jack Sprat finally managed to get his night club / base of operations "The Crumbling Baby Jesus" up and running. The city was attacked by a nomadic Sabbat pack, but Jack's brood along with Beast managed to hold them off.
While we were away, the Unforsaken Motorcycle Club held a Poker Run for "Helping Hands" charity.

MAY 1996: Julian took a trip to India to find spiritual enlightenment. He was joined by his sire Gitane and by John Rihys, Ventrue Primogen. Julian was given some advice by a spiritual master, while John was told he was unworthy. Later, John was gifted with a black box by a mysterious benefactor who told him that the box was a puzzle holding the secrets of Golconda within ...
While her childe and friend were seeking spiritual enlightenment from the Masters , Gitane had some thoughts of her own to ponder. Gitane had figured out who Valerius was. Although it was her goal to become an Alostar, she could not see doing it this way - at the expense of an innocent kindred. After all, Val himself had done nothing, it was the demon he was possessed by who had committed all the crimes he was accused of. That's when the idea formed ... to ask the Inner Circle to recognize the death of one on the Red List (the demon Maior), while removing the body he occupied to do his crimes in from the list (Valerius).
As they returned to Buffalo, they noticed that about 40 Brujah had descended on Buffalo for a rave party. They had just got to Jack's nightclub when they noticed a verbal confrontation between Antonio, the Brujah Primogen and one of his clan members outside. Attention was quickly diverted to the second floor, where a Firestorm had engulfed the whole second story. A Brujah had thrown a bottle at John, the Keeper of Elysium, and hit him in the head. John had retaliated with a Firestorm. Most were scrambling to dive out the windows or to help those other kindred who they could. No kindred were seriously hurt by the flames, and no kine saw the disturbance; although Gitane was quite charred after rushing through the flames to John and calming him. (Not many kindred can say "I'd run through a Firestorm for you". Hmmm ...)
Meanwhile outside, Antonio Andolini in cold blood murdered a visiting 12th Generation Brujah from Cleveland, Phil. Antonio was uncharacteristically cold and was not sorry for Phil's death. The Prince was contemplating his punishment for breaking the Traditions, and Antonio was still protesting he did nothing wrong. He told Gitane Phil's death was in self defense and he had no choice.
Gitane spoke to the Prince about Antonio, and relayed her side of the story. The Prince advised her to Spirit's Touch the area where Phil died and get back to him. She did, and upon seeing the truth was furious about being lied to. She later spoke to Julian and Wolfgar, both of whom were obfuscated at the scene and witnessed everything. She went back to Jack and told him to no longer consider Antonio a friend of hers and to do whatever he damn well pleased with him, she would not stop him and she would aid her Prince if ordered to.
Gitane went to Jack Sprat, master of Dementate, to enlist his help in putting Valerius' mind back together. Jack managed to do so only by "locking up" all the memories Val had about his life from before the embrace. Gitane was left with a kindred who remembered nothing since before his embrace 1500 years ago. She begin the process of bringing him up to date on the world as it is now. I can't even begin to tell you about some of the funny situations that ensued, but it was QUITE the interesting month.
John, the Keeper of Elysium, was deeply disturbed after the events and was not seen by anyone. Gitane still watched over him, and obfuscated over to the warehouse he was staying in to visit and talk with him. John was painting the walls of the warehouse as the way he saw the world, and together they talked long nights away about this. She even brought Val over one night because he wanted to meet a Malkavian, but John seemed to make Val nervous. Val thought John was utterly insane, and still looked very doubtful when Gitane explained that it was simply the matter of a different outlook.

JUNE 1996: Gitane was deeply disturbed that Antonio had apparently given himself over to the Beast. Worse, he knew her secret (Valerius) and he was now unstable, unpredictable, and no longer blood bound to her. Jack, John and Beast knew of Val as well, but she trusted all of them (or at least had enough on them that betraying her would cost them more then it was worth ...). Val was coming along well, and she planned on taking him to the Inner Circle soon. It was scary enough trying to keep Val safe, but she couldn't put off the trip any longer. She had to make a decision, and she debated many nights over it. In the end, she decided that she needed to look to her future instead of living in the past. That meant cutting loose a former friend who had become a psychotic murderer to save her new friend who were innocent and alone in the world.
As she was figuring out how best to approach her situation, the answer came to her. Bartholomew, Prince of Cleveland, called to request a meeting. Curious as ever, Gitane went to meet him. Bartholomew said he represented Marco, Brujah Primogen of Cleveland and grandsire of Phil. He told her that the Brujah planned political maneuvering to kick Antonio out of power. He assured her that Antonio was not to be hurt unless he started a physical fight, this was supposed to be only a lesson in humility for him. Bartholomew ask her price for neutrality in the situation.
Gitane's brain was thinking a mile a minute. If she could keep Antonio busy long enough, she could get Val to the Inner Circle while Antonio had other things on his mind. She also felt Antonio needed to be punished for his remorseless killing of another kindred. After all, if anyone so much as laid a hand on her grand-daughter Alex, she would ... she would do more then Marco was planning, for sure.
Gitane smiled at Bartholomew and told him she would do better then that. She offered to make him a deal for which Marco would owe him for years to come. Bartholomew's interest was certainly peaked by this, and he smiled as he heard her terms. Gitane sold her clan's neutrality in this matter, and all the information she had gathered on Antonio (which was quite a bit, considering he was formerly blood bound to her.) This included including keys to his various havens, a list of who his influential contacts in town were, etc. In short, she gave Bartholomew everything he would need to take Antonio down in a neat little package. Gitane also sold the boons she held over the Ventrue Primogen and the Caitiff Council Representative to insure their compliance with Marco's plan. Bartholomew was impressed at the whole package laid before him. He had sought only to gain the neutrality of Gitane and her clan, and he had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He was already thinking of what he could get Marco to owe him ...
"One question, if I may?" said Bartholomew.
"Yes?" said Gitane.
"Why would you do this to a kindred who was rumored to be a close friend of yours?" said Bartholomew.
"I have a grandchilde, Alexandra, childe of my first progeny Rex. She lives with your clan in the Erie Warren. I could all to easily see a situation like this happening to her, where some asshole has a bad day and kills her, believing her to be weak and easily preyed upon. I would do much more then Marco is planning to do to Antonio if anyone so much as laid a hand on Alex to hurt her, let me assure you. Antonio was once a close ally of mine, and a good friend. However, some recent events have changed his personality for the worse. He is wild now, and uncontrollable. I fear he is giving himself over to the beast. I also fear this may happen again, to some other kindred who is in the wrong place a the wrong time. If he can learn by being put in his place, all the better. And now, about my price for this package deal ..."
And so it came to pass that Bartholomew became pretty revered in the eyes of Marco and his clan for gathering all this information for them. One can only assume Gitane got a price worthy of what she gave up ...
Back in Buffalo again, no one seemed the wiser for her absence. Antonio approached Gitane and told her he was planning on learning Vicissitude. Gitane told him before he learned it she wanted to spend one last warm and fuzzy night together. They did, and they shared blood. Gitane went home and, using a ritual from Bartholomew, filtered Antonio's blood out of hers, and obtained two points of his blood. She kept Antonio's blood in case she needed to defend herself from him.
Satisfied Antonio would be kept busy, she placed Julian with John so the two could watch after each other while she was gone. Julian wanted to work on learning more Auspex, and she would have someone to look after John while she was gone. Beast and Wolfgar would come with her and Val, and Rex could take care of himself. She called her Gangrel Alostar friend Louis and told him she was bringing in Valerius Maior. They arranged to meet at Gitane's tribal homeland in two hours. It was the longest two hours she remembered in decades. After convincing Louis that Val was not still possessed by Maior, and that Val was actually a pretty nice guy confused as heck by this whole thing, they departed for Germany.
They each told their stories to the Gangrel Justicar Angus, and Beast and Wolfgar were sent back to Buffalo. Angus advised Gitane against the path she had chosen to try and get Val removed from the Red List. She could gain much in trophy by turning him in to the Tremere, not to mention the power, etc. Gitane held fast to her plan to ask he be removed from the Red List, because it was the right thing to do.
Gitane and Val were moved to England, and Gitane told her story to the Gangrel Inner Circle member. She seemed impressed, and told her she would try to help. The next day Gitane was summoned to a private meeting with Etrius, the Tremere Inner Circle member. He offered her much in the way of trophy, the likes of which would never be seen again. She resisted temptation and said it was not right to sell another of whom she did not own, and she would have to try and do the right thing and see that Val was removed from the list. Etrius grew cold and bid her to leave. She was afraid she had lost after the cold in his look. The next night, they were to go before the Inner Circle. She and Val didn't sleep very well, and held each other most of the day. They were summoned to the Inner Circle. Gitane got to make her request and tell her story, and so did Valerius. The floor was open to anyone else who wished to speak, and a kindred came forward from the crowd. He presented himself before the Inner Circle as Jack Sprat, Prince of Buffalo. He then offered each Inner Circle member an envelope, and said it was what their clan would gain by letting Valerius go free and declaring Maior dead. There were some interesting looks as the envelopes were opened and read, but it came to a vote and The Inner Circle decided to declare Maior dead and mark Gitane as his killer. Valerius was recognized as a separate entity from Maior, and was free to go. Etrius invited him to the Vienna Chantry, and Val declined and said he would like to stay with Gitane for now. A cold stare of utter hatred came from Etrius as he said "Of course, whatever you feel is best Valerius". Gitane forfeited trophy because she did not bring in the Anathma in the required form, although the Anathma in question was totally destroyed. She narrowly managed to get herself voted in as a Red Alostar as well, because the Anathma was not brought in staked and given to the Tremere as required in the terms of capture. Happy nonetheless, they returned to Buffalo with Jack and Rakestraw.

Valerius Maior

When the Brujah arrived from Cleveland, Gitane arranged for the Brujah to meet with the Tremere Primogen so they could make their own deal. Many Buffalo Primogen members were forced to vote in Marco's favor due to boons held over their heads, or forced to abstain from the vote. Antonio lost his local influence and the Primogenship. Nobody was surprised when Antonio announced he was leaving town, and a few moments later a new Brujah, Mike Youngblood, showed up to present himself to the Prince. Having warned Marco about Antonio's knowledge of Vicissitude, I don't know who the heck that arrogant &^%$# thought he was fooling. Somebody should have told him Vicissitude changes your appearance, not your aura. And true to the stereotype, Antonio believed to the end it was Jack Sprat who "sold him out" - I even had Rakestraw confirm this so he would not expect what was coming. Antonio got a call that Gitane wanted to say good-bye and could he come over? He did, and that was the last anyone saw of him. He was staked and sold to an undisclosed (on this page, anyway) party. His body is destroyed, and his soul is in a gem kept by the Giovanni.


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