Indian Maiden

Gitane St. Claire, Gangrel

Post LARP History


Gitane St. Claire is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Further Adventures

JULY 1996 to NOW: ROAD TRIP!!!! Leaving Buffalo after the above events, it was time for us to get out and about and have some FUN!!!! There are many wild stories of our adventures that will need to wait for another day ... things like:

Our mis-adventure dealing with the Black Spiral Dancers and how we ended up fighting our way out of their Wyrm caern after getting double crossed ( I tell you, you just can't find good spell components these days ...)

Getting chased around Golconda, Indiana (yes, it's real, check your maps!) while on assignment by the Justicar to recover a sunburned Salubri body the mortals had found (which truly became a life altering event for some of us!!!)

Our most interesting and unplanned meeting with the Black Hand (as they threatened to kill us if we didn't ...) and Gitane's fascination with their charismatic leader Dolphin (oh no, she's after another cute guy again!!!)

Dealings with Dexter Sinister of Clan Tremere, who was rather pissed the Black Hand got what he had come for (some folks are just such sore losers!)

Saving the butt of the Toreador Jared in Orlando to pay off a boon of Beast's, while Gitane was entranced by a Setite known as the Lizard King

Heck, we can't even find our way home without an adventure! If ever there was a town from hell we found it. The Twilight Zone was nothing compaired to this escaped Progenetor experiment that went on to infect and kill most of a small southern town. Our heros survived along with a few others, and true to form, Gitane developed a crush on yet another special person again. This time, it was a woman! And a mortal one, to boot! Gloria, a medical forensics student on her way back from spring break, found something exciting in the undead ... and the undead liked her as well.

How we came to end up in Arctic Canada running around the moonlight in Crinos ...

Gitane's New Year's party in the Bermuda Triangle ... such a hot time even Satan couldn't pass it up. (Well, the Infernalists I invited ask if they could bring a friend ...) Invitations read like a who's who list; and everyone seems to be looking forward to a non violent night of partying, forgetting one's troubles, and getting along with everyone else. Camarilla and Sabbat will be partying next to were-creatures, mages, and a few beings we don't have names for yet. Things may never be the same again after this party ...

How Gitane took in a lost 15th generation Gangrel and made her Primogen of Little Hope, USA

Gitane's tour of Europe - all those nice folks from the party said "Stop by sometime", so she decided there's no better time then the present. When last we left her, she was running around the Black Forest with her Great Great Grand Sire Harbard killing Sabbat.

After all that adventure, it was time for a break ... I stayed around home for awhile doing a lot of research and just relaxing ...
Quiet times snuggling at home with Val in the Thaumaturgy Lab
Laying in the forest with Beast gazing at the moonlight, like we used to do
Talking to Rex as he tried to understand spirituality and make peace with himself
A few jobs for Allan Green to keep me busy
Wolfgar took care of running the Unforsaken
And I got to know my family once again =)

So much more to do, so many more things to see. I'll write more when I can
... Gitane


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