SoulMates Wolf Couple

Rank 5 Shadow Lord


Relies On Hope is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.


Sept Elders All the Elders have been with Hope from the start. In most cases she has known them since they were Rank 1. All have selected Assistants so if they were killed there would be someone who knew the job inside and out to take over for them right away. All of this sept understand the right of succession of the assistants.

Caern Warder & Gate Keeper: Twitchy, Child of Gaia Metis Ragabash Rank 5, Male
Martyr - Twitchy heard the request from Pearl River for volunteers to assist a new, yet unusual, ally of Gaia in Portland. Few others seemed willing to heed the call, so he convinced his two fellow CoG (Balance & Peace in Rage) to join him on this odd quest. Twitchy is a former Black Fury, but elected to join the CoG instead of deal with the stigma of being a male. His Metis deformity of Bestial Reflection made it hard to deal with humans in public situations. He tends to be reserved for a Ragabash, and typically puts a lot of thought into what ever he does. Lately he has been spending time with his new wife Carol (non kinfolk).

Caern Warder Assistant: Balance, Child of Gaia Homid Philodox Rank 3, Female
Conformist - Here to help, because Twitchy said they were needed here. She first thought it was silly, but has come to view this as an attempt to return the world to balance. The world is so gloomy that it needs an equally bright and cheerful totem to counter it. She met Twitchy at a CoG Caern and became impressed with the Ragabash's atypical thoughtful approach to life. She admires her advice and sees his Disfigurement as a reflection of the truth within him.

Master of the Rite: Summoner, Shadow Lord Homid Theurge Rank 3, Male
Conniver - He knows just about every ritual known to Garou kind. At first he hoped to take down Hope and replace her as Barney's primary follower, but he has since decided that Hope is worthy of being a leader and has decided to follow her, hoping to ride her coat tails to success. He is ruthless in his desire for power, and has used his new attunement power to look for all forms of arcane lore.

Master of the Rite Assistant: "Wyrm Chick" Caitlin Oriannia, Shadow Lord Metis Theurge Rank 1, Female
Curmudgeon, Former Ronin. Mated to Bob.

Master of the Challenge: Peace In Rage, Child of Gaia Homid Ahroun Rank 5, Male
Bravo - Peace In Rage came to Portland because he owes Twitchy for saving him from being cast out as a Ronin. Peace is always angry, being of Mars Midsky. He never took the wisdom of the CoG seriously and always looks for fights. However, Barney has actually gotten to him, although he won't admit it. He was frequently looked down upon by the other CoG because of his violent nature and belief that peace is best achieved by knocking everybody unconscious. Simply being accepted and loved without reservation, even if by a big purple dinosaur, has made him intensely loyal. He would willingly die to protect Barney.

Master of the Challenge Assistant: Amy WyrmSlayer, Child of Gaia Homid Ahroun Rank 2, Female Competitor

Den Mother: Jane Gray Swizzhelm, Black Fury Lupus Philodox Rank 3, Female
Syncopant / Caregiver - Taking her homid name from a little known woman's activist from Minnesota where she was born, Jane is a Lupus who has embraced the homid world to understand the enemy. She was in the Finger Lakes area when she heard that a Female Garou was forming a sept to defend a new city totem. Figuring this was a way to figure out the city, and assist a fellow female gain power over the male oppressive Garou society, she was there.

Den Mother Assistant: Black Fur, (Adopted) Black Fury Lupus Ragabash Rank 2, Female

Keeper of the Land: David Smith, Glass Walker Homid Ragabash Rank 3, Male

Caern Guardian: Gnaws on Floppies, Glass Walker Homid Theurge Rank 3, Male

Caern Guardian: Susan Hart, Star Gazer Homid Theurge Rank 2, Female
Confidant - She is here to observe the new totem. She does little more than observe the other Garou of the sept and meditate. While she meditates, she uses her Portland Attunement gift from Barney to examine all walks of life and expand her understanding of society, spirits, and the interactions.

Caern Messenger: Arrow, Silent Strider Homid Theurge Rank 2, Female
She's here to gain respect as sept's messenger. Although the new totem is of great interest to her, she doesn't really care or understand the implications of making a city father. She isn't much of a Theurge, and would much preferred to have been a Ragabash if she didn't like the idea of binding spirits.

Skeak-Seas, Uktena Lupus Theurge Rank 4, Male


Pack Bob

Pack Bob is an all male pack that came to stay at the sept in the beginning. The Red Talon was found in the Abyss and brought back to the Sept by the Wind Walkers, where he changed his name and tribe and became part of Pack Bob. (Outside of the Wind Walkers, Pack Bob, Twitchy and Hope his original tribe is not known to the rest of the Sept.) Their Pack Totem is Barney.

Bob, Bone Gnawer Homid Theurge Rank 3 ALPHA

Bob, Bone Gnawer Homid Galliard Rank 3 BETA
Show Off - Despite his Bone Gnawer origins, he has the heart of a bard, and wishes to embrace the anchient Garou tradition of the Storyteller. However, his past experiances with other garou have left a bad taste in his mouth. Even his own tribe has down played the role of a Bone Gnawer wandering bard - "Leave that crap to the Fianna". Portland is where he has come to be accepted and respected as the sept's Lore Keeper.

Bob, Bone Gnawer (former Red Talon) Metis Ragabash Rank 2. Mated to Wyrm Chick.
Kinda simple, straightforward guy. Usually smiling, and if you talk to him you'll usually be smiling too.


Wind Walkers

The Wind Walkers are an all female pack that went through their Rite Of Passage here at our sept, and have returned to stay with us. Their Pack Totem is the Umbral Wind.

Rides The Wind, Lupus Get of Fenris Ragabash Rank 2 ALPHA

Gisselle Schultz, Homid Get of Fenris Ahroun Rank 2 BETA

Tiffany Thorton, Homid Glass Walker Philodox Rank 2

Brooke Shappa, Homid Wendigo Ahroun Rank 2

Dawn Wemilo, Homid Wendigo Galliard Rank 2


Younger Garou

These cubs returned from their Rite of Passage in the Scar. They have decided not to remain together as a pack, and are seeking their own way in the world.

Sarah Preston, Homid Shadow Lord Philodox Rank 2 - Hope is Sarah's "aunt", and has taken care of her since meeting her at the orphanage. Sarah is an adopted Shadow Lord. Currently Sarah is being shown the world by Iron Oath, the Shadow Lord who was Hope's uncle. Sarah is in love with Tim, a Silver Fang kinfolk she knew from the orphanage. Tim loves her as a little sister and someone to care for, but not as a partner.

Colin Sheehan, Homid Fianna Galliard Rank 2 - recently married Brianna and they are expecting a child soon.

Tracey Hunter, Homid Uktena Ahroun Rank 1 - went to stay at the Uktena Caern on the other side of Portland, and still comes over frequently to visit and bring us messages.

Julie Adams, Homid Silent Strider Galliard - left to go wandering.



New Sept Members recently joined the Sept, perhaps for curiosity, or desire to use the Wyld Caern, or most often because they did not fit in anywhere else.
Hope requires a year of service, questioning under Truth of Gaia as to your intentions by several of the Sept's Philodox, and you must best the Master of the Rite in a contest of his choosing to use the Wyld Caern. The year of service may be waived for Garou of rank 4 and above in exchange for 8 levels of a fetish chimiage to the sept.

Mistress Dominique, Black Fury Homid Theurge Rank 2, Female Fanatic

Nina Ellensdotter, Black Fury Homid Ragabash Rank 2, Female Jester

Ginger, Child of Gaia Lupus Galliard Rank 3, Female Reveler
Battle Scar: Improper bone setting, Leg

Megan, Child of Gaia Metis Ahroun Rank 1 Former Ronin, Female Twin Penitent (known as "the slut")

Melissa, Child of Gaia Metis Ahroun Rank 1 Former Ronin, Female Twin Show Off (known as "the tease")

Freya, Get of Fenris Lupus Theurge Rank 2, Female Martyr

Butt Sniffer, Get of Fenris Homid Ahroun Rank 1, Male Deviant (flaming homosexual, in case you could not guess). "Let's put the GAY back in GAIA!" His mate, Harley Rides Free, recently died in an assault on Pentex.

Celeste Netrunner, Glass Walker Homid Theurge Rank 2, Female Show Off

Yarrow, Red Talon Lupus Ragabash Rank 2, Female Visionary

Aramis, Shadow Lord Homid Theurge Rank 2, Male Curmudgeon

Keith FirstKill, Shadow Lord Homid Ahroun Rank 2, Male Deviant

Armorer, Shadow Lord Lupus Theurge Rank 3, Female Maker

Barks At Stars, Star Gazer Metis Philodox Rank 1, Male Show Off

Brave Star, Star Gazer Metis Ahroun Rank 1 Former Ronin, Male Martyr

Arctic Fox, Wendigo Metis Ahroun Rank 3, Male Competitor


The Metis Pack

The Metis Pack are an all male, all Metis pack that came to stay at the sept recently, after Hope extended an open invitation to the Lazarite Movement. They are incredibly efficient and all work together well as a pack, with none needing to be the star.

Shadow's Breath, Shadow Lord Metis Philodox Rank 3, Male ALPHA

Acceptance, Shadow Lord Metis Ragabash Rank 3, Male BETA

Data Crash, Glass Walker Metis Theurge Rank 2 Male
Battle Scar: Missing Finger on Right Hand

Howls With Pride, Black Fury Metis Galliard Rank 2, Male

War Cry, Get of Fenris Metis Ahroun Rank 2, Male


The Seekers

The Seekers is an all Silent Strider pack that came to stay at the sept recently. Samantha & Fritz are "married" and when not fighting the Wyrm are usually arguing with each other.

Fritz, Metis Ahroun Rank 2, Male Deviant ALPHA

Samantha, Metis Galliard Rank 2, Female Bravo BETA

Joshua, Homid Philodox Rank 1, Male Martyr

Tonya, Homid Theurge Rank 1, Female Predator

Ellen, Homid Theurge Rank 2, Female Rebel


The Former Abomination
Manual "Back From the Dead", Shadow Lord Lupus Ahroun Rank 2, Male Penitent
When I say I've seen everything here, I mean it. Take Mo for example. Mo was a Shadow Lord Tremere Abomination who came to me for help. The Tremere captured his pack and killed them one by one with the embrace. Mo was not so lucky. The Tremere all died at his hands, but he was alone in the world.
Talk about right place, right time. Hope had fallen in love with Stewart, a former Ronin who had redeemed himself in her Sept. Stu had decided to give up his wolf and become kinfolk so they could marry and mate. Enter Mo, who wanted to be rid of his "vampire" self. I'm not exactly sure how they did it, but I approached the Theurges with my idea. The 13 Theurges of our sept got together and when Stu gave up his wolf and became kinfolk they killed, purified, and healed Mo and placed Stu's wolf in him. Stu survived easily and we were married that night. That's also when our kids were conceived. Mo was in a coma for almost two weeks, then was really weak for another two weeks. He's much better physically now, but still has a haunted look about him. He is incredibly grateful to Stu and helps him constantly. Hope once teased Mo that since he has her husband's wolf that they were linked together forever, and didn't one of her puppies have his eyes? Mo found out just how connected they were when he mated with a lupus kinfolk who gave birth to 4 healthy Shadow Lords ... and a Silver Fang with Pure Breed 2 who looks just like Stu. He's still trying to cope with the shock of it all.


Graves of the Fallen Heros

Tragically, we recently had our first death in the sept.

Harley Rides Free, Fianna Homid Philodox Rank 2, Male Deviant.
Harley came to my sept looking like a real leather boy if there ever was one. His image was tough, and the fact that he was a gay had caused problems with his tribe. Here he found a home, and found love with Butt Sniffer. He recieved a battle scar (skull head) on a raid against a BSD hive rescuing Hope's grandchildren and was honored for freeing them from the Wyrm. He was assisting on a raid against Pentex in the Amazon that was going well. Too well. He came around a corner a bit too quickly and was filled with silver buckshot. Struggling to stay alive, he warned the rest of his group of the ambush but it was too late for him. Harley made the ultimate sacrifice for his pack and for Gaia, and is remembered with love and admiration. - Hope


Non Garou

Wyld Thing, a Great White Rokoya Rank 2 - He came in from the ocean to see what the Wyld surge was about when we made the Wyld Caern. Not a permanent member here, but still has been very helpful to our sept. He stops by usually around the full moon in the summer months. Pretty basic in the mental department, he seems to get along well with the Brujah and Pack Bob though.


Other Allies in the City:

  • Phil Amber, a Ventrue we saved from a burning building one night and Ian Renfield, his ghoul.
  • David Banning, the Ventrue "Prince" of the Vampires in the city. David is in a sweet position really - he is the sole vampire who was able to reach a peace with the Garou here, and the other vampires in the city know that the Garou would be unhappy if anything happened to David.
  • Dead Man Walking, a Hollow One Goth Guy.
  • Dr. Dee, Orphan Mage Child. Responsible for making the "Happy Nuke" that created the Wyld Caern. Eventually was taken into the Son of Ether tradition by his newfound mentor, Zak Mack. Relocated to Minneapolis, but still keeps in touch.


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