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Relies On Hope is played in the WHITE WOLF: WEREWOLF role playing system.

A BRIEF HISTORY: Hope went on a lone rite of passage and was sent by the Bringers of the Light to work with a mage to stop a Demonic Summoning. Together with a young Tremere vampire, a Celestial Chorus Mage, a human priest with True Faith, an Orphan mage, and a independent Ghoul they stopped the binding of the demon into the city. To do this the Orphan Mage used his Spirit to call forth "Happy friendly spirits". The nearest spirits were in a day care center nearby, and so Barney and his children spirits showed up to help us. We killed the demon and his many bane servants on this plane. Then the large Barney spirit went after the Nephandi responsible for this whole thing. He was in a binding circle set up for the demon, and screamed "No!!! No!!!" as Barney approached. When Barney stepped inside the circle he was sucked into a crystal and "channeled" into the bedrock under the city. So it came to be that the first City Father Totem this whole thing. He was in a binding circle set up for the demon, and screamed "No!!! No!!!" as Barney approached. When Barney stepped inside the circle he was sucked into a crystal and "channeled" into the bedrock under the city. So it came to be that the first City Father Totem was ever created. The group went our separate ways, and only the Tremere really understood or cared what had happened. Hope reported back to her uncle what had happened, and ask for others to come and aid her in her next project, retaking the caern currently owned by the BSD's in town.

Hope has done many things since that rite of passage. One does not save a Vampire and his ghoul from a burning building, Retake a Black Spiral Dancer Caern of Lust that was formerly an Uktena Caern, rescue the orphanage full of 6 normals and 30 shape changing kin (run by the BSD perverts), declare this new sept open for membership, arrange a non aggression treaty with the Vampires of the city, befriend the local Hollow One mages and chat on how to improve their city, acquire the odd components necessary to make a "Happy Nuke" for the mages, Set off the Happy Nuke and Create a Rank 2 Wyld caern in the city, and hold a Gathering of all the Tribes to raise the Wyld Caern from Rank 2 to Rank 5 without drawing some attention. ;)

SEPT NEWS: Hope's Kids

YEAH! Hope became honorably mated to Stu (Silver Fang Kinfolk) and had a Wyld night of mating in the Wyld Caern during the moot. 63 days later (wolf gestation time) Hope gave birth to FIVE healthy happy lupus puppies. They are all born under a Galliard moon, and all show promising signs of becoming Garou. My ST has made char sheets for all of them, but has not let me see them yet. I do know all the puppies were born under MARS RISING. In game time, they just returned from their Rite of Passage.
They are: "Unity" for the happy friendly girl.
"Siobhan" (pronounced "she-vawn"), the Irish Gaelic form of Jane, for the competitive girl, in honor of Jane, our den mother.
"Stewart" is for the boy who looks and acts just like his dad. His Rite of Passage in New Orlenes left him wanting to start a rock band.
"Iron" is for the beta male, in honor of Iron Oath, my Shadow Lord uncle.
"Thunder" is for the Alpha male pup, to honor the Grandfather of us all.

Hope and Stu also adopted two orphanage kids - Tim Vladen, 18 years old, a Silver Fang Kinfolk and Sarah Preston, 17 years old, an (adopted) Shadow Lord that Hope is "uncle" to. Hope adores Sarah because of her innocence, but recently sent her off with her old Uncle Iron Oath to see the world and grow up. There was some romance between the kids, but it is obvious that Sarah loved Tim much more then he returned the feelings to her.

SEPT NEWS: Hope's Grand Kids

When Sarah left to go off with Iron Oath, Hope had a talk with Tim. Tim mentioned he would miss Sarah because of her innocence, because he did not have any left. When Hope questioned him about this, he admitted to having terrible dreams about the things the BSD's forced him to do, and that he thinks he has some children out there. Disturbed by this, Hope checked deeply into old records from the BSD sept and tracked three women Tim got pregnant.
Hope has recovered five children from two different BSD hives she raided. Two are unrelated to her family: a 12 year old Black Fury Ahroun (close to changing) that was sent to be with her tribe and a 5 year old Shadow Lord boy kinfolk with Pure Breed 3 that Caitlin (Wyrm Chick) and Bob are raising.
Hope was able to recover all three of Tim's children. There is a Silver Fang Philodox boy, one year old with Pure Breed 3 (Garou), a Uktena Theurge girl, two years old with Pure Breed 3 (Garou), and a Bone Gnawer kinfolk girl, three years old. Hope and Stu are raising them all as their kids, while Tim is getting over the shock. We were blessed - the kids were malnourished and ignored, but were in good mental health and had no physical deformities or serious abuses.
Tim has been asking to take a more hands on approach to fighting the Wyrm, and Hope gave him the chance to put his money where his mouth is. Hope recovered a Silver Fang's klaive from a BSD, and it was not Wyrm tainted. Hope gave it to her son Tim to use until his son is old enough to weild it. He's been practicing with Stu on fighting.

SEPT NEWS: The Fertility God

We were blessed with a favor from a wyld mage, Zak Mack, who is a Master of Life and his wife Mallory, a Bastet who can bless and cause a pregnancy. Several of our sept members took this chance to get pregnant with a guaranteed Garou child. Some wished to choose the sex and auspice of the child, but others believed that was best left up to Gaia. Being guaranteed a Garou child was special enough. Right as the lupus were close to giving birth, an impending attack on the city was detected and the pregnant Garou & kinfolk women were all sent to safety.

Recently the city of Portland came under siege and several supernaturals came under the same banner to defend it. When all was done, Hope threw a great party for all who helped defend Portland and to introduce the lupus puppies.

LUPUS PUPS: Jane had 1 male and 2 female Black Fury Ahrouns. Jane gave her son to Twitchy and Helen to raise as a Child of Gaia. Black Fur had 3 female Black Fury Galliards. Rides the Wind had 3 female and 1 male Get Ahrouns. Freya had 5 male Get Ahrouns. Yarrow had a male and a female Red Talon Galliard. Armorer had 2 female and 1 male Shadow Lord Ahrouns. Manuel's mate had 4 male and 1 female Philodox. One of Manuel's puppies looks just like Stu, Silver coat and all. Although he senses as a Silver Fang, he will be raised as a Shadow Lord because his pure breed is only 2, thus his tribe deems him unpure. Iron Oath's lupus mate had 3 male Ahrouns. That makes for 28 healthy happy puppies here in our sept. We recently appointed Black Fur to assist Jane as Den Mother with all the puppies.

HOMID CHILDREN: Twitchy's wife Helen is pregnant with a normal (non kinfolk) girl. David Smith's wife Tina is having a Glass Walker Theurge son. Balance is having a Child of Gaia Galliard girl. Susan Hart is having a StarGazer Ahroun girl. Colin's wife Brianna is having a Fiannia Galliard male. Mistress Dominique is having a female Black Fury Ahroun by Parthogenisis (where a woman's egg fertilizes itself - essentially a genetic duplicate of the mother). Amy WyrmSlayer is having a Child of Gaia Galliard girl. Aramis' mate will be having a Shadow Lord Ragabash female. Keith FirstKill's mate will be having a Shadow Lord Ahroun male. Fritz and Samantha (both metis) are having a normal non kinfolk girl. We will be expecting 8 Garou and 2 kids to join our sept soon!

Sept Fetishes
Lagomorph Boon (from Bone Gnawers), Vulcan's Interface & Black Box combination (from Glass Walkers), and a dozen Rage Spears (made by Armorer, similar to Brood Member spears from Erebus). There are many other various fetishes available depending on need, and Armorer is always making something new.


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