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Robin's RPG Characters

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Made under Elder rules from Elysium, Brittany is a 5th Generation "Caitiff". She was embraced by Goratrix, and was the second Tremere ever to be embraced. She wasn't a model apprentice though, her ambition led her to attempt too much too soon. After burning down almost half the chantry's labs in an attempt to learn the path of flame, she ran away.
In short order, she fell in with the infernal in her quest for power. Jadrax was a very small demon at the time, but he made her an offer that was worth her while to accept. She wandered the earth for almost a thousand years with her love Jeeves, buying souls and generally enjoying herself. She stayed as far away from other vampires as possable, staying out of clan and sect issues.
About a decade ago Jeeves died, and Brittany made a lot of changes in her unlife. She does not actively barter souls anymore, although she still maintains her demonic status and has a good relationship with Jadrax. When her sire called to her and asked her to help, she risked her unlife for her sire and Clan Tremere. She was invited to join Clan Tremere, and gratefully accepted. Now she serves the Tremere as Pontifix Inquisitor.

Natalie Greene
This is a character with a very odd history ... our ST lifted the limit on 7 points of each merits and flaws and said we could go nuts as long as it was still a 'playable' character. My answer was Natalie, the bulimic fangless Nagaraja. It was supposed to be for just one game, but she really grew on me. In the years I continued to play her, she overcame a lot of her flaws and really grew into one of my favorite characters and a influential Ancilla in her town as well.
Natalie is a whiz at hacking and holds a computer science degree. She owns Big Red.Net, an ISP and Internet Deli named after her beloved dog Redneck. Master of Path of Technomancy, she created a unique combination discipline power to allow her to enter the Digital Web.

Wendy "W. Rhotting Plesch"
Wendy is a former Hospice home health aide, and came to the attention of a Samedi while trying to kill herself. They talked for quite awhile, and then he embraced her. She's now the Samedi Sheriff of Chicago under Prince Lodin. (he actually lived through UaBRM!) Wendy also aided in the destruction and diablerie of the former Clan Giovanni.

Gitane St. Claire
Gangrel Red Alastor. She lives in Northern Canada with her Sire Beast, her ghoul Wolfgar, 2 of her 3 childer, and her Tremere lover.



Lady Knight Molly Monaghan
Seelie Boggan. (coming soon)

Lady Knight Sandovahl ap Leanhaun
Unseelie Sidhe of House Leanhaun. (coming soon)



Mallory Wind Dancer
Rank 3 Qualomi Bastet Feline. Married a Son of Ether mage Zak Mack. Lives in an Uktena sept in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where her family has lived since they can remember.
Mallory has two bastet children, Megan and Candra.

Debbie Thompson
Rank 2 Gurahl Polar Bear Ahroun married to Kyle, making a living selling Coca-Cola and hanging with the Anarch vampires of L.A.

Rank 5 Shadow Lord Philodox Homid Bringer of the Light. Sept Leader of Portland, Oregon's Sept of Barney. Married to Stewart, Silver Fang Kinfolk. Has five lupus children: Stewart, Iron, Thunder, Unity and Siobhan (all Galliards). Also 5 adopted kids.

Cheryl Dornsworth
Rank 4 Black Fury Artisan (Galliard) Homid. Keeper of the Land. Sailor Mercury. Recently rescued 4 Garou from the Abyss, who are staying on at the sept and have made a pack with her. Married to Scott, a normal "in the know" human. She had twins on Christmas 2000.
Cheryl's Pack: Gwynn, Black Rose, Julianna, Bertha



Former FBI/NSA agent (presumed dead and erased from databases), Wendigo Kinfolk, Orphan Mage, Master of Correspondence and Spirit, married to a CoX mage Tim, chose a Wendigo mate Everman, and is mother of twin sons (future Garou) Michael and Timothy Jr.



Lisa Marie Pernick
Lisa was embraced as a Ventrue Antitribu into the Sabbat. She spent 5 years reveling in the power of being a vampire, and being a monster. One day she got sick of it all, and went in search of 'something more' - to find a meaning and a purpose to our existance. She was helped on her path to Golconda by an Inconnu she had saved early on when she was just embraced. Lisa resolved her kindred existance, achieved Golconda and regained her humanity. Currently she's living peacefully in the wilder realms of southern New Zealand with Bartholomew (her Golconda mentor who is also now human, he was a former Kiasyd vampire she met and saved on a Sabbat Wild Hunt).



Mikala is a Malakim of ArchAngel Michael. Her vessel is Kelly Michaels, a small circut wrestler.

Eirlys is a Bright Lilim of ArchAngel Eli. Her vessel is Crystal Snowdrop, a model in NYC.



Divinity is a Catholic schoolgirl (just graduated!) who was blessed by God with powers to use to fight evil and injustice. She's a servant of God who fights the Good Fight against her rival, the Evil Father Friendly.



Skylar is a healer in the forest tribe. (Original Fantasy setting, TL2)



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