Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie was played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system. She's a vampire who found Golconda and became human again, and is thus is a retired character.

Lisa's Residence

Lisa lives in New Zealand, in a remote part of the southern coast. She shares a home with her friend and Golconda mentor Bartholomew. It's a huge old mansion built by an old sea captain who had settled down in the area years ago. Lisa and Bart spend most of their time horseback riding, camping, hunting and sailing.
Lisa's ex-boyfriend Robert moved in with them, and has a $2500. monthly allowence for life coming to him from Alexander, a Ventrue who is paying off a boon to Lisa.

A few things Lisa has saved from her time as a kindred:
A 1 million dollar trust fund, providing an income of $70,000 a year
In a pink stuffed teddy bear, $35,000 in hundreds
Black trenchcoat and hat of Zakium (series 2); provides armor 4 countermagic 4 mind magic resistance 4
Delta Gold Cup 10mm pistol made of Primium; 2 clips normal ammo, 1 clip primium ammo, 1 clip bazooka ammo
2.5 million dollars in cash stuffed into 2 olive green army duffle bags
A small blue silk bag full of sapphires (value $100,000.)
In a plastic case are several neatly labelled, cork-topped glass test tubes containing blood red beads. These are Preserved Blood Points of deceased kindred: 8th Brujah (5), 7th Gangrel (4), 7th Malk (5), 7th Tremere (5), 6th Lasombra (4), 12th Baali (1)



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