Golconda Reflections

To be Human
Again ...


Lisa Marie was played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system. She's a vampire who found Golconda and became human again, and is thus is a retired character.

I woke up one evening and just couldn't do it anymore. I was sick of it. Sick of feeding off people, sick of killing them, sick of the lies and bullshit games vampires play, sick of the whole damn thing. And so I went to my only friend left to ask for his help.
Bartholomew is a Kiasyd I had met on a war party with my sire. Insted of killing him, I helped him escape. He came to live with me, and I valued his company. Bartholomew had struggled for a long time, but he had found Golconda.
When he answered the door, he smiled and said "I've been expecting you." I can't really explain the lessons he taught me, or what the suspire is like. Everyone has their own path to finding inner peace. I can tell you all the hell you go through is worth it.
Yes, Golconda is real. Yes, you do have the chance to become a mortal again. Most choose not to, as they are so accustomed to their vampiric powers and identity that they don't wish to be "food" again. I just wanted my old life back, more then anything. And as awful as this whole experience of being a vampire was for me, I really feel I'm a better person for it.
When I awoke from my suspire, I was lying in my bed with my cats sleeping on me and Bartholomew standing over me. I was confused and disoriented at first, and it took me a few minutes to clear my head. But as my vision focused I began to see Bartholomew changing ... he wasn't his usual chalk-white pallor, he was actually a bit ruddy. And though he was a very tall 7'1", he seemed a bit shorter in the chair then usual. When I commented on this, and Bart realized he was breathing again. After several moments of quiet, Bartholomew said in his suspire he wanted to be human but he felt he had work that was yet undone. Once Bartholomew helped me to find the peace I sought and I achieved Golconda, Bartholomew also became human as well.

We quickly packed and left Buffalo, getting a motel room out in the suburbs. It took a few days to get Bartholomew some ID, and during that time we saw the "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" movie. So touched by the landscapes, we decided to visit New Zealand. And once we were there, it was so beautiful we decided to stay.
Bart got a large estate far to the south, where the land was still wild and untamed. He got some horses and a large boat, and he was happy there. I moved in with him, and we spend our days sailing and swimming and camping.
A few months later my ex boyfriend came down to stay with us as well. I'm not really sure how happy I am with him being here, but it's OK for now.

I flew back to America to pick up my cats and tie up any loose ends. I visited my family, and for Christmas they came down to visit us. My father David ended up spending more time with Bart then he did with me. They went fishing and hunting a lot, and seemed to get along really well. My step mom Kelly seemed to just be happy to relax and enjoy herself with nothing else to do. My brother Brian wasn't much for fishing, but joined Bart and my dad when they went hunting. My baby sister Alicia (Allie) was probably the least happy here - her life seems to be an endless chain of nightclubs and parties, so this far out in the country was not really the place for her.

All too soon my family was gone, and it was back to the three of us alone again. The long days stretched out in front of me, and I had nothing to fill them with except for laying on the beach, sailing around the island with Bart, and bonfires on the beach roasting marshmallows under the moonlight. Maybe I'll get tired of this someday, but now now. Not yet. It's too perfect.

And they lived happily ever after, 'til the end of their days ...


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