Luna's Child
Mallory Wind Dancer

Qualomi Bastet

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Mallory Wind Dancer is played in the WHITE WOLF: BASTET role playing system.

Mallory's Stats

Feline Twilight Qualomi Bastet
Willpower: 6, Gnosis: 6, Rage: 3
Rank 3: Ferocity 7.0, Honor 5.3, Cunning 5.0

Strength - 5 (Iron Grip), Dexterity - 5 (Athletic, Feline Grace), Stamina - 5 (Tireless, Enduring)
Charisma - 3, Manipulation - 2, Appearance - 3 (Sensual)
Perception - 3, Intelligence - 3, Wits - 3

Talents: Alertness 4 (Evesdropping, Going First), Athletics 5 (Dance, Swim), Brawl 4 (Grapple), Empathy 1 (Truths), Primal Urge 3, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 4 (Seduction), Style 2
Skills: Animal Ken 2, Crafts 2, Firearms 2, Stealth 3, Survival 5 (Hunting, Tracking)
Knowledges: Culture 3, Enigmas 3, Investigation 2, Linguistics 2 (English, Garou), Medicine 5 (Natural Herbal Treatments, Midwifery), Occult 2, Rituals 3, Theology 4 (Native American)
Lores: Lupine Lore 2, Mage Lore 1, Stone Lore 1

1. Cat Feet (1G, Dex + Ath)
Lick Wounds (1G, Int + Med)
Silent Stalking (Dex + Stlh)
Sense Primal Nature (Per + Occ)
Sense Unmaker's Hand (Per + Occ)
2. Cat Sight (1W)
First Slash (1G)
3. Farsight (1G, Per + Occ)
Freya's Blessing (Roll Gnosis)
Nighttime Web (Cha + Sub)
Rightous Gaze (Dex + PUr or Sub)

Caliah, Jamak Promise Bond, Rite of Warding, Speaking of the Name
Passing the Yava, Rite of Recognition
Baptism by Fire, Kuasha Degree, Rite of Claiming

Body Armor (+4 to soak, made of Zakium - no movement or encumbrance penalty, styled as a long tye dye dress, white leather sandals, and tye dye headband)
Lotus Petals (x5)
Scar Fetish as the gift "Purr"

Weapons: Punch diff 6 dam str, Claw diff 6 dam str +2 agg
Backgrounds: Allies 3 (Philbert & Bonnie, Krysteria Verbena Mage), Scar Fetish - Purr (Cha + Emp)
Merits: Acute Senses
Flaws: Curiosity, Ward - daughters Megan & Candra

Mallory is 5'4 and 110# with long light brown hair and golden eyes. She has a lithe and swift frame, with a thin dancer's body and excellent balance. Mallory prefers to wear comfortable clothing in both fabric and style. Of late she has favored large tye dye cotton dresses with Dr. Scholl's sandals. In feline, she is a thin lithe light brown lynx about 3.5 feet long and 22 lbs.
Mallory is married to Zak Mack, a Son Of Ether mage and has two children, Megan and Candra.


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This set is based on a painting called "To Sail Beyond The Sunset" by Luis Royo

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