Luna's Child
Mallory Wind Dancer

Qualomi Bastet

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Mallory Wind Dancer is played in the WHITE WOLF: BASTET role playing system.

Mallory's History

More Stories of My Life ...

Mallory found work for a mysterious guy named Mr. Blackwell, and met a Euthanatos Mage Necker whom she frequently worked with. She began hearing stories of a powerful Son of Ether mage, a Master of Matter, Prime, Forces and Life, who was captured and disassembled by the Technocracy. The more she heard of his legends the more she fell in love with the idea of him, and she began making plans to free him. She eventually did free him and she confessed her love for him.

Zacheriah Sczcdlich, also known as Dr. Vulgar or Zak Mack, stayed with her and got to know her better. Zak was used to being feared and respected, but he wasn't used to being liked by someone so totally unafraid of him. Eventually they were married and had a little feline kitten, Candra. Currently they live in the Uktena caern near Philbert and Bonnie. Megan is getting along well with her sister, and they will both be Bastet someday. Zak has a warehouse in Minneapolis, Vulgar Industries, where he has 5 mage students he is training. Zak was also able to help Bonnie get pregnant with twin Ahroun boys that she had longed for, and Phil no longer hears nasty things from the other Garou about his "barren" wife.

Megan wanted to meet her dad, and Zak tracked him down for her. Kyle (the CoX) was still in a band touring and getting laid and trashed. Zak arranged the meeting without telling him who wanted to see him, and Mallory introduced their daughter. After his initial denial he ended up rethinking his life a bit. He misses the childhood of Megan's he can never be a part of, but tries to spend time with her now. Megan calls both of them Daddy.

Mallory still adventures occasionally with her girlfriends, but mostly stays home raising her kids and helping Zak. Candra is almost 2 years old now, and will probably change soon. Megan is chronologically 10, but because of Zak's resonance as a master of life, she has been aging faster and looks and acts more like she is 14. She has a major puppy love crush on one of Zak's students, Kyle. Megan is frustrated watching her sister grow so fast and wants to grow up NOW! They have agreed that Megan will spend 6 months on the road with her dad Kyle (same name, different person) to see the world and get a broader view of life off the reservation. Megan is hoping when she comes back she will be able to persuade Zak to age her to her change so she can go with Candra and her mom to be a Bastet.


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This set is based on a painting called "To Sail Beyond The Sunset" by Luis Royo

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