Celtic Beauty

Mikala, Malakim of ArchAngel Michael

Vassal of War

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Mikala is played in the IN NOMINE role playing system.

Mikala's Stats

Lvl 5: Vessel of Kelly Michaels, Role of a Human Biker Female

Corporeal: 4 / Strength 7, Agility 9, Lvl 5 Vessel - Body Hits 63
Ethereal: 3 / Intelligence 5, Precision 7, Mind Hits 15
Celestial: 5 / Will 10, Perception 10, Soul Hits 40

Acrobatics 1, Climbing 1, Move Silently 1, Running 1
Driving 2, Small Weapon: Tiger Claws 2, Ranged Weapon 1
Fast Talk 1, Fighting 2, Survival 1, Tracking 1

Celestial Song of Charm 2

Special Abilities:
Michael's Malakim: Can hear an upcoming fight in the Symphony
Michael's Ofanim: Always go first, even when mortally wounded
Michael's Elohim: Can tell the seriousness of one's intentions by looking in their eyes
Jordi's Basic Rites to Regain Essence

Corporeal (appear with her always): Tiger Claws, Norton Motorcycle
Celestial: Glasses that let you see the Celestial form of a Corporeal Celestial

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Mikala's History

Mikala (meaning "Child of Michael") is totally devoted to Michael, the ArchAngel of War whom she serves.
Mikala has worked with Angels of Jordi to protect animals, and liked working with them. She thinks Angels of Lawrence are good at "book learned" fighting, but doubts they have what it takes to win at any cost. She dislikes Angels of Dominic, because of one pushy Seraphim who once almost cost them success in their assignment as he persisted in harassing the group's Ofanim.
In her spare time, she trains hard to be a good warrior. She has repeatedly destroyed demons (especially servants of Baal, Michael's enemy) in his name. She recently attained "Vassal of War" status in recognition of her efforts.
Her failing, if you could call it that, is her lack of ability to "think" for herself. She is more a follower then a leader. She is totally unwaveringly loyal to Michael.


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