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Allies and Enemies

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Natalie is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Natalie's Allies

Roy - Mortal friend. Electrical Engineering student Natalie met in Los Angeles while out feeding. She arranged for him to come to Hilton Head and go to the University here on full scholorship.

Sarge - aka Detective Perrywinkle, Wraith. Killed by Jennifer Smith, the LA werewolf that was running the child prostitution ring for Pentex.

Vlad Dracul, the Impailer - Tzimisce. Yep, the one and only. And oh, what a story it was on how I met him ...

Father Bryant - Mexico City Celestial Chorus mage. Met him when I worked on assignment for Allen.

James Snyder - very good mortal private investigator out of NYC. I hired him to watch Pete Steele for me.

Patrick Whitlift - Reverant lawyer in Laredo Texas. A contact of Phil's.

"King Charles" - Glass Walker Werewolf MonkeyWrencher. We occassionally swap info on Pentex.

Low Tide
A community of drowned wraiths who live around the Logris; off the coast of Hilton Head.
High Priestess Cecelia - Leader of the community
Captn' Shippy - first wraith I met here
The Logris - Neverborn in the Underworld that can be used to find things that are lost.

Order of the True Wyrm
This group started as a 'secret society' within Clan Tremere, worshipping the Wyrm of Corruption. It was recently overthrown by members who revered the uncorrupted True Wyrm as a force of Destruction. Thus giving the orginization a new name and a more pure spiritual focus.
About 65% of members are Tremere, 30% former Tremere who left the clan and are now caitiff, and 5% non-Tremere.
Chase - Caitiff, former Tremere. Great spirit thaumaturgist, works with Wyrm spirits. Has a nifty little bar-code thingy to bind them. (app 2)
Anthony Knight - Caitiff, former Tremere. Mid 20's, blond, angelic, nordic. has a third eye. 1 of 4 'elders' of the Order. Known to have problems with commitments (his relationships never make it past 6 months) Has nifty spirit motorcycle with a pathstone in the headlight that makes dark moonbridges. (app 4)
Covill - Caitiff, former Tremere. Dark hair, very pale. Dominant Lesbian. (app 3)
Vanessa - Caitiff by embrace. Exotic mediterranian good looks. Fluffy Lesbian. (app 3)
Holly - Vanessa's ghoul. Beautiful blond cheerleader type. BiSexual. (app 4)
Jill - Covill's ghoul. Brown hair, plain looking, mousey. Submissive Lesbian. (app 2)
Price - Nosferatu Caitiff, grey skin
William - Tremere. Reminds you of a Matrix extra -short black choppy hair, clothes are very techno black leather and lycra type

Vinnie - Ventrue leader of a pack in San Francisco
Pat - Malkavian Transvestite
Felicia - Toreador
Antigone - Toreador, Felicia's childe, does sidewalk chalk art
Seth - Caitiff, blind, diabolist with Obtenebration
Kenneth - Nosferatu in Los Angeles. Owes me a favor for teaching him Thaumaturgy. (aka Bill)

Order of the Rose
A group of adults who were abused by Pentex as children. Dedicated to fighting Pentex and rescuing the children, and placing them in loving homes. Met them in Laredo Texas, where we worked together to close down a orphanage of child abusers. They're based out of NYC.
Rose - leader, heavyset middle age hispanic woman
Lefty - younger, buff, lean mean fightin machine
Colin - chubby, out of shape guy in the car when we first met
Dave - nondescript, good shape

My Sire's Allies in Europe
Lord Worthington - English Ventrue
Toad - English Nosferatu LoreKeeper
Angus the Unruled - French Gangrel, Former Justicar
Lord von Bergan - Romania Old Clan Tzimisce Historian
Eric - Parisian Nosferatu Artiste
Pierre - Parisian Gargoyle

Natalie's Enemies

Lee Wright - Ventrue, former domitor of Julianna

Pentex - mega-corporation out to destroy the world and rebuild it in their image

RIP Remembered

Joey and Claw - two anarch friends in Vinnie's pack that were killed by the Cathayans in Los Angeles. Joey was a Tremere, embraced as an 8 year old boy. Claw was a big ferel Gangrel. I will miss them both dearly. And I will make the bastards who kiled them pay.

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