Natalie's Beachfront Home

Hilton Head, SC Haven

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Natalie is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Assessed Value: 2,500,000.
Amount of Land: 12 acres, almost 5 miles of beachfront
Sq. Footage of Home: 5800
# Bedrooms: 5
Residents: Natalie, Renfield (Marajava Revenant), Julianna (Rafisito Revenant) & Lisa (Julianna's Daughter), Phil Babiste (Ventrue Antitribu), Redneck (Ghouled Chow-Chow)

It's your typical mansion in the best part of town vampire residence. It's got a guard at the front gate into the property, in addition to being part of a gated community, so it's actually very private. The untypical things about it are the two windowless bedrooms in the basement and the size of the estate's land (a huge amount of private beach for the area).
The down sides to the home are the huge amount of windows throughout the house. But it's typical of most homes in the area, and Natalie decided it was better not to draw more attention to herself by changing it and looking different from the other homes. Natalie sleeps in the basement anyway, so she doesn't see it as a real problem.

FoyerLiving Room

Dining RoomKitchen


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Natalie's sire has cast Dominion around the house for her protection. Julianna has 'Path of Warding', and protects the house with it.

Unique Equipment
Throne of House Warding - taken from a BSD Caern of Lust, this throne makes you totally aware of anything going on in your domain (haven and grounds). Vampires and Ghouls with spirit thaumaturgy are able to activate it. However, as it's powered by a spirit of lust it has some kinky side effects ...
Trianary Computer
CD - 'Virtual House' a home inside of a CD
The Throne of Caine - just keeping it safe until he comes back ...

Death Masques
It is a Nagaraja tradition to make a death masque out of important kills in your life; and Natalie continues to observe this tradition.
Matt, Virtual Adept Mage - killed while I was stealing money from a division of Pentax
Jennifer Smith, BSD Werewolf - killed because she was running a children's white slavery prostitution ring

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