Camarilla of Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA

Prince Earl von Buehrr of Clan Toreador
Keeper of Elysium Jarvis of Clan Toreador
Scourge Wisk of Clan Gangrel

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BRUJAH: Hold influence over Street and Underworld
Primogen Temple - bodybuilder type, LOTS of celerity
Svetlana - Temple's childe, blond russian athletic woman, blood bound to him
Daisy - Southern Belle, the polite ambassador 'face' of the clan

GANGREL: Hold influence through boons owed him
Primogen Wisk - lives in the ocean, frenzies have led him to have fishlike features. Oldest (in years) kindred in town.

MALKAVIAN: Hold influence over Underworld
Primogen Myxpiklik - a rather short man, dressed in vivid yellows and purples. Likes to levitate around.
Mr. Sire - Creepy Indian guy, controls the University. [actually a Nagaraja]
I-Spy - wears all black, tries to look 'mysterious' but fails and just looks weasely. High potence.
Jake - Has that kind of 'common Joe' face that just blends in everywhere. Very high obfuscate, desperate to learn Chimestry. Has a HUGE ghouled St. Bernard dog named 'Nosferatu'.
Natalie Greene - computer whiz and hacker, controls the Internet portion of the media in town [embraced a Nagaraja, became a Caitiff]

NOSFERATU: Hold influence over Transportation and Street
Primogen Shrapnel - looks like a big mass of scar tissue.
Wrinkles - Looks like a big Shar-Pei dog. Natalie caught him on University grounds when he shouldn't have been tresspassing, and he has since kept a low profile.
Who *really* knows how many more are down there in the sewers?

TOREADOR: Hold influence over Bureaucracy, High Society, Media, Police and Politics
Prince Earl von Buerr - handsome German gentleman. Artiste of sculpture and paintings. Known to have high fortitude and high dominate.
Mr. Modell - von Buerr's childe, another handsome German. Stuffy Poser.
Jarvis Heinz - von Buerr's childe, Aryan Blond/Blue German. Looks like Hitler's wet dream. Artiste: Sculpter
Neil Goetz - von Buerr's childe, plain looking. Has a lot of Political influence. Artiste: Painter
Patience - von Buerr's childe, Aryan German. Artiste: Concert Pianist
Ozzy - Patience's childe, 1 foot tall red mohawk, outlandish animal prints and spandex. Artiste? Rap/Shock rock
Gary - only Torrie in town that's NOT related to the prince. Good friends with Ozzy. Poser [Secret: was a Sabbat shovelhead embracee, but ran away and wound up here. Found by Natalie, who begged her sire to save him. Is actually Brujah Antitribu, but doesn't know it.]

TREMERE: Hold influence over Legal and Occult
Primogen Edward Reinhart - Obsessive, reclusive, master thaumaturgist.
Donavan - Reinhart's childe. Most influential and easily approachable Tremere, gets things done. Pricey but discreet.
Herman - Donavan's childe. weasely greasy brown-noser, reminds you of a used car salesman that he used to be.

VENTRUE: Hold influence over Bureaucracy, Finance, Health, and Industry
Primogen Heinrick - stuffy old formal english guy. great to prank.
Kelly - Heinrick's childe. easily mistaken for a street whore, she dresses in less then most Victoria's Secret models. Loves to seduce men and annoy women. A manipulative slut.
Chad - Heinrick's childe. a gorgeous sandy blond haired tanned hunk and a California 'surfer dude' vocabulary. Chad's the one you should see if you actually want anything DONE in town related to finance or business. Known to have the baby face merit.

Gone but not Forgotten
9-Volt - Myxpiklik's childe. A geeky engineer, known for his accurate precognition and an accomplished thaumaturgist. Known to occassionally flip out and try to kill other kindred "for their own good". Assured us he was "much better now", but he wasn't. Left town.

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