A Familiar Walk by Susan Rios



Caitiff (Nagaraja)

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Natalie is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Natalie's Rituals

Hermetic Rituals:
1. Communicate with Kindred Sire (VtM), Defense of the Sacred Haven (VtM), Deflection of the Wooden Doom (VtM), Domino of Life (SPG, Sab), Engaging the Vessel of Transferrance (VPG), Preserve Blood (PGS), Preserve Flesh (Custom: Nagaraja Varient), Purity of the Flesh (VPG), Wake with Evening's Freshness (VtM)
2. Blood Walk (VPG), Principle Focus of Vitae Infusion (VPG), Ward vs. Ghouls (VPG)
3. Gehenna Grove (Custom by Covill, grows up to an acre of plants overnight), Incorporial Passage (VPG), Pavis of Foul Presence (VPG), Ward vs. Lupines (VPG)
4. ShadowGate (DSotBH), Splinter Servant (VPG), Ward vs. Kindred (VPG)
5. Escape to a True Friend (VPG), Shadowland Passage (DSotBH), Ward vs. Spirit (VPG)
Koldunic Rituals:
1. Ritual of Death's Embrace (TbN, 142)

SOURCES: Wherever possable, WW source books are referenced in the ritual notes for the published rituals.
"Custom" Rituals are created by other PCs/NPCs and were traded for or shared.

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