A Familiar Walk by Susan Rios



Caitiff (Nagaraja)

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Natalie is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Natalie's Stats

Generation: 8th, Sire: "Mr. Sire" (Yaheedi)
Nature: Analyst, Demeanor: Analyst
Path of Self Control: 5 Willpower: 7
Virtues: Conscience 2, Self Control 4, Courage 5

Strength - 3, Dexterity - 5, Stamina - 3
Charisma - 5 (Comforting, Friendly), Manipulation - 2, Appearance - 2
Perception - 5 (Insightful, Observant), Intelligence - 3, Wits - 5 (Going First)

Talents: Alertness 4, Athletics 1, Brawl 3 (Grapple), Dodge 3, Empathy 3 (Gaining Trust), Instruction 2, Malkavian Time 1
Skills: Animal Ken 1, Crafts/Repair 4 (Computers), Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Firearms 4 (Pistol), Melee 3 (Sword)
Knowledges: Academics 1, Computer 5 (Hacking, Finding Bugs), Finance 4, Investigation 4, Koldunism 3, Linguistics 1 (Pictish), Medicine 3, Occult 2
Lores: Black Hand Lore 3, Camarilla Lore 2, Fey Lore 1, Inconnu Lore 1, Kindred Lore 2, Mage Lore 2, Malkavian Lore 3, Nagaraja Lore 3, Sabbat Lore 2, Vicissitude Lore 4, Werewolf Lore 1, Wraith Lore 2

Disciplines: Animalism 2, Auspex 5, Celerity 3, Necromancy 1, Nihilistics 4, Obfuscate 3, Protean 3, Thaumaturgical Countermagic 2
Thaumaturgy: Path of Technomancy* 5, The Green Path 2
Koldunic Sorcery: Way of Spirit 3

Backgrounds: Fame - Computer Hacker (AKA "Emrys", Welsh meaning "Immortal One") 1, Generation 5, Herd: Medical Cadavers 1, Mentor - Black Hand 4: "Mr. Sire", Resources 5, Retainers 2: Revenant Ghouls Renfield & Julianna

Merits: Computer Aptitude (1 Mage Player's Aptitude); Light Sleeper (1 VtM Rev Mental); Sanctity (2 Sabbat Rev Social); Prestigious Sire (1 VtM Rev Social); Extremist Group: Hackers (4 Black Hand Mortal Society) 3 guys Natalie hangs with who are total computer freaks and geeks; University (4 Black Hand Mortal Society)
Flaws: Infertile Vitae (5 Sabbat Rev Physical); Curiosity (2 Mage Player's Psychological)
Flaws that Natalie has overcome: Victim of the Masquerade (2 Camarilla Mental); Fangless (2 Outsiders Physical); Limited Amnesia: Frenzies and Feeding (1 Mental); Bulimia (4 Outsiders Mental); Distinctive Appearance: Bi Colored Eyes -one blue one gray (1 Wraith Player's Corporeal - in VtM we played this flaw could not be hid by disciplines such as Obfuscate, but could only be hid by mundane props, such as tinted contacts.)
Weapon: Glock 9mm: diff 6 damage 6

Unique Equipment
Black Catsuit - 4 armor & 2 countermagic
Black Pager - detects Vicissitude SoulEater infection 50' radius
Small Flaming Marble - Forces 5 talisman
Plain Gold Wedding Band - Arete 4 talisman, allows use of other talismans as if wearer had an Arete of 4

Owed: Minor to Shrapnel (Nosferatu in Hilton Head, SC), Trivial to Neil (Toreador in Hilton Head, SC), Trivial to Allen Green (Samedi in Chicago).
Owed to Her: Edward Reinhart (Tremere Primogen of Hilton Head SC) owes me a life boon. Gary (Toreador in Hilton Head, SC) owes me a minor boon. Kenneth (Bill, a Nosferatu Anarch in LA) owes me a "favor" for teaching him Path of Technomancy.

Ghouls are:
Renfield, a Marijava revenant personal assistant / steward. We love each other. Blood Bound.
Julianna, a Rafasito revenant housekeeper and Thaumaturgy expert. Created and maintains the wards around and in the house; and takes care of the house during the day. Julianna has a daughter Lisa that lives with us.
"Redneck", a red Chow Chow Natalie adopted from the animal shelter. Redneck was originally ghouled and blood bound because Natalie occasionally threw up her "dinner" (ie: human flesh and blood), which Redneck ate. Natalie's Malkavian friend Jake has a HUGE St. Bernard dog named Nosferatu that plays with Redneck.

Childer are:
None, Natalie has infertile vitae.

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