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Caitiff (Nagaraja)

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Natalie is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

the g33kz - My childhood friends, we grew up together and shared out love of electronic stuff, taking things apart and rebuilding them, computers, and eventually hacking. We balanced our love of electronics with a love of extreme sports as well, and frequently go bungee jumping and mountain biking. Steve (who awakened as a Virtual Adept, with a bit of help), Gary (my ghoul, watches over Red Dog's Internet Deli) and Kevin (my ghoul, watches over RedDog.net ISP operation).

"Mr. Sire" (Yaheedi) - I was a college student and pretty naieve back then, I guess. This creepy guy in black hired me as his personal computer hacker for $5000./month. The whole "becoming undead" part was not really explained well. That's how he got his name, he explained he was my "sire" so I ended up calling him "Mr. Sire" and it kind of stuck. I managed to make it 3 months before I noticed I was undead. It was pretty upsetting, especially since I didn't believe in that kind of thing.
I was told I was a part of the Black Hand, working for the good of humanity. Unfortunatly some of the missions I was sent on were not as pure-intended as they were supposed to be. While it can be an honest mistake sometimes, there was something more wrong, something deeper going on that no one would tell me about. Or maybe no one else knew?
It wasn't all bad though. I learned my vampiric powers let me do things I cound never have dreamed of before. After 6 months my sire took me on a tour of Europe and I get to meet some amazing people. I grew to accept what happened to me.
Being part of an organization you can't quit does have a perk - it means they have to protect you ("their investment") from others who would hurt you as long as you are valuable to them. Determined to get more then my money's worth out of my work, I made a plan with my childhood friend Steve (whom I helped awaken as a Virtual Adept) to steal money from a mega corporation, Rainbow Inc. After some tense moments, we pulled it off, and in the end we split almost 56 million dollars!
For my one year anniversary of being a vampire and my college graduation, I had a party at my new 2 million dollar mansion. I hired my favorite band Type O Negative to play at my party. A good time was had by all, and shortly thereafter I got the best present of all - news that the Black Hand was no more.
When Enoch was destroyed and the Black Hand fell, my sire was very upset because he had lost a lot of friends, including his own sire. I did feel bad for the pain my sire was going through. However, I was grateful to just walk away from it all. With the Black Hand gone, now I am free to pursue my own interests, which is a lot more interesting and rewarding!
I still help my sire with any research/ computer work he needs done, and I watch over the University for him. It's been 5 years now since my embrace, and my sire and I have grown closer together. I was able to save his life from an assassination attempt once, and his attitude to me changed after that. He's got more relaxed, and almost even friendly to me (as much as someone on Path of the Scorched Heart could, anyway). He says I am the best of all his children, which is a huge compliment coming from him. I'm really happy to hear that - I love my sire like a father, and he means the world to me.

Renfield Marijava (Jaikata) - When I first was embraced, I really handled being a vampire poorly. To help me, my sire sent his revenant to care for me. He is of the Marijava ghoul family that serves the Black Hand. His Indian name was hard for me to pronounce, so I called him Renfield, sort of as a joke because at the time I still didn't know or understand I really was a vampire.
He runs my home and handles all those daylight necessities I can no longer attend to personally. I was grateful for his work keeping my home running smoothly. He protects me when there are problems. I admired him for his fighting skill. As I grew to know him, I found him to be an amazingly brilliant and wise man. I enjoyed his company, and I grew fond of him.
One day my sire told me I was ready to be released as a recognized kindred. He offered me a "coming of age gift", and asked me what I would like. I thought about it quite awhile, and I finally told him I would like to keep Ren as my own ghoul. My sire found Ren to be a very useful ghoul, and was reluctant to let him go at first. Eventually we worked it out where Ren was to stay on with me permanently, and I helped Mr. Sire do some favors so he could obtain the services of a new revenant. My sire removed Ren's blood bond, and I blood bound Ren to me. I was very happy to have him with me full time.
Time marched on. I did my job, and Ren did his. I was very comfortable around him. After the fall of Enoch, Phil came to stay with me. Later, Julianna came to work here to care for the house when we travelled, and brought her baby daughter with her.
One day my sire made the suggestion of breeding Ren and Julianna to sell the children and I was surprised to find myself really angry. After some real heart wrenching reflection, I realized I was jealous. I didn't want to think of Ren with another woman. When I asked myself why it would anger me so, I came to understand that I was in love with him. That I wanted Ren to be mine. This was pretty unexpected for me. I had never been a pretty or popular girl growing up, and hadn't dated much in high school. To feel so completly in love with someone who might not even think of me that way was very scary. I struggled with my feelings of how I should handle this for weeks. In the end, I decided the only thing I could do was talk to him and let him know how I really felt. When I told him, Ren was kind to me, but he said his feelings were not as deep as mine. I was dissappointed, but it doesn't change how I feel about him. I cherish him just the same :)
Almost a year later on an adventure in LA, I was near death after a pretty tough fight. Some very tough wards I was not expecting brought me to near torpor. I was out for several days. When I woke up, Ren was sitting beside me holding my hand and looking very worried. But the best part of all - he said he loves me too! I'm so happy! Now I really feel complete.
Ren still runs my home and takes care of me. But now we are partners and lovers. I smile just to be near him ...

Julianna Rafasito - Although I was happy with Ren, I wanted a ghoul who would stay at my house when Ren and I would travel. At my sire's suggestion, I wrote a letter which I was told would be passed along to the heads of the Rafasito revenant family, who would decide if there was anyone available for me. It was, and they eventually passed my letter down to Julianna.
Julianna worked for an older Ventrue further up the Eastern Seaboard. She was lonley, and had been intimate with a non-revenant ghoul of her domitor's. An unplanned pregnancy resulted. Though she tried to raise her baby and do her job, she was not giving a level of work that satisfied the Ventrue. Julianna hoped this would become easier as her baby grew older, but this was not to be. She overheard her domitor was going to sell her baby. Her revenant family was unwilling to help her as the baby was fathered by a blood ghoul and not a revenant; but they did give her my letter.
One night I got a phone call from a very scared girl. She said she was a good thaumaturgist and a hard worker, and could do everything I needed. Her terms were that her baby was hers alone and she would never be seperated from her, and that she did not want to be bound by the blood oath. I agreed, and Julianna came to me with her 14 month old daughter Lisa Anne. There were some problems from her former domitor, but nothing we couldn't handle.
Plain, shy, and socially dysfunctional, Julianna is a Rafasito ghoul. Julianna is great at thaumaturgy, and takes care of all the wards for the house. Also, a mommy and a baby out in the yard gives the house more of a "lived in" look to the neighbors to see.
They've been here 3 years now - and while it was quite strange to have a baby in the house at first, I'm really getting to like it. My gosh, they grow up so fast though ...

Phil Babiste - Ventrue Antitribu, formerly of the Black Hand. We met under some pretty tough times, right when the Black Hand fell apart. He is teaching me to be a Shadow Crusader like he is and fight Vicissitude. We occassionally take trips to NYC and hunt it together.
I think part of the reason he's stayed around here so long is that it's just plain interesting for him. You can't hunt "the big V" 24/7, and some of my side projects are really interesting to him. Plus I've been teaching him Thaumaturgy, and he's been really happy to learn that.

Wisk - Aquatic Gangrel that lives in the ocean near me. We have some great talking until sunrise discussions on the whole "meaning of unlife" thing.

Jake - My best bud and pranking buddy. A Malkavian who assures me that I am really of his clan, the true leaders of the vampires.

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NOTE: Although I was embraced as a Nagaraja, it did not "take" very well, and my blood eventually stabalized to read as Caitiff. I later found out I had just awakened as a mage right before I was embraced, and Mr Sire seems to believe that may have had something to do with why. My sire has an "arrangement" with the local Malkavians, and they say we are of their clan.
In the WW books the Nagaraja are a "bloodline", but in our WW world they have become a Clan and have an Antidiluvian, Pandora "the Old One". This is NOT common knowledge, even to True Hand members.
FYI - I had nothing to do with it, that was another group years before Natalie was ever even made. Our storyteller makes his games an 'ongoing' world - which means things your character does affects his gaming worlds permanently. Personally I think its a cool idea but you do wander into some -weird- stuff that was leftover from other character's adventures.

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