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The Junkyard

U-Junk-It is a large junkyard, which is currently closed for business. There is a large "Opening Soon!" sign on the front gate, but Natalie never plans on opening it for business. It's pretty much for tax write offs and storage for now.

There is a small building on the property. From the outside it looks quite dumpy, but is actually well kept up and pretty nice inside. It's heated by a brand new wall heater, and in good repair. Surveillance cameras are looking out over the junkyard, and viewable from inside on a monitor.
It has an office area, and storage/ filing room, a bathroom with a shower, and private living quarters. The private room is a living area - it has a small refrigerator and microwave oven, a TV and DVD player, a sofa bed, a closet, and a desk wih a computer. The computer is always on, and always online - mostly so John can travel through it should he need to.
It serves as Natalie's emergency haven, though she's never needed to use it yet.

Since beginning the surveillance cameras, we noticed we have a theif. He's seen only during the day. He's able to talk to animals, and always brings some food for Elvis. He seems unusually healthy, and has a very bright aura. He could be a possable mage? Although Natalie feels it bears investigating, it's a low priority of hers right now.


John Swift, a wraith who died in a car accident in the 1950's. Natalie protects his fetter car here in the junkyard, and he watches over her junkyard and internet business for her.

Elvis, our junkyard dog. He's got his own doghouse next to the building.

Jacob, a nearby neighbor. He's retired from the army, and comes by once a day to take care of Elvis.

bar of cars

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