A Familiar Walk by Susan Rios




Masquerading as Malkavian

Embraced as Nagaraja

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This is a character with a very odd history ... our ST lifted the limit on 7 points of each merits and flaws and said we could go nuts as long as it was still a 'playable' character. My answer was Natalie, the bulimic* fangless Nagaraja.
But what turned out to be a fun 'one shot' game evolved into a character I really grew to like. I'd say she's my second-favorite vampire character, actually. Over time her background gained more depth, as did she. She seemed to have a life of her own when I played her, and that's why she was so much fun!
Natalie is a whiz at hacking, and controls the local college for her sire. Since mastering Path of Technomancy, she developed a custom combination discipline to enter the Digital Web.

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* = Bulimia - 4 pt Outsiders Mental Flaw - can only keep food (blood) down when in frenzy, otherwise vomits it back up. Especially nasty flaw, considering her bloodline and combining it with the 'fangless' part.

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